Get to Know About the Vitamin D Health Benefits

Get To Know About The Astonishing Latest Vitamin D Researches

Vitamin D benefits

Escaping away from sun, covering all your body when going out or using lot of sunscreens? Then, you should be aware of something very important. But, before that why do you think some people go for a sun bath when you are protecting yourself so much from sun? Hmmm…Whatever may be the reasons of sunbath or sunscreen, ultimately sunshine is very important to mankind as it is to plants.

Vitamin D

This is because, Vitamin D absorbed in our body can be used effectively for the purpose only when there is enough sunlight and that you are exposed to it. No doubt U.V rays may affect you, but, Vitamin D will protect you even from them just if you are exposed to sun shine (UV A and UV B rays) for 15-20 minutes daily. This is why, Vitamin D is also called asunshinitamin. You may have a question as to …

INLIFE Vitamin D,vitamin D

How is Vitamin D important to mankind?

  • In healthy growth, development and maintenance of human body it plays a vital role.
  • Foods with Vitamin D plays a vital role in the effective absorption of calcium and phosphate which have wide importance in our body.
  • Thereby, Vitamin D3 helps in maintaining strong bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin D plays a vital role in transferring excess calcium to the bones and teeth, rather than accumulating it in the soft tissues of the body.
  • A Metabolic Product of Vitamin D3 called calcitriol, controls many metabolic processes and gene regulation.

Benefits of Vitamin D:

  • Vitamin D increases bone mineral density and decreases fractures.
  • It decreases the chance of developing Breast, Colon and Rectal Cancer.
  • Vitamin D plays a major role in cell growth, neuromuscular function, and proper immune function.
  • Evidence-based research studies conclude that the pregnant women who took Vitamin D supplements had their offspring’s with more than 40 percent reduced risk of asthma.
  • Higher levels of vitamin D in blood help reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes by almost 40 per cent.
  • According to a research study from the Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California, the progression of Tuberculosis is associated with deficiency of Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin D reduces burden of respiratory infections.
  • Low vitamin D levels are often associated with cardiovascular disease and research-based evidence suggests that vitamin D decreases the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.
  • Also, recent researches on Vitamin D revealed that, Vitamin D supplements significantly lowers blood pressure and improves moods of women, who have type 2 diabetes and show signs of depression. In this study, it was also found that there is a small decrease even in the weight of obese patients on Vitamin D Supplementation.
  • Vitamin D supplementation potentially is an easy and cost-effective therapy, with minimal side effects,” Sue M. Penckofer, PhD, RN, lead author of the study and a professor in the Niehoff School of Nursing, said.
  • Another recent research, analysed from the reports (30,000 sample size) of women health Initiative, suggests post-menopausal women or women taking hormonal supplements after menopause should take calcium and Vitamin D supplements for their bone health.
  • The study is published on-line in Menopause, the journal of The North American Menopause Society.

Hence, keep a watch on your Vitamin D 3 levels, since low levels of vitamin D though not show up its affecting now may affect in future.

Spread this Vitamin D3 awareness among your family and friends for whom you really care. Keep waiting for our next issue on Deficiencies of vitamin D3 and feel free to comment for any other information on health and nutrition.

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