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Apps to induce calmness and improve peace of mind

If you think this  world as  a stressful place to probably you are not alone. Constantly, feeling anxious and frustrated about yourself will drain all the energy and makes you feel like losing control of your life. These difficult situations often lead to stress and make you indecisive. As, problems are a part and parcel of life, instead of running away from the problems and being bogged to the challenges, Face them and train your mind to deal with difficult times. Technology is adding fuel to the fire and pushing away your time to create a quiet place in your schedule.

Our life is filled with a lot of digital distractions and makes it difficult to focus and get the work completed. Over reliance on technology in our daily lives is not a sole reason for Stress and Over anxiety. We can counter attack the stress and boost our health by the technology itself. Yes, it true. There are many apps developed to make you calm,improve focus and also increase the productive levels.

There are numerous benefits  associated with these apps :

Using these apps will heal your mind and clear away all your negative thoughts.  They help you in maintaining a calm mind and ability to remain cool in spite of  difficulties.  As these applications induce a sense of peace in yourself, Through which you  can solve half of your problems effortlessly.

Apps to induce calmness and improve peace of mind

MindMeister (Web, iOS, Android,)

Before you begin to clear the stress clouds in your mind, you must first  identify the thoughts which clutter your mind. This app enables you to free the unnecessary clutter from your mind.

Let us discuss the Mind mapping :

This  technique creates visuals images of your thoughts and helps you to estimate  the root cause of the problem and clear the thought  which is creating a mental traffic jam. MindMeister  is popular because it has an appealing and user-friendly interface, which removes all that junk in your mind all that much more cathartic.

With the free version, you could  create up to three mind maps and can help to join others for a real-time collaboration. You can have unlimited mind maps with the Premium version of  $5.99/month.

The another feature included is  you can share the mind mapped image of yourself or can store it on your computer in different formats like RTF, PDF, and PNG.

Mind mapping

Breathe 2 Relax (iOS and Android)

Breathe2Relax is a productive app designed to experience and develop deep breathing practice. According to the research , Diaphragmatic breathing helps to reduce stress, over anxiety and induces calmness in your mind.

National Center for Telehealth and Technology created this app to impart calmness in minds of the people. Basically, it guides through a deep breathing exercise and has a unique  feature of  listening to your favorite music.  By practicing deep breathing exercises you can reduce your  stress levels similar to  guided imagery, yoga, and meditation.

This app is completely free of cost and includes a built-in graphing function which has a unique feature of stress tracking and other useful features. This is compatible with many devices irrespective of a phone or  a tablet.

Using some scientifically proven principles, Breathe2Relax helps you to go through a deep breath, which clears your mind. You are bored of guided meditation apps, it will worth trying it.


Calm (Web, iOS, and Android )

Though the white music helps people to relax, some find it annoying. If you consider yourself in this list, try the app Calm instead.

If you feel uncomfortable with static noise running in the background, This app offers serene musical notes with soothing imagery. The web version has a  large HD video loop of rain falling on the leaves, waves rippling along the beach, or the light  particles falling from the sky. The app version is also similar but on a smaller scale.


You can this app based on the time available, Suppose you are rushing to work and only Five mInutes to spare. You can set your session according to the time length which varies as Two, Five, Ten, or more.

.The is a free app and  includes a seven-step process which outlines the meditation and other short audio files containing guided meditations.

The premium version price range  from $3.99-$9.99 per year.

Apps to induce calmness and improve peace of mind

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