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8 Exercises To Improve Your Sexual Performance

8 Exercises To Improve Your Sexual Performance

Are you worried that you are not able to give your best during sex? It is common to feel that you need to improve your sexual performance not only for the lady of your life but also because of it a major hit to the self-esteem, not to perform well during sex.

Sexual problems and inadequate sexual performance are a big reason behind many breakups and divorces. So the biggest question Is – how to improve sexual health?

You will be euphoric to know that a little training is an answer to your how to increase stamina in bed question. And also taking good food which enhances sexual performance by following a balanced diet chart will help you in experiencing good sex life with your partner.

If you follow the following steps you can definitely improve your sexual performance.

Training The Upper Body- High Level Of Stamina

Training your upper body to hold your weight will help you to perform better in the bed. You can use your upper body strength to support your body weight. This will help you to give a better pleasure as well as receive better pleasure.

Swiss-Ball Press-Up

Swiss-Ball Press-Up

This will help you to work on your chest, shoulders and triceps. This will not only strengthen them but also aid in the growth of muscles. These are completely free hand, and all you will require is a Swiss ball which is easily available in good sports goods shop. You need to place your shin of the Swiss ball is kept securely on a plain surface. Then get into a press-up position with your hands and legs in position. First, lower yourself to the floor and then push up and keep repeating it. This will help to give you a lot of power to your upper body. This is best for the missionary position.

Lower-Back Lie-Down

Lower-back lie-down This exercise works best for your lower back and the base. It helps to strengthen them and make you feel more in control. It is best to use a yoga mat while performing this exercise so as not to hurt your shoulders. You need to lie straight on your back with the feet on the floor. Bring up your knees to your chest and grab your legs from behind your knees. Hold those position for at least 30 seconds. Relax and draw again. This is ideal for the full court press sex position where her legs will go over her shoulder.

Training Your Lower Body- More Sexual Stamina

This is definitely the most important apt to train when you want to improve your sexual performance. The best way to make sure that you perform well sexually is by having a strong lower body.

This also improves your flexibility more effectively as you work on your hips. This ensures that you can try different sex positions without worrying about hurting yourself.

Hinge Bow

This helps to work on your quads. You need to know on a mat with your knees at around 90 degrees. Your head and your back should be in line with your thighs when you are in this kneeling position, hold this position for around 30 seconds before you release. Repeat it as many times as you feel comfortable. This is best for the Aerobics posture where you have to kneel upright, and she will be arching her back. Hinge Bow

Hips Twirl

This is another kind of aerobics exercise for the hips. Step forward on your feet while you are standing. Your feet should be a meter apart, and your knees need to be slightly bent.

Move your pelvis forward until you think you have stretched to the maximum. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and then swap legs. Repeat it a few time for best results.

This is great for the T-bar posture wherein she is lying on the bed, and you are standing at the edge of it.

Training For Stamina- A Must For Doing Sex

You will require a lot of stamina if you want to try different positions. You need to do endurance exercises that will help you to do the movements that are connected to these positions. Good endurance increasing exercises are the top answers for how to improve sex stamina.

Lying Gluteal Bridge

During this exercise, you need to lie back on your back and bend your knees. Squeeze your glutes and raise them. Keep raising them till they are body forms a straight line.

You have to hold this position for up to 30 seconds and then repeat it. This helps to strengthen your hips and bring more flexibility to your whole body.

This is best for positions wherein she is on the bed, and you are standing or even for the standing up position.

Lying Gluteal Bridge

Sock Slide

This exercise helps you to increase the flexibility of your shoulders, triceps and chest. You will need to wear socks throughout this exercise. You will also be requiring slippery surface as it will help you to perform this exercise better.

Position your body in the push-up position with your hands still. Now slide your body back and then forward. You need to slide forward till your tummy is over your hands.

Keep doing this for as long as you feel comfortable. This is the best exercise when she is on the top.

Sock Slide

Training For Flexibility- Perform Ssex Flexibly

You need to be very supple to have a good sex life. Along with power, you will require a certain amount of flexibility to perform about the good sex positions well. A flexible body will be the best for proper satisfaction.

Crossover Stretch

This will help you to work on your deep core and the pelvic area. First, lie down on your back and bend your knees. Bring your right knee up to your chest.

You need to grab your right knee with your left hand and stretch the shoulder. Hold the position for 30 seconds and then try with the other leg and hand.

Keep alternating your feet and repeating it for best results. This exercise is good for the reverse missionary position.

Crossover Stretch

Kneeling Leg Crossover

Get on all your fours and the raised leg over the other. Keep alternating your feet. This is best for the wheelbarrow position.

These moves will help you to boost your stamina, develop a strong core and improve your flexibility. If you are already having a proper workout routine, then you can add the following to your routine or just do these as a stand our routine on their own.

She will definitely approve of the extra boom that you will be bringing in the boudoir henceforth. Along with these exercises, you need to concentrate on balanced diet chart by concerning a good sexologist.

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