Top 8 Healthy Snacks You can Have at Home

8 Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories

healthy snacks

healthy snacks

The word snacking brings with it a lot guilt and fear of gaining extra calories. This is one major reason why many of us avoid snacking. However, snacking is essential. Read on to know why and how….

How Important do you think Snacking Is?

We all know the three important meals of the day that is breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, what about the hours in between? Of course you need to munch something in between while you work for long hours at the office. Nibbling on snacks while you work, can keep you going without feeling tired and exhausted for the day. Snacking is good for your metabolism.

So yes, snacks are important and essential. Snacking need not be junk always, loaded with calories. Don’t you agree? Yes, it’s all about being smart when it comes to avoiding your waist to gain inches further. You can choose from a variety of healthy foods to eat at your workstation.

So, stop being skeptical on snacking, because here are a few healthy snacks and healthy snacks recipes that can help you satisfy your taste buds while feel fuss free about unnecessary calorie baggage.

8 Best Healthy Snacks and Food Under 100 Calories

1. Go Nutty


Nuts are the best healthy snacks you can have to curb your hunger. Almonds, peanut, walnuts and pistachios are a good source of energy and fiber too. But, make sure these are unsalted to avoid over consumption of sodium. So pack a handful of nuts in your bag and munch on them whenever you feel hungry for a low calorie snack.

2. Yogurt and Honey

healthy snacks

Pair up your yogurt either with a dazzle of honey or sizzling berries to pep up the taste while you get healthier. The antibacterial properties of yogurt and honey and the antioxidants from berries prevent infections, gastrointestinal disorders and heart diseases and gives you low calorie diet.

3. Banana and Chocolate

healthy snacks

Fruits are rich in fiber and many vital nutrients. But for a smart pick in this regard, try bananas, or an apple. To make the stuff more interesting, dip your bananas or apples or strawberries in dark chocolate or coat them with yogurt and season them with cinnamon powder.

4. Dark Chocolate

healthy snacks

Not chocolates, but dark chocolates are good for your metabolism. They are also a good mood enhancer and rich in antioxidants. So it is time to ditch those milk chocolates and go for only dark chocolates. If you find them too bitter, add some fruit to give it a sweet makeover.

5. Poached Eggs

healthy snacks

You know what, the way you cook has lot much to do with the calories in food. Instead of frying your eggs for breakfast, try poached eggs to avoid those extra calories.

6. Stuffed Dates

healthy snacks

Dates are a good source of vitamin B, no cholesterol, boosts your energy levels tremendously and also prevents constipation. Stuffed dates with dried fruits and nuts, as I have already mentioned that nuts are great powerhouses, the combination will surely leave you power packed.

7. Popcorn

healthy snacks

They again top the list as they are the favorite among many. Prefer air popped kernels, which have more fiber than the ones coated with cheese and caramel.

8. Mixed Fruit Smoothie

healthy snacks

Prepare a delicious smoothie by blending different fruits and relish on the flavors while you drive the benefits of the fruits directly into your blood without artificial flavors or sweeteners.

So, these were the tasty and healthy snacks to help you keep energized throughout the day without adding to your fat. But, keep in mind, you must eat your snacks only when your stomach calls for it, that is when you really feel hungry in between your work hours. Healthy snacks for weight loss is important to keep a check on your weight.

If you have some any more interesting and healthy snacks, low fat and easy healthy snack recipes to share, please share with us in the comments below.

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