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Are Artificial Nails Substances Safe For Your Skin?

Are Artificial Nails Substances Safe For Your Skin?

With the advancement of the fashion industry and much vogue to the different nail art that are becoming the part and parcel of our life, we often tend to forget the health aspects that may be hampered due to extreme use of artificial nail substances. The artificial nails may look a way far better and proper than the natural nails, but the side effects can be hazardous at times. If you have an allergic history, then it is extremely important to avoid artificial nail art. The health of the natural nails, as well as the skin around the nails, can be damaged badly with some harsh substances that are used during nail arts.

If you are going for a manicure or getting the artificial nail art done, then it is better to get it done from the professionals who are much aware of their products and may suggest you with the best products that may not harm the nails. But if you are really eager to do the nail arts and that too not from a professional, then there are risk factors involved. You may start getting itchy skin and then another kind of allergies. Let’s see what can be the possible side effects that you may face while doing the nail art.

How-to-get-beautiful-nailsAllergic Reactions To The Nail:

It is important to make sure that you have not faced any sort of skin allergies before. This is because most of the nail substances used for ornamenting the nails is artificial in nature and are prone to cause skin allergies. The various reactions that may occur due to much use of artificial nail substances are as follows:

  • Inflammation:

Nail health cannot be neglected because we use hands and fingers for every task that is being accomplished. If we do not maintain the nail health, we may end up missing out the important chores on a daily basis. Inflammation is one of the common side effects of using artificial nail substances. This may cause much pain to the fingers and thus will restrict you from doing everyday tasks. Such inflammations can only be cured with the help of medicines.

  • Redness:

Redness around the skin of the nails is indeed another side-effect of using artificial nail art products. In such cases, the skin becomes more allergic and can cause severe redness.

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  • Burning:

A type of burning sensations can be felt after doing nail manicures which may involve artificial substances. Such burning feeling over the skin near the nail areas can last long and is really agonizing. Removing the artificial nail substances can only cure such problems.

  • Itching:

Nail health is highly affected by the use of such poor quality nail art substances. Much itching with more unhealthy effects can occur to the nails. The artificial nail substances that are used for decorating the nails contain harmful chemicals and artificial colors that are not really skin-friendly. You can experience itching just after the application of the substance. Some cooling gels may be applied to lessen the itching effect, but as soon as the effect of the gel gets over, you can again feel the constant itching.

  • Contact allergy:

Besides hampering the nail health, another type of allergy that can be caused by the artificial colors and substances of nail art is the contact allergy. This is more harmful and severe as it will not only cause allergy to the skin near the nails but will also cause allergic reactions to the face, neck and other parts of the body. Such reactions are often challenging in terms of identifying the actual cause. And at times patients often forget or avoid mentioning the use of nail art substances during a consultation with the dermatologist.  In this way, the root cause of the allergies gets neglected and thereby the proper medication cannot be applied. Thus the overall nail health with other skin related problems may increase.

24AD452600000578-0-image-a-3_1421203473161Manicure Chemicals Are Harmful:

If you want to maintain the nail health, then it is extremely important to make sure that you are not using the harmful manicure chemicals that can irritate your skin. In severe cases, the reactions make the nails get separated from the nail beds, and this can really be painful. The primers contain methacrylic acids that are harmful to the nail skin. Other than these, the manicure artists also use nail hardeners which are also not good for the nail health. Nail polish removers and creams also contain artificial substances which may damage the nails. It is always better to use warm water in removing the nail polish than using artificial removers.

Different Factors Of Allergic Reactions:

There are different factors that are involved in allergic reactions caused by the nails.

  • The artificial nails are not hygienic and thereby cause infections.
  • The base coat given during nail art can directly affect the skin.
  • The top coat of the nail polish is strong in artificial substances and thereby can cause irritation.
  • Nail health can be damaged with the nail hardeners.
  • Nail polishes of low quality are also responsible for such skin related allergies.
c155e57d-e5d4-4065-88f7-6260a69cf075Can Cause Infection:

Nail health not only gets hindered but also some form of severe infections may occur after the use of artificial nail art substances. Drying of the nails, as well as easy breaking of nails, can happen after regular use of nail substances. Nail health must be protected so that you can keep your nails strong and avoid such reactions. When the cuticle of the nails is injured during such nail arts, you may get prone towards developing an infection and losing the nail.

It is advisable that instead of getting the artificial nail art done, you can easily groom your nails naturally. You must remember to consult the doctor if you go through a nail related problem and that too just after the artificial nail art session. A dermatologist can provide adequate treatment to prevent the nail infections from spreading to other parts of the body.

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