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Effective Remedies To Get Only The Best Of The Summer Sun!


Hurray! The summer has begun and so have the holidays! You can flaunt all your cool summer dresses, shorts, skirts, flip flops, hats, glares and what not. All the exotic holiday destinations, the beaches, hill stations, cool, refreshing juices, coconut water, dips in the swimming pool, enjoying the delicious king of fruits- mango, evening walks […]

AVOCADOS: Eat This Super Food For A Healthier Life

fat burning foods

Who can guess that this green skinned, rough textured fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients that can offer amazing health benefits? It’s no exaggeration when I say that avocado is considered a versatile health food by many nutrition experts. Don’t believe me? Well then, check this out! The avocado, also known as the alligator pear […]

Ginseng: A Treasured Chinese Herb for Health & Wellness

Ginseng uses

People today are extremely conscious of their health and wellness. I have seen people who are constantly curious to know about natural ways and sources to enhance their health. If you are one among them, let’s grab some knowledge about an ancient treasured Chinese herb called, Ginseng. What is Ginseng? Ginseng is a slow growing, […]

Get Rid Of Bad Habits For A Healthy Living

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Habits are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously. Habitual behavior often goes unnoticed in a person exhibiting it, because a person does not need to engage in self-analysis while undertaking routine tasks. There are good habits and bad habits in every individual.Good habits in life or healthy habits will […]

What is Influenza and how can you prevent or treat it?

It is such a tragedy that every year around 20% of the population die due to influenza. Moreover, older adults are more vulnerable to influenza (commonly called the flu), a serious infectious disease that can lead to hospitalization, pneumonia and even death. What is Influenza? Influenza or Flu is a highly communicable, respiratory infection caused […]

Cataract – The Causes, Symptoms and Preventive Measures

cataract symptoms

Do you feel sad and sorry when you hear your grandparents complaining about vision problems, difficulty in hearing, memory loss, etc.? Yes, we all feel the pain when we see our loved ones suffer. As you age, you may develop various health problems and develop signs of cataracts; due to loss of immunity, oxidative stress […]

11 Effective Home Remedies for Dandruff

home remedies for dandruff

Is dandruff bothering you? Dandruff can sometimes be a major issue making it impossible for you to focus on anything. The problem with dandruff is the irritation and embarrassment it causes while scratching your scalp continuously. The abuse of dandruff shampoo and over the counter medicine can make the dandruff even worse. How many shampoos […]