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8 Helpful Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a very common ailment that is associated with symptoms of painful urination, frequent urination or an urge to do so. In extreme cases there might be a burning sensation in the urethra with or without urinating followed by mild fever. UTI is caused by the Escherichia coli bacteria or E.coli, as it is popularly known. Women are more prone to have UTI in at least one stage of their life span in comparison to men. While there are several antibiotics in the market, we also have home remedies. How are home remedies for Urinary tract infection different from prescribed medicines? Use of antibiotics can kill many of the ‘good’ bacteria along with E.coli, thus harming our immune system. On the other hand, following natural methods can prevent the E.coli from sticking to the walls of our urinary tract and eventually flush them out.

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Wondering how to start your DIY treatment? Here we provide you with 8 helpful  home remedies for urinary tract infection:

1) Increase water intake

Drink loads of water. Add some more to your regular 8 glasses. This might not seem like the most extraordinary way, but it is definitely the primary urinary tract infection home treatment. This forms the base of flushing out UTI from your system. Moreover, it would give you something to push out the next time you go to pee. Preferably drink cold water like a fish to soothe your insides. You shall feel comfortable.

Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

2) Heat

For that continuous cramp in your abdomen, heat is the temporary yet effective relief. You’ll need a hot water bottle which is comfortable to touch. Apply it in the areas of constant discomfort. The heat will relax your muscles freeing you of inflammations.

Urinary Tract Infection

3) Vitamin C inclusion

Vitamin C and zinc, when mixed together can help you boost up your immunity. Implement fruits like oranges and lemons or other vitamin C supplements in your diet to fight UTIs. This will make your urine acidic. As we know, an acidic medium prevents the growth of bacteria. But it should be used adequately. If not, then the acidic lining of your urinary tract might make it difficult for you to pee.

UTI home remedies

4) Stick to light food

Always try to have a liquefied food intake during UTI. Those foods that are heavy on your stomach might degrade your condition even further. Chocolates, caffeine and carbonation can hang you up quite a bit and in ways you are unknown of.

5) Try to pee often

This might seem obvious given it’s an observed symptom. If you don’t pee and try to hold it longer in the fear of pain, chances of your recovery slow down. The more you pee, the more UTIs are flushed out of the system. In addition, try to wear light cotton clothes. It will give you some external comfort.

6) Ginger tea and Cranberry Juice

Ginger is a secret ingredient that works against inflammation. It basically prevents the growth of prostaglandins. These are little substances that give inflammation signals. Thus, it prevents inflammations, reduces current inflammations and reduces pain in the due course. The same way as all medicines work, sans the side effects attached to it. Studies seem to show that cranberry juice does indeed help; however, it is the most effective on women who have had UTI’s before or suffer reoccurring infections. You also need to drink a decent amount of it to get the effects, and many people in the studies withdrew because they found themselves with a stomachache. Cranberry does not let bacteria cling to the urinary tract walls and does prevent them from growing.

Home remedies for UTI

7) Soda water

Baking soda and water can help loads in the case of UTIs.  Baking soda can help neutralize or lessen the acidity of your urine. If you find yourself resisting the urge to pee because of a burning sensation, baking soda can help ease the discomfort.

8) Cucumbers

Due to their high water content, cucumbers are a great way to get to get extra fluid through your system when you find yourself having a hard time drinking enough water.

UTI treatment at home

These home remedies for urinary tract infection are documented effective, although you have to find out what suits you best.

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