Antioxidants and omega-3 may help you reverse Blood vessel abnormalities and Aging

Antioxidants And Omega-3 May Help You Reverse Aging & Amp; Blood Vessel Abnormalities

Antioxidants and Omega 3 for Anti-aging and blood vessel abnormalities

It is good that people today are becoming health conscious day by day and understanding how important it is to be healthy. We all prefer to be young lifelong and find out ways to delay aging, isn’t it?

Hence, I am sure you must be curious to know the various benefits of anti-aging supplements and supplements or sources in which they are found.

Which Supplements Are Included Under Anti-Aging Foods And Why?

Anti-Aging Superfoods

Free radical theory of aging hypothesizes that oxygen free radicals are responsible for the age-related damage at the cellular and tissue levels.

Normal levels of free radicals will be satisfied by natural antioxidants present in your body, but excessive free radicals lead to oxidation and cellular damage.

This shows that antioxidants can be a potential supplement that can show effective anti-aging property.


Studies have also found that Omega-3 fatty acids especially EPA and DHA are also responsible for anti-a aging effects by reducing the shortening of telomeres which is an important cause for aging.

Hence, omega-3 fatty acids can be used as anti-aging supplements.

What Are The Latest Findings Of Anti-Aging Supplements :

Latest studies show that anti aging supplements not only help you to stay young but also may help you to reverse the problems related to blood vessel abnormality or endothelial dysfunction.

Damage to the walls of blood vessels causes endothelial dysfunction which is one of the major causes of heart disease.

A study was conducted by American Heart Association on 200 patients of age groups between 51-86 years. Among these patients about 40% of them were women and some of them were suffering endothelial dysfunction and others had signed of blood vessel disease.

For the study, their diet had been restricted from healthy lectin containing foods like grains, beans, fruit, poultry, and some nightshade family plants.

The subjects’ diet contained plenty of leafy vegetables; grass-fed animal protein, shellfish, olive oil, and fish oil along with the supplements containing anti-oxidants like polyphenols from fish oil, grape seed extract, and vitamins.

Diet For Anti Aging

Steven R. Gundry, M.D., lead author and medical director of the International Heart and Lung Institute, at The Centre for Restorative Medicine in Palm Springs, California said, Simple removal of ‘healthy’ lectin-containing foods, and taking a few inexpensive supplements, may restore endothelial function to normal, which in turn can reverse high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.”

Though the study findings are this way, even the American Heart Association recommended, not eliminating all those foods containing lectin since in some way even those are healthy.

But, predominantly consuming a diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish or supplements containing antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids may protect you from blood vessel abnormalities.

Thus, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids are a good source for anti-aging effects. They help you reduce or delay the process of aging and cellular damage.

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