Benefits of 23 Almonds a Day

Benefits of 23 Almonds a Day!

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Do you remember stealing almonds from the kitchen as a kid?

Does your mouth water every time you here about chocolate coated almonds?

Apart from being very yummy, almonds are also the most nutritious of all the nuts. Almonds are tasty and healthy option to both sweet and savory dishes. These nuts not only taste good, but they are also good for your health.

Just a handful of these nutrient rich almonds a day helps to promote healthy heart, prevent weight gain, and fight diseases like diabetes, GI problems. The health benefits of almond oil are as many as the health benefits of Fish Oil which is one of the best oils for our health.

Almonds, that are considered to be nuts are actually the seeds of the fruit of the almond tree. This almond tree bears an almond fruit, and the seed of that fruit is what we consider as almond nut. There are many health benefits of 23 almonds a day if it is consumed periodically and in proper dosage.

Many Benefits Of Almond

The health benefits of almonds are as follows:

1. Heart Healthy Almonds

Healthy Heart Almonds

According to Food and Drug Regulation Authority (FDA), eating 23 almonds a day, weighing approximately 28 gram, reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Almonds are rich in vitamins and minerals which are healthy for the heart.

One serving of 23 almonds provides 13 grams of unsaturated fats, 1gram saturated fat, no cholesterol and no sodium.

It also contains 76mg of magnesium that helps to reduce hypertension and prevents heart attacks.

Magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker, so it keeps the blood pressure under control. When there is enough amount of magnesium in the blood, our blood vessels relax and the distension of our arteries is reduced.

This reduced resistance of our arteries improves the blood supply; oxygen supply and nutrient supply to all the parts of our body making us feel healthy.

Almonds are the best source of alpha-tocopherol, a type of vitamin E, which a human body can absorb in a better manner. Almonds contain 7.43 grams of vitamin E content.

It helps to dilate your blood vessels and prevents platelet aggregation which prevents lipid oxidation.

Almonds have been identified with a unique combination of vitamin E and flavonoids. Eating almonds with its skin intact improves the amount of flavonoids and vitamin E in your body.

This helps to improve the LDL levels of the blood and thus further reduces the risk of the plaque formation, lipid oxidation and stroke.

2. Weight Maintenance

 Weight Maintenance

Almonds are the best snacking option for people who want to lose or maintain weight as 23 almonds a day gives only 163 kcals, 3.5gm of fiber and 6gm of protein per serving which makes you feel full for a longer time.

76 mg of Magnesium in almonds helps to regulate blood sugar which is the key in reducing food craving. It is proved that people who eat almonds on a regular basis have reduced their craving for unhealthy foods such as fatty food, sugary food and chat items and also their blood sugar levels do not spike.

23 almonds protien  are rich in good complex carbohydrates and monounsaturated fats with good amount of protein which makes it a wholesome food for a healthy weight loss program.

Almonds are good food option for weight maintenance and a healthy life. Moreover, I believe that a food plan which is simple and healthier is very easy to comply.

3. Powerhouse For Your Body

Almonds are a good source of magnesium, copper and vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). All of these are very important factors for energy production and to prevent oxidative damage to the cells.

All these vitamins are required for production of superoxide dismutase that quenches the free radicals that are produced within the cell during the energy production.

Riboflavin is very important in oxygen based energy production for our body. Also riboflavin helps in recycling of glutathione which is the antioxidant and prevents oxidative damage to the cells.

Thus, intake of almonds also helps to prevent the free radical formation in the cell thus improving their functions and also helps to produce energy.

4. Sugar Levels Maintenance

Almonds are low GI nuts and hence help to maintain the blood glucose level. 23 almonds protien  help to prevent the rise in blood sugars and insulin after a meal. Almonds when paired with high glycaemic food can reduce the glycaemic index of that meal and prevent sugar spikes.

So a handful of almonds along with the high glycaemic index meals along with salads or pasta toppings or with sauté vegetable can help to keep the sugar level in check.

5. Gut Health

 Gut Health

Almonds are gluten free so they are healthy alternative for people suffering from wheat intolerance or celiac diseases. High fiber content of almonds helps to maintain a healthy gut and can also help to cure acidity and gastritis.

How To Include Almonds In Your Daily Meals

  • Plain yoghurt with roasted almonds and some other nuts serves as an excellent mid meal
  • Almond butter can be used on breads to be used as a healthy breakfast
  • Apple slice and grated almonds makes a delicious and healthy snack
  • Some curried vegetable can be made rich by adding almonds powder or paste
  • Almond rice served with a high GI food can be excellent in maintaining the glycemic index of the meal

Myths And Facts


  1. You should only eat almonds after soaking them overnight and after peeling it, otherwise you might get a stomach ache.


  1. You should never blanch the almonds or remove the skin of the almond as it will not be a whole food then.
  2. Almonds along with its skin are the best source of vitamin E and flavonoids.

Healthy Tips

  • Try to chop almonds manually with the help of knives.
  • If you want to chop it in the food processor than it’s suggested not to blend the almonds in one go. You should rather crush it by the stroke technique but turning the food processor on and off alternatively in 2 seconds.
  • Almonds can be roasted at about 75◦ C in an oven for not more than 10 minutes to prevent healthy almond oil from oxidation.

I hope the science of the 23 almonds is clear to you after reading this mail. So go ahead and enjoy the delicious and healthy almonds.

Please share some healthy almond recipes that you know and also express you views and queries in the comment section below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends through the social media icons below.

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  1. Mukta Agrawal says:

    Mr P.K Krishna,

    If the almonds are little old it leaves oil and hence it becomes soggy after grinding.
    Firstly to powder you should use fresh almonds.
    Roast almonds in a pan without adding anything.
    Once it get roasted let it cool down.
    Then you can easily powder it and sieve it.
    Your home made almond powder is ready for use.

    If you do not want to roast and change the colour you can also keep it in hot sun.

  2. p k krishnan says:

    dear madam, here I am Krishnan, my question is to make
    almonds powder at home, as I hv in my fmly members tried several
    times, but it cannot be like a powder form ..say it comes as sticky
    form, v r doing it by grinder/mixer. I want to know why v cannot get
    dry powder? It always comes with wet forms. If u can help in this
    regard, will very much appreciate. Rgds/kn

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