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8 Ways To Keep Bones Healthy

8 Ways to keep bones healthy

Human bones tend to become weak with age. Weak bones are likely to become a major hindrance in your daily activities.

Weak bones mostly take place due to lack of essential nutrients like Calcium in the body. Poor diet is also one of the primary reasons for developing weak bones.

However, since hormonal changes, too take place among women after the age of thirty; it contributes as a cause of reduced bone density.

Tiredness in the body and slight pain in either one of your knee or elbow bones are some of the early symptoms of developing weak bones.

How To Keep Your Bones Healthy?

• Inclusion Of Calcium In Your Daily Diet

Inclusion Of Calcium In Your Daily Diet

Calcium is an essential nutrient as it aids the development of teeth and bones in a human body. Foods like Milk and yoghurt are considered to be the best sources of calcium.

However, while consuming milk, you must ensure not adding sugar to it, as though it might repair your bone tissues, consumption of sugar every day will only lead to an increment of sugar level in your body.

Leafy vegetables like spinach romaine lettuce and cabbage are also considered to be excellent sources of calcium. You can toss them together and prepare a healthy salad for yourself every day.

• Intake Of Vitamin D

Intake Of Vitamin D

Just like calcium is considered to be a significant nutrient that repairs and strengthens weak bones, Vitamin D, too, help in the development of bones up to some extent. When consumed with Calcium, Vitamin D works better in your body.

Sunlight is considered to be the best source of vitamin D, so when you suffer from bone pain, you can stand in the sun for some time to allow its rays to be absorbed by your body.

Shrimp, orange juice, egg yolks, and sardines too comprise of Vitamin D. Thus you can include any one of these food items in your daily diet.

• Strengthen Your Bones With Vitamin K

Strengthen Your Bones With Vitamin K

Vitamin K is usually considered to be a nutrient that clears and prevents the formation of blood clots. However, the nutrient also helps the body to generate proteins for the development of strong bones. People mostly consume calcium to maintain strength of their bones.

But various research and studies have revealed that without Vitamin K, calcium regulation is incomplete in the body.

Since broccoli is known to contain Vitamin K and is easily available in the market, you must ensure including it in your daily diet to regulate the calcium content in your body.

• Importance Of Potassium

Importance Of Potassium

Potassium is a nutrient that is known to neutralize certain acids that diminish the presence of calcium from a human body and make the bones weak. Thus, to increase potassium in your body, you can opt for foods like bananas and sweet potatoes.

• Make Exercise Part Of Your Daily Routine

Exercising is the key to having healthy bones. The Internet has innumerable websites that comprise of images and videos that showcase good body exercises.

You can view them whenever you are free and practice them to have well-maintained bones. Jogging and stretching are considered to be the best physical activities that can help your bones retain their strength.

Exercising during the early hours is considered to be the best, as all human beings feel fresh and have the most energy after they get up from a good night’s sleep.

• Have Less Caffeine

Have Less Caffeine

Caffeine consumption can interfere with the bone’s ability to soak calcium. Research claims that drinking two mugs of coffee in a day can make your bones weak if you do not consume calcium oriented food or supplements every day.

Thus, you can enjoy coffee, but you must ensure taking it in a moderate amount.

• Avoid Smoking

Avoid Smoking

Various studies and research have shown that cigarette smoking prevents the bones from absorbing an adequate amount of calcium to function properly. Thus, if you wish to have strong bones, you must avoid smoking under all circumstances.

• Consider Medical Treatment To Be An Option

Consider Medical Treatment To Be An Option

If your bones pain every day, and nothing is helping you, consider visiting a good orthopedic doctor and get yourself checked. If the doctor prescribes a bone density scanning test, do not delay undergoing it, as the result of this test will determine how healthy your bones are.

In accordance with the outcome, your doctor might suggest the intake of certain nutritional value based supplements that you might have to consume until your bone tissues are repaired and you do not feel the pain anymore.

Thus, now that you have become aware of the different steps that you can take for improved bone health, you can follow the steps to have a fit life ahead.

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