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Best Aerobic Workouts For Weight Loss

Are your worried about your jutting belly that prevents you from wearing body hugging dresses? Do you feel embarrassed because of the tummy size that you have grown lately?

There is nothing to worry about it so much. You can get rid of this embarrassing body shapes if you do some aerobic exercises at home.

Apart from Aerobic exercise weight loss also demands a balanced diet comprising of the green vegetables, lean meat, fruits, etc. that provide all the essential nutrients to achieve a perfect hourglass figure. Here is a list of such for aerobics for weight loss. Have a look at these.

Best Aerobic Workouts at Home for Weight Loss Are

Jogging and Running

Running and jogging are the most primary steps when you are starting up with your aerobic exercises at home without hitting the gym.

Running helps melt all those extra pounds that have accumulated lately. Reducing the belly fat is not possible by spot reduction.

For this you need to shed your overall weight to gain attractive abs; running works for all parts of the body are thereby giving you a flat abdomen. Jogging improves your overall metabolic rate keeping you healthy and fit.

Jogging-track - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss


This is the simplest of the exercises. Brisk walking for half an hour every day can help you lose a lot of the visceral fat around your abdomen.

If you are scared of running that you may hurt your bone joints, then start with walking every day. It will be easy on your joints as well as will give you desired results. Also, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while walking through green meadows.

Brisk - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss


As Swimming does not create pressure on your joints or limbs because the water provides the required resistance, it is an ideal regime of aerobics for weight loss for the elderly people.

Swimming - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss


Cycling also forms an excellent aerobic exercise. Apart from saving fuel, it also serves you the best in melting those unwanted body fats.

Cycling- Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss

Weight Training

Use dumbbells at home and get the perfect body shape you always wanted. Weight training gives you the fastest results as compared to other aerobic exercises. But this kind of hard workouts should only be done under the guidance of a professional trainer who can train you the right postures.

Weight Lifting Exercises - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss

Stair exercises

Besides toning up the lower portion of your body climbing up and down the stairs also improves your cardiovascular system. Practice this for half an hour every day but make sure you maintain your comfortable pace as it accelerates your heartbeat to a great extent.

Stair - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss


It is a very high-intensity aerobics that targets your shoulders, bottoms, and thighs. It will help you get rid of 450 calories of the fat in about 45 minutes approximately.

Skipping Woman - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss

Jumping jacks

This is also a whole body exercise that besides maintain the metabolic rate helps you in melting body fats. The best part of jumping jacks is you don’t need to go to the gym for practicing this exercise.

Jumping Jacks - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss

Core Power Yoga

This exercise helps in the strengthening of the back and of the abdomen. It tones up the muscles of your abdomen and pelvis. It also helps in improving your concentration and reducing your stress.

Yoga - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss

Kick Boxing

This is yet another aerobic exercise that helps in the reduction of the body weight and thereby flattens up the stomach. This aerobic exercise weight loss regime can burn 863 calories in just 1 hour.

Kickboxing- Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss

Squats and Squat Jumps

These are high-intensity aerobic workouts that can reduce your pot belly appearance and give you a perfect hourglass body shape with flat stomachs. Continue it unless you feel any pain in your calves or bottoms.

Squats - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss

Bear Crawls

As the name sounds this exercise involves crawling like a bear with your legs and arms extended on the floor. Crawl as fast as you can and keep all your pressures on the arms and the bottom. Continue the exercise to till 1 minute each time you crawl.

Bear Crawls - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss


Dance in any form, be it Bollywood to bhangra to African Zumba or Arabian belly dance each form of dancing keeps your body flexibility to the maximum. Besides improving the flexibility dancing also tones up your muscles and gives you a flat stomach. It also boosts up your mood reducing your stress and anxiety.

Dance - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss


This is a better alternative to treadmill if you don’t want to go to the gym and workout at your home itself. It is a full body exercise that boosts up your metabolic rate and reduces the belly fat.

Boxing - Aerobic Workouts for Weight Loss

Tap backs

Keep both of your hands on your waist and stand straight with your head, shoulders and hip in a perfect vertical line. Start with your right leg and put it back.

Then do the same thing with your left leg. Continue doing this in a rhythmic motion for 5 to 10 minutes.

This aerobic workout helps in the toning of the muscles around your abdomen and thighs and burns the excess fat around your belly.

Practice these aerobic exercises at home by maintaining a daily routine and doing the workouts seriously and with determination. Continue these exercises for 6 months and you will get a perfect figure that will bring back the lost confidence.

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