Antioxidant Minerals and Free Radical Antioxidants

Antioxidants Are The Scavengers Of Free Radicals In Human Body

Lifestyle changes make you a permanent host to numerous harmful bacteria and oxygen free radicals!  These free radicals and bacteria make some sort of disturbances or damage in your body. To abate it, you require natural Anti-oxidants!

What Are Antioxidants?

Known fact, when you cut an apple and keep it aside, what do you observe?

It turns into red color, got wrinkled and squeezed.

This is all because of oxidation; same thing happens to human tissues, and this damage is irreversible and triggers to many diseases.

Oxidation is a natural phenomenon, where electron hungry free radicals are produced, requires anti-oxidants to subside there hungry. If not, it will squeeze electrons from other radicals, so it causes your cells to wrinkle!

So huge amount of antioxidant is must for long live!

Triggers For Free Radical Productions

Smoking, drinking and sunbathing can cause unsafe increase in free radical production.

Other factors are air pollution, infection, and exposure to nasty toxic substances or radiation.

Naturally, as you get older, body’s defenses against oxidative stress and free radicals decrease and prone to different diseases. That’s why researchers believe that antioxidant-rich diet can prevent age-related problems also.

Benefits Of Antioxidants

Oxidation and generation of free radicals take place in many tissues, so antioxidants gives more benefits in different ways.

  • Wrinkle-free skin.
  • Delays cataract development.
  • Protecting skin from sun damage.
  • Scar treatment.
  • Delays Degenerative diseases like age related macular degeneration, which is one of the major causes for visual problems.
  • Preserves skin texture.
  • Vitamin E and C, which are rich in antioxidants protects lungs and helps in delaying different respiratory problems and even lung cancers.
  • They improve cognitive ability in users.
  • Delays dementia.
  • Slows down the progress in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Can aid in protective measures for Parkinson’s disease to decrease the neuronal damage.
  • It even delays cardiovascular diseases.
  • Although antioxidants aren’t proven to treat any conditions, research has shown that antioxidants have also been implicated in the prevention of a number of diseases.

Okay… All this is fine!!! But,

Where Can You Get These Antioxidants From?

You can get antioxidants from different fruits and vegetables. They are mostly present in those which have  bright distinctive colors like in red tomatoes, purple berries, yellow corn, orange carrots etc.,

Antioxidants are also rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, E, C, and in minerals like selenium, zinc etc.. Sometimes referred to as antioxidant vitamins

Specific Sources of Antioxidants

  • Carrots
  • Green leafy vegetables like kale, collards and spinach
  • Berries, cherries
  • Green tea
  • Citrus fruits
  • Apples and pears
  • Grape seeds/grapes
  • Walnuts
  • Corn
  • Watermelons
  • Tomatoes, beet root and in many more colorful fruits and vegetables (All the sources of Vitamin A, E, and C contain these.)

If you’ve no such time to eat or not to get enough, there is an option for you, at least you can go for high-quality supplementation to protect your cells.

The amount of antioxidants in your body is directly proportional to how long you live.

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