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Best Acne Home Remedies

Acne is one of the most pestering troubles faced by youngsters, especially in their teen years. With time acne leaves most people, but for some poor souls, this is not the case. People even in their mid-40s can face the acute issue of acne breakouts. Whether you say o aloud or not, this can be quite the embarrassing situation for the ones, suffering from acne. Before we go on to discuss the different home remedies for acne, one good idea is to understand what acne really is and how is it caused.

What is acne?

Acne is basically a kind of spots that spread across the facial region, especially in areas that are oilier in comparison to the others. Acne is noticed more in boys than it is in girls and is an acute condition for people aged between 12 and 25 years of age. The condition is noticed to reappear in people who are older as well. Other than the face, other areas that acne may be seen to produce its effects on include the neck, the back, the upper arms, and the chest. Acne can grow to become a serious issue, if not treated at a mild stage itself. Untreated acne can last on one’s skin for as long as 4 to 5 hours, before it determines to settle. Untreated acne may often leave back permanent scars; hence, it is important to treat them with acne home remedies, within the right frame of time, to prevent scarring and other such permanent issues.

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What causes acne?

There are a number of things that creates an outbreak of acne on your skin. Some of the most common reasons include-

  1. Oily skin and overly active sebaceous glands are often the cause of acne breakouts. During our teenage years, the sebaceous glands under our skin become more active than what they were in our childhood years. This is mainly because of the hormonal changes. The sebaceous glands are responsible for providing our skin with enough oil that helps it to remain soft and supple, but when there is an excess in secretion of this oil, acne breakouts become a common issue.
  2. The pores that release the oil from the sebaceous glands, often become blocked as a result of excess oil secretion, teamed with all the dust from the pollution and dead skins. This leads to the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, etc, and these gradually lead to the formation of acne and pimples.
  3. Small hairs breaking and getting trapped in the facial pores also lead to acne.

These acnes can be treated with the help of effective home remedy for acne. These are tried and tested solutions that have been finding a way to help you for generations.

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Best acne home remedies

You will be surprised to learn the whole variety of natural ingredients that you may use to cure acne conditions right at your home. Some of the most popular cures that you should be opting for are-

Green tea

Green tea comes with antioxidant and antimicrobial components that work great against acne and makes for a great acne treatment at home. To fight acne with green tea, you do not have to drink it, but apply the cooled green tea to the face. You can also decide to use the damp tea bag and place it straight on the acne prone area. Try and do this at least two times a day for extreme acne or resort to one time only for regular acne.

Home remedies for acneMint

Mint is a very efficient cooling agent and does not only fight acne but also gives relief to the irritation caused by acne to your facial, chest or other areas on the back. The mint acts as an anti- pore clogging agent. Apply a mint paste made out of mint leaves, oatmeal and yogurt to your face, once a day for a week and have those acnes out of your face within no time.

acne home remediesHoney

Honey is not only great for weight management, cold and other medical conditions, but its antibiotic properties act great against acne as well. Mix honey and oatmeal in 1:1 ratio and apply it on your whole face or just the affected area to come across the best acne freeing effects. You can repeat this procedure thrice weekly for two weeks for a lasting solution and acne free face.

acne treatment at homeAloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the best thing you can lay your hands on for your skin. It not only cleanses your skin, makes it supple and bright, but also helps fight acne like no other natural ingredient. Scrape the gel of the aloe-vera plant and apply it to your face for speedy solutions.

Best Home Remedies for Acne

These are without a doubt the top 4 acne remedies at home. Try these out and see your face becoming flawless day by day.


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