Artificial Nails - Can You Go For It Or Not?

Artificial Nails – Can You Go For It Or Not?

Trends and its trendsetters are many in numbers. Well, one must not forget the fact that now a day’s females are changing their lifestyle just like their dresses. Well, artificial nails are one such kind of the nails that look trendy as it comes in various kinds of colors and gradients. If you are planning for an artificial nail extension or fake nails, you must know the minute details of the same.

There are few types of the artificial nails. They are-

Artificial nails

  • Tips and Forms are the basic two kinds. The first one is very much light and completely like the natural nails and can be fixed with the help of gel or acrylic or with the combination of the both. You can do it at your home, or even professionals can be of best help to you. Forms are then placed on the natural nails and then the artificial nail is made out of the same – with acrylic and then after the form is washed and further removed. This is not at all the nail replacement. It is just an extension of the same. Other than this, there is a solution or mixture of ethyl methacrylate- an acrylic formation is applied to the nail, and the nail commences to harden itself readily within 20 to 30 seconds. After that, a power and solvent are arranged and applied. The entire process completes within 15 mins from the commencement of the same.

Tips and Forms

  • Another “UV” coat – polymer resin is also used for making one’s nail hard, and extension of the nail becomes pretty fast. It comes with various brands and numerous quality- some are flexible some possess amazing strength. Often the varieties have a huge cost. This can be removed by a solvent that is organic in nature.

Can You Go For It Or Not?

  • Silk wraps– Silk wraps are also quite popular among the artificial nail work. This is conducted just by cutting the silk fabrics and then putting over the nails or on the tip- well then it is sealed with resin. This is the alternate solution to the person who is allergic to chemicals. This treatment protects your nails and moreover acts as a sophisticated layer over the same plate. It too prevents the brittle nails to split furthermore. There are other treatments too available on the market, but then the work is not at all permanent and the cheap materials once used the nails would have a sure brittle effect.

Silk Wraps

Artificial nails come in different style, designs, and special effects- like sparkles, contours, etc.

Health hazard

If your nail extension is being done from an expert and in good shape, then the health risk is nil, but if it is loosely fitted then it might affect the natural nail growth of the individual- leading to infections- the bacterial deposition leading to fungal infection further. There are many places – organizations that don’t even allow employees with such artificial nails as it can cause severe health issues and the infection can well be transmitted to others working within the organization.

 Benefits – Want to go for this?

Artificial nail 1

 Well, benefits for artificial nails or nail extension are huge –

  1. It acts as a protective layer
  2. The nail biting habit of the females withers away completely
  3. It hides bad and chipped nails look fresh always.
  4. The natural nails are always clean.

Steps need to be followed if one is doing the same at home

  1. Remove the oil nail polish or the nail
  2. Soak the same with water
  3. File and trim the nails and bring it to proper shape and size.
  4.  Don’t trim the cuticles only push them and soak it with water- they buffer the nail and make it smooth
  5. Apply the artificial nails with the glue

Finally, one can definitely do the same at home but can visit the nail technicians or experts – those are trained most and very much advised for someone who is wearing the nail for the first time. They often do the overlay system that includes-gelish, shellac, and also the bio sculpturing. This is the modern way of doing things and making one’s nail extension perfect and long lasting.

Artificial Nails – Can You Go For It Or Not?

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