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5 Ways Food Affects Your Mood

5 Ways Food Affects Your Mood
If you were to choose between heaps of gold and a lifetime supply of invitations from the best restaurants in the world to taste their world famous recipes what would you have gone for..? I bet most of us would have chosen food at least, not the greedy ones or the very greedy ones. We all know that food is almost a necessity for maintaining the wellbeing of our body, mind, and soul to justify the gift of life that has been presented to us. But do you know one of the factors that can turn things around for us is the food we eat? Yes, you heard that right. It is scientifically proven that the food that we eat can, in fact, amend the mood that we are in. Haven’t u always noticed that your mood swings can trigger different food cravings in you? Apparently, the converse also holds true where the food you eat would directly affect your mood in the minutes you have eaten or your mental health over time. It is now known that your gut and brain is directly connected via the vagus nerve, which acts as the primary route of communication between the bacteria in your gut and the brain. Certain foods produce chemical elements that can trigger the brains to act differently, blocking or enhancing feelings of joy, aggression, despair etc.  And the knowledge of food products that produce these chemicals can be used to our advantage as a code to bypass our inner feelings and transfigure them into something else.  After all who wouldn’t want to have a way as simple as eating to be in a state of constant enlightened trance? What do you think?

Here we can see a few ways that food can play with your moods.

Adrenal fatigue

Stress is the major player when it comes to grinding on your adrenals; it is not just about what you eat. When you eat poor quality diet, then that will make you even more susceptible towards adrenal fatigue. The reasons are classified already such as drinking lots of coffee, intake of refined sugars as well as refined carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, white bread and so on… Your adrenal glands are really important if you want to own a healthy immune system. Your immune system plays a vital role when it comes to proper thyroid function, maintaining your ideal weight, balancing your hormones, and stabilizing your emotions. In other words, they are the regulators of our body. When you compromise them then you will end up having unexplained health challenges.

Hormonal imbalance

hormonal imbalance This one is almost similar to the adrenal fatigue and this can be caused by toxic liver, insulin resistance, poor digestion, hidden inflammation as well as vitamin, protein, mineral, and fatty acid deficiencies. The end result is PMS when you combine all of these.

Gut health

Gut health The gut is like our 2nd brain. It is a complex and independent nervous system lines that are often overlooked. But it plays a vital role in controlling our moods. All of our nutrients are absorbed by our bodies via our intestinal tract. So, if at all you are compromising with your gut health then your digestive tract can’t work at its optimum which makes a complete sense of mood swings. flaxseed-oil_336x280-2

Out of season foods

Eating with the seasons is pretty much important when it comes to the balance of our body’s energy as well as moods. Don’t you think there is a reason for our warm food craving during winter and cold food craving amid summer? Our bodies evolve with the natural laws. Ensure that you eat more fruits and lighter greens in summer and heartier veggies such as carrots and squashes during winter.

 Lack of living food

Lack of living food When we eat a particular food, it carries energy and passes into our bodies. There is a difference between consuming organic meals and processed foods. The latter will do nothing but contribute to deficiency, while the former contribute health and energy. ‘You are what you eat’ – is certainly a true saying. Your food should give you higher energy, not the illness!

What can you eat?

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Protein
  • Bananas
  • Turmeric
  • Purple Berries
  • Animal-Based Omega-3 Fats
  If you haven’t started to banish taking processed foods then it’s the time for you to change. Plan an organic diet and follow it in order to take care of your physical and mental health inside out. Get stuck into the organic foods, greens, proteins and root vegetables and indulge in natural sweetness! inlife_-ad_728x90-3  

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