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Vitamin B12 may help in preventing Cognitive Decline and Brain Shrinkage

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Most of us usually come across many health problems like memory loss, bad eye sight, hearing loss in old age. But, these days because of our lifestyle changes and food habits, the onset of these suffering is observed in the early stages of life. The Causes Do you actually realize what would be the cause […]

Multivitamins can Rev up Mental Functioning in Young Individuals

Younger groups are skeptic about multivitamin supplements, taking them to be crooked as the conventional drugs or just as the hype over health. I even found some of them wondering if they are confined to the elderly folks, which is actually not true! Let me prove it to you… Research Study The research carried out by […]

Are your Medicines making you Nutritional Deficient ??

Have you ever been sick and was under antibiotic medication? How was your feeling while you were under medication or after it?  Weren’t you weak? I hope the answer should be- yes because I felt the same and saw many of them in that condition. When the situation is a bit severe, you might have […]

Are Alcoholics Susceptible To Nutrient Deficiencies-Really?

Nevertheless, to mention, alcoholics tend to be malnourished for the given reason of following poor eating habits, often the consequence of consuming a considerable portion of their daily calories in the form of alcohol. Normally, digestion of the food starts in the mouth and continues in the stomach and intestines in the presence of different […]

Did You Know Calcium Supplements Support Longevity

If you are a health freak, you might be aware that calcium supplements have been under burning debate in the recent past over studies suggesting calcium recommended for osteoporosis to cause cardiovascular diseases. Knowing that, many of them might have withdrawn taking them, Yes? But now, a study to be published in the Endocrine Society’s […]

Diets Lacking Omega-3s Stimulates Anxiety & Hyperactivity in Teenagers

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Your kiddo feels anxious and worried often..? Does he get too nervous or panicky for no reason or even when presented a situation like a test, speaking in front of public etc. Generally, everyone encounters anxiety and is indeed a natural emotion that indicates a state of inner worry, fearfulness or a threat, but at […]

Probiotics May Save Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

Cancer, the name itself, creates a kind of uncertainty and fear for life. Day to day the industry giants are investing a lot, and many researches are going on, but still, the outcomes are so expensive and very uncertain. If somebody has survived cancer, it feels almost exactly as he took a rebirth and proves […]

Antioxidants – A Must for Tobacco Consumers

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As most of you all know, alcohol, drugs like heroin, cocaine etc., and tobacco are one of the main culprits for the increased number of deaths at young age. They all are addictive and for commercial purposes people make them still more appealing to your senses. There may be different reasons as to why someone […]

Cut Your Risk Of Blood Pressure by Stepping out in Sun

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High blood pressure is a daunting contributor to the skyrocketing figures of people suffering heart attacks and related complications, leading to deaths. Yet most of them have no idea of their soaring blood pressure numbers that lead to various serious diseases in them. Prevention of these cardiovascular diseases by natural aids through nutrition has stepped […]

Inadequate Vitamin D Levels Associated with Disability In Old age


We all know the importance of vitamin D in our body. It is required for proper absorption of calcium, maintenance of bone and muscle integrity, neuromuscular functioning, proper immune functioning and regulates inflammatory responses. Further, inadequate levels of this sunshine vitamin can lead to low immunity, increased risk of cancer, poor hair growth and weakened […]