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Amazing Foods and Diet to Increase Height

Amazing Foods and Diet to Increase Height

Though the height factor mostly depends on your genes, a proper and healthy diet during the growth years can outdo the gene factor and help you attain an attractive height. You need proper nutrition along with the proper intake of proteins and vitamins to attain the desired height.

Vitamins aid the calcium absorption of the bones thereby developing the bones from inside accentuating the height gain. Proteins are building blocks of the body that repair old tissues and help in the development of new tissues that impart to the height gain. Here in this article, some of the height increasing foods are discussed that should be included in the daily diet to increase height. Among the foods that increase height rapidly, the following foods need a special mention.

Diet To Increase Height

Milk- white beauty for height

Milk contains calcium that keeps your bones healthy. It is responsible for the growth and development of strong bones and thus boosts up your height. It also contains vitamin A that preserves your calcium intake. It is advisable to drink at least 2 glasses of milk every day.

Amazing Foods and Diet to Increasing Height

Egg- height increase with protein pack

Eggs have a very rich protein and vitamin B12 content in it. So include at least 2 boiled eggs in your daily diet to increase height.

diet to increase height

Chicken- increase height deliciously

It is often believed that you stop growing after a certain age. But it is not always true foods that increase height rapidly. Even after 25, you can achieve a great height if you maintain a healthy diet for height.Chicken is rich in protein and helps in building up the muscles and tissues thereby aiding your height gain.

height increasing food

Beef- yummy solution

Having at least 50 grams of beef daily satisfies your protein intake that is required to attain an attractive height. But taking beef excessively can compromise with your cholesterol issues.

Ashwagandha_336X280 (8)

Soybeans– not so bad

It is a plant based height increasing food that is rich in the purest form of protein and is crucial in the bone and tissue development during the growth years.

height increasing food

Oatmeal – not so good to taste

Having oatmeal every morning in the breakfast ensures faster height gain. Oats are a very rich source of protein obtained from plants that help in the increase in the muscle mass.

breakfast ensures faster height gain

Turnip- really good 

Turnips are rich in all the essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins, fibers, cholesterol, proteins and fat that boost up your height. Either you extract its juice and eat it raw or add it to a vegetable salad, turnip in any form will aid in the height gain.

height gain.

Beans- good as a healthy food

Green beans are rich in proteins and minerals that apart from developing your bones and muscles also help in the proper blood circulation in the body.It is the good diet for height.

Beans- good as a healthy food

Lady’s Finger- can’t believe this works

Lady’s finger is a flowering plant that is rich in vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Being sticky in nature it serves as a very good laxative that keeps your bowel system work perfectly. It has essential nutrients that stimulate your growth hormones thereby making you taller.

growth hormones thereby making you taller

Spinach – the green magic

It is rich in iron, calcium, and vitamins. Including spinach in your daily diet will help in boosting up your growth vertically. It stimulates the growth hormones and aids in the faster height gain naturally. Including green vegetables in your daily diet is a must to keep your bowel system working effectively apart from the height growth.

Spinach- the green magic

Broccoli- height increasing greens

This is a very tasty vegetable and including it in your daily diet can speed up your height gain in a natural way. It is rich in iron and vitamin C and also saves you from deadly diseases like cancer. Broccoli belongs to the family of cauliflower and adds taste and variety when included in a salad or eaten boiled with just a little pepper and salt sprinkled on it.

Broccoli- height increasing greens

Peas- good to pop up anytime

Essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, lutein and protein are present in peas that help in the faster height gain.

Peas- good to pop up anytime

Fish- tasty delight

Fish such as tuna and salmon boosts up your height naturally. These fishes are rich in vitamin D that promotes rapid height gain naturally.


Grains- good for health

Grains like brown rice and whole wheat promotes rapid height gain.  Grains are the energy storehouses and are high-calorie foods that are very crucial during the growth years. They also contain iron, selenium, magnesium and vitamins all of which contribute to the rapid height gain.

 grains for increasing height

Ashwagandha- never knew this works

Ashwagandha is an Indian herb that is available in powdered form in all leading herbal stores.  It contributes to the height growth. Mix two tablespoon of the Ashwagandha powder in a cup of warm milk and drink it twice every day to gain height rapidly.


Tofu- try it out

Tofu has a rich calcium content that helps you gain rapid height. Due to the low-calorie content in tofu, it also helps in the weight loss. Among the foods that increase height, tofu is one of them that should be included in your daily diet to obtain the desired results.

foods that increase height

Pumpkin Seeds- really works?

The amino acids present in the pumpkin seeds promote the vertical growth of your body. It repairs the old tissues and builds up new tissues thereby maintain the steady growth in your height.


Carrots- beta-carotene for height increase

The presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin C keeps the bones healthy and strong by preserving the calcium content in the bones. Vitamin A also helps to arraign a proper eyesight and glowing skin.

Carrots- beta-carotene for height increase

Banana- a mushy glee

Bananas keep your bones healthy and strong and prevent it from breakage by preserving the phosphorous and calcium content needed in the bones. It also helps to keep a healthy bowel system by keeping the digestive system working effectively.

fruits to increase height

Exercise and Yoga- a must

Apart from eating a healthy diet regular exercise and yoga postures are also essential to get an attractive height. Regular exercises help in the stimulation of the growth hormones thereby increasing your height at a faster pace than usual. Regular exercises also keep your body and mind healthy thereby maintaining the zeal of growing your height rapidly.

Exercise and Yoga- a must

These are some of the ways that you should try to attain a height that you always dreamt of. An attractive height helps you to get noticed easily everywhere and readily adds to your personality. You get an impressive attitude without making any effort.

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