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Autism – A Detailed Discussion

Autism has different forms, and it is next to impossible to group all individuals with Autism under a single category. The symptoms of Autism cover a very large area, it includes people with high level of Autism who literally appear to be mentally retarded to people with very mild symptoms of the disease and even those who have already defeated the disease and is on the verge of being normal with the help of various remedial therapies. Autism

Different forms of Autism

IQ level

Generally autistic people are categorized into two categories, the one with an IQ that is less than eighty are said to have low functioning autism whereas the people who have the IQ level above eighty are said to have a high-level autism.

According to the medical practitioner

Though doctors and medical professionals do not abide by this type of categorization when they come across to autistic patients. This categorization sole denoted how easily or difficultly an autistic person carries on their daily chores. Moreover, these terms like the high functioning autism and low functioning autism have really encouraged a lot of controversy among the autistic community. People who serve the autistic people rely entirely on a particular person’s IQ level; generally it is hard to carry on with their daily works for the people who are diagnosed with high-level autism while people diagnosed with low-level autism are not judged on their potentiality. However with all this information available about this particular disorder, still some medical professionals disagree to acknowledge people who can read or write to have autism at all even if they have been diagnosed positive with autism. Autistic spectrum disorder This is the main reason behind the fact that people who are diagnosed with high-functioning autism and an IQ level that appears to be normal goes totally without treatment. Hence, even a minimal level of autism gives results in high levels of mental retardation. Thus a survey show that people with high-functioning autism is increasing day by day and leading to acute mental retardation due to lack of proper treatment, whereas people with low functioning autism are getting properly treated and hence are progressing to a healthier life. Inlife_Ad_336x280

Difference between Asperser’s Syndrome and Autism


In the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual that speaks about mental disorders, it has been said that there is a difference between Autism and Asperser’s Syndrome that can be clearly stated. An autistic person will show a considerable delay of even a higher level of abnormality in one or even in multiple areas which can be noticed from a very tender age of only 3 years. The initial sign may be, the child may not be socially much interactive, secondly he may not be aware of the language that one should use in social gatherings, thirdly, and the child may have some imaginative or symbolic activities that are not considered to be normal in the world of the normal people. Difference between Asperser’s Syndrome and Autism

Asperser’s Syndrome

While a child having aspires, the syndrome may have some delayed actions that may not always come to prominence like autism. However, it can be easily stated that people having an Asperser’s syndrome will most likely have a better functional level than autistic victims or who are considered to have low levels of autism. It has believed commonly that Asperser’s syndrome is a form of high functioning autism. However, according to some, Asperser’s syndrome is totally a separate disorder altogether. Asperser’s Syndrome

Autistic spectrum disorder

Autism is also categorized under autistic spectrum disorder as it has been diagnosed as a form of spectrum disorder. Another mental disorder that has a lot of close association with autism is Sensory Integration Dysfunction, this is a disorder in which a person cannot use and work with the information that he receives from his sensory organs. Asperser’s syndrome, autism, and integrated sensory dysfunction are very much related to each other and very found to get overlapped with one another in some cases. However, there is still a lot of discussions and debate going around about autism; some people have the opinion that autism has two separate forms from the time this disorder has been detected. One is the infantile autism, and the other one is the regressive autism, the first disorder can be found in newborn infants from the time of their birth and the secondly one would show its toll when the baby is 18 to 36 months old. Autism Awareness There are lots of discussions and arguments about this disease, but the fact is that still many of us are ignorant towards this disorder. This article is meant for those who really want to sharpen their knowledge about this particular disorder. Autistic persons, especially children need a lot of care and affection from all the people around them. Knowing about this disorder will surely help us handle these ailing people with the love and care that they really deserve from all of us. flaxseed-oil_728x90

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