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How To Achieve Perfect Almond Shaped Nails?

How To Achieve Perfect Almond Shaped Nails?

Beautifully shaped and manicured nails are one the best accessories that a woman might possess. It gives them a kind of confidence that is reflected in the way they present themselves.

Beautiful nails compliment a woman’s make up that speaks volumes about their personality.

Is it easy to get beautiful nails?


But maintaining beautiful nails needs a lot of attention and patience. You should at least take some time out of your busy schedule every week for your nail care. If it is not possible to rush to the salon every week, then you should at least try some home tips for getting those beautiful and flattering nails.

Types of nails that look good

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There are many types of nails like oval, round, squoval, almond, square and stilettos. Not all the nail types suit every woman; you have to choose which one suits you the most. Just look at the cuticles of your nails and you will find different shapes for different individuals.

How to select the nail shape that suits your fingers

Some may have round cuticles, while others may have squared even others oval or a little curved. This shape of the cuticles determines which type will suit you. However deciding which type of nails you want is totally at your own discretion and you can always change the shape of your nails and make it look more stylish and fashionable to suit your changing moods.


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You can change them as often as you want but make sure you take proper care of your nails every time you are dealing with them.  So among these types, if you like the almond one then here are some tips to achieve beautiful almond shaped nails, have a look at these.

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For shaping almond shaped nails you first need to spot a mark at the center of your nail and start filing it towards that spot or point. You should start filing the nails at an angle which is just off the nail centre which will leave a flat tip to round over. After you get the angles on both the sides file the corners of your nails to smooth over the sharp angles and give the nails the perfect shape of almonds. The almond shaped nails make your fingers longer and beautiful thus adding a feminine touch to your otherwise short fingers.

The steps to file the almond nails are discussed below:

Step 1


Hold the nail at an angle of fifty degrees and start filing the nails first from your right side. Continue filing in the same direction from which you started to avoid any splits in the nails that may cause pain and may break your nails. But if you are comfortable in using the glass nail files then you can use that both ways back and forth and subsequently you can file in both the directions of your nails.

Step 2

Repeat the filing now on the left sides of the nails cautiously so that you don’t end up causing splitting the nails and break them eventually.

Step 3

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Now in this step, you need to file the sides and the tips of your nails in the U-shaped motion. Be cautious while filing so that you don’t end up filing too much so as to create a shape that looks awkward and that tapers into the soft portion of the nails.

Before you opt for giving your nails that perfect shape that will match with your makeup and attires there are some tips that you should remember so that you don’t harm your nails in the process of changing their styles.

  • If you want to give your nails that perfect almond shape, then wait for a little until your nails grow a bit longer before you try for that almond shape. This is because the nails that are originally square in shape look much longer but when they are given the shape of almond, then that does not really look that long. But do not overgrow your nails too long as if you grow your nails too long the chances of breakage become high. Keep the length just as it would require getting a perfect shape.
  • If after starting to file the nails and giving it that shape of almond, you find that almond nails are just not for you, do not get bogged down. You can still file the tips of the nails at an angle which is horizontal and get the squoval shape that looks trendy and chic too.
  • Before filing wash your nails with a mild soap, this will make the nails softer and thus it will be easy for you to file them.
  • Always use good quality nail paint so that you don’t end up messing with the natural coating of your nails. Once the natural coating of the nails is lost, you will lose that natural glossy shine of your nails. Moreover, the coating makes the nails stronger and once they are lost your nails tend to become brittle and eventually will break in some time. You can also use a natural coater on the nails before you apply the nail polish. It will keep the texture of your nails intact.
  • Avoid using dark color nail paint. It is best to use natural color nail polish. But before that, you should apply a natural coater on the nails to keep the natural glossiness of your nails intact.
  • Before filing the nails decide what you want to use a file or a clipper. Both the file and the clippers have their own set of advantage and disadvantages. So if you find filing easy then use a file instead of a clipper and vice versa but do not change them midways as it may hamper the shape that you want to give your nails. It would depend on the shape you want to give to your nails. If you have really long nails, then it is advisable to snip them using a clipper before you start shaping them using a Otherwise, you may end up trimming your nails more than required.

Thus these are some of the tips that you may follow to get those beautiful nails that you love to show off to the world.

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