Cell Phones And Health – Do Not Go Hand In Hand!!

7 Ways To Lessen Health Risks Associated With Cell Phones

cell phone health risks

In today’s era, cell phones have infused in our lives critically and have become just unavoidable, despite being aware of the fact that they are winged with possible serious health hazards.

Cell phones and health risk

Owing it to be a beloved universal gadget, it’s not going away anytime soon.In fact, the link between mobile phones and health have taken a serious turn with the increasing researches on the same. Recently, World Health Organization (WHO) analysed the data and called cell phones a possible carcinogen. Though the conclusions were unclear, but some studies claim Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) to be linked to brain tumors, damaged DNA, fertility problems and autism.

Before you read further, let me take a moment to clarify that cell phones emit radio frequency energy. A form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, which can be absorbed by tissues closest to where the phone is held. So, to make sure you should play safe with these nifty gadgets, follow these smart takes below that will help you lessen your exposure to the radiations thereby cutting down the health risks.

cell phone health risks

7 Ways To Lessen Health Risks Associated With Cell Phones

  1. Limit to absolute necessity

Keep the call duration to an absolute minimum. The lesser it is, the less cell phone danger prone you are.

  1. Keep Distance

Now, talking about the health effects of cell phones; while talking on your cell phone, try to keep it away from your body by using your speakerphone mode ON or using a wired headset or a Bluetooth earpiece.

The intensity of the EMF’s decreases with an increase in distance from the cell phone. And thus decreases the mobile phone health risks.

  1. Carry them away from your body

Again, as mentioned, the radiations are transmitted to the soft tissues; it can pose harmful effects on the body.

There are studies, which suggest the possible decrease in the sperm count in men who carried cell phones in their pockets. If there are adverse health risks for having a phone near your head, then you can only imagine the risks involved with carrying it right next to your baby maker.

Do carry them in a purse, or computer bag or use flight mode or airplane mode as an alternative.

If you cannot then at least put them away from the vital organs in such a way that the antenna emitting the radiation is away from you. As your safety is much more important than cell phone safety.

  1. Whenever possible prefer texting messages to making calls

Though texting does not completely undo the effects but can limit the duration of exposure and the closeness to the body. While sending, just hold the device away from your body.

When at home, go for a wired landline. Cordless phones connected to a landline are capable of emitting radiation much like cell phones. Because there is cell phone towers health risks also involved.

  1. Wait to place the device to your ear, till the call gets connected

Cell phone communicates at full power when it is connecting to a number.

While making a call, dial the number and place the cell phone to your ear when the other person answers your call.

Also, when receiving an incoming call, hold for a second or two before placing the phone next to your head once you have taken the call.

  1. Keep your bedroom free of any EMF emitting devices

Now, listen to me carefully, I know you have this habit of keeping your phone beside you while sleeping. Yes?

But you know what, never do that, it’s extremely not advisable! Doing so you are only subjecting yourself to the EMF’s all night, affecting your sleep (due to decreased secretion of melatonin responsible for sleep) and immune system.

Disable any of the wireless routers and computer’s wireless connectivity software, including Bluetooth every night to avoid the otherwise continuous emissions of EMF’s in the room. As, you might not know when you might get diagnosed with cell phone cancer.

  1. Find a Strong Signal and only then get connected

With only one or two bars, your cell phones work harder to communicate which increases the radiations as well. This you may observe while moving vehicles, elevators, etc. probably because the device constantly scans communications from different towers as you keep moving along the way.

So, don’t use your cell phone in such places, its better you wait or reach out for a place to show your phone with full bars.

While you follow these precautions, also do take proper nutritious dietstretch a bit everyday and  follow good and healthy habits.  This altogether makes up a shield defending you from any sort of ill effects out of such technological fixtures in the present world.

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