Enhance Fertility With This Wonder Fruit – Raspberry !!

Did You Know Raspberries can be Useful for Fertility?

Antioxidants from raspberry for fertility
The busy fast paced lifestyle is posing different challenges to mankind. Poor lifestyle is resulting in insufficiency of nutrients, abnormal weight of people whereas in the obese cases, people are developing many ancillary problems like blood pressure, chronic diabetes, increased stress levels which indeed are unwanted happenings in your life. One such problem which most men and women are facing is infertility, whose medical intervention may be very expensive at times. So, people are looking for natural ways to increase fertility. It is always a better option to go for a nutritious diet to cut any of the health risks including infertility. Though this fruit didn’t receive the honor of a super food and is also less focused in its category of fruits, still it possess’ good quality of increasing chances of being fertile for both men and women along with its other benefits. But, you may be interested in knowing as to…

What Fruit Is It And What Makes It So Special?

 Raspberries For Fertility It is nothing else than Raspberry (even better are red raspberry), which is a pack of healthy constituents like good amount of fiber, rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and also rich in folate, magnesium which have a good role in enhancing the fertility of men and women.

So How Is Raspberry Useful In Enhancing Fertility?

Well, here is your answer…… With sperm counts in the average British male falling by almost half in the past 60 years, experts have claimed raspberries may be the savior to help the fathers-to-be and help improving male fertility. Antioxidants present in raspberries help in increasing the sperm count in men and also protects the sperms from oxidative stress that is the major cause for infertility these days. Magnesium levels improve the production of testosterone in men. In the case of women, the folate helps women both before and even during pregnancy and also enhance fertility in the mother-to-be.

It is also believed that antioxidants help women both in early conceiving and also they help in maintaining the pregnancy by lowering the chances for miscarriage.

If you cannot find natural fertility supplements, then you have the option of using the available supplements for fertility. Not only the antioxidants present in it but also its low glycemic index helps to maintain an appropriate weight that is essential for hormonal balance and thus, is a great friend to the couple. Raspberries are often overlooked, but their numerous fertility-boosting properties and antioxidants make them the perfect bedtime snack, especially raspberry tea. Raspberry tea

Indication of research

A study conducted by the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that men over 44 with the highest intake of Vitamin C had 20 per cent less damage to their sperm DNA than men who did not eat those foods. So, increase fertility in men, with this wonder fruit. Juliet Wilson, a leading fertility nutritionist, said “one portion of raspberries provided the same amount of Vitamin C as eating 173 grapes.” So, raspberries are like natural fertility treatment available today. This shows the amount of antioxidants found in it, and that is making it a boon for fertility. Hence, couples who are looking forward to enhance fertility better go for good diet rich in antioxidants and that can maintain effective hormonal balance or at least have antioxidant supplements to compensate the antioxidant deficiency in the body, to avoid oxidative stress which may give you a quick effect along with many more benefits. It is known that general antioxidant supplements or supplements of coenzyme Q 10 ( a super antioxidant) is a good catch to treat infertility until the case is in a definite need of medical intervention or therapy. So, hopefully, this information will prove beneficial to you and do share it with your friends and folks to ease them out of their discomfort of infertility. Also, your queries or inputs in the comment box below will be greatly appreciable.

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