Do it properly by adopting healthy living habits.

6 Healthy Habits You Need to Check from Harming You

Healthy habits

You must have already heard enough that you must practice good health habits such as having a well-balanced diet, regularly exercising , sleeping enough, etc. So, these habits should be driving you happy and healthy, isn’t it? But you see these healthy habits which you follow may sometimes seem to be a bit complicated…

Healthy habits

It so happens at times, that unintentionally you end up hurting your body and damaging your health by following certain healthy habits in your daily routine, which may have an adverse effect on your health in the long run. Confused, right? You must be wondering how come good healthy habits cause damage to you?

But all good things in excess or not doing it the right way can lead to severe problems. Well, just read on to see how far you have got right while practicing these few healthy habits listed below. Time for some good health tips.

Habits You Must Inculcate

1. Exercise

healthy good habits

I know you feel it’s totally ridiculous, but let me finish, exercise is great to keep fit and of course everyone should go for it. But it may not sound that great if you over do it, i.e excess workouts can spur reverse or nullify the benefits such as loss of strength, fatigue etc. according to research from the University of Utrecht. There are also studies indicating heart damage like heart muscle scarring and irregular heart beats linked to long term strenuous exercises. When it comes to exercise, listen to your body and cut back if you experience pain or fatigue between workouts. This is what comes under healthy living habits.

2. Drinking water

Yes, drinking water hydrates your body that is utmost necessary while exercising, but if you’re exercising longer than 60 minutes or less than that, but very intensely, then just water may not be right. Hydrating with only water can lead to a rare condition called hyponatremia, caused due to excess water without sodium. This is why, sports drinks are recommended while intense workouts. Also, sipping a lot of water sends the signal to the kidney that there is some excess fluid in the blood and blocks the anti-diuretic hormone (vasopressin) which would help you hold on to water resulting in signaling you to expel (urination).

3. Sleep

And for some healthy living tips, keep this point in mind. When it comes to sleeping, it’s true that a good night’s snooze is essential for health as sleep deprivation may lead to severe problems. But getting too much sleep may be just as problematic as not getting enough. According to the experts and the research published in the journal, sleeping more than eight or less than seven hours per night is linked to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. So sleep well but just enough!

4. Brushing your teeth

Healthy Habits

While brushing your teeth, three times a day is ideal, but at least twice a day is a must for oral health. Often people end up brushing vigorously and excessively which can irritate the gums, and the force applied can erode the tooth enamel. Brush gently with short, circular or vertical motion for complete two minutes. Also, it has been said rightly that brushing immediately after your meal is totally wrong as this will again destroy your teeth enamel. So give a gap of at least 30 min between your meals and brushing. Also, keep in mind to eat calcium-rich food for healthy teeth. Now, let’s get some of our facts about healthy eating clear in the next paragraph

5. High Protein diet

As everything comes with its share of pros and cons, high protein diet though popular for weight loss and healthy eats,  does have certain cons. High diets are high in fats as well, which adds to cholesterol levels and heart diseases. In long term, high protein diet may deprive the body of essential carbohydrates, which are the primary sources for vitamins and fibre, resulting in nutritional deficiencies and health issues such as constipation and kidney dysfunction, according to nutritional experts. So, the key here is to adopt healthy balanced diet and healthy eating habits.

6. Washing your hair

Dermatologists recommend shampooing only two or three times a week because daily shampooing results in overproduction of sebum oils, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Excess of sebum also results in undernourished roots. Hence, anything in moderation shall offer desired benefits. Also, you should enrich your hair with essential nutrients to maintain them strong and healthy.

To Conclude

So, whichever form of healthy habit you seek to adopt, whether it is exercising, eating, dancing, etc. make sure you do it the correct way, in the required intensity and frequency. This is only when your habits will prove you to be healthy. Also, encourage your friends and siblings to adopt healthy habits of their choice and instruct them in the correct manner in which it should be exercised. And if possible, healthy food habits, because it matters the most.

If you have any doubts or suggestions to give on other healthy habits, please feel free to write in the comments below. Do share this information with your pals on just one click on the following Facebook, twitter, google +, icons.

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