5 steps for the perfect Mental well being and work life Balance.

5 steps for the perfect Mental well being and work-life Balance.

With the ubiquity of smart devices, we need to show up at work for a whole day to finish our assigned tasks and the result is, We find  difficulty  in  maintaining  the balance between personal and professional lives. Though we excel at career by working hard professionally, but when links to your personal life it can disturb your  mental and physical well-being. Striking a healthy work-life balance may be difficult even during best of times. So, People should take frequent breaks to relax  and allow time to their family. Smart Working techniques associated with frequent breaks to relax and detach from work, Increases your productivity and also helps you to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

You first need to draw boundaries to achieve a proper  balance between the  personal and professional lives. Having an  impenetrable wall between your personal and professional lives does not help you to achieve work-life balance. It’s all about designing and structuring your day to choose the important task of your life.

Technology is adding more pressure to our working lives as employees must be available to  the managers, clients around the clock. Contradict to the above statement, Studies reveal that most productive employees are those who have a perfect and well-balanced lives.

Steps to achieve  Work-Life Balance :

Here are the fantastic five ways for  career-minded individuals to  achieve both professional success and personal fulfillment by managing in a sustainable way to keep our minds enriched and ourselves happy and fulfilled. This means attentively completely all the tasks which make us happy and contented in both personal and professional lives.

1.Prioritize the work according to your timeline :

Behaving  according to the situation is the first step in creating a balanced life.Keep a time tracker of your activities you do for a week or month, which includes both work and personal activities. Prepare a report of how you are using your time and will be able to analyze the time losses.

Think and prioritize  the working tasks  which have  most importance and can bring huge results. Initially, Make a list of your priorities and start working according to the Plan. Constantly questioning yourself helps to get clarity about the important task.

2. Take Care of Your Health :

Most people suffer at workplaces due to illness. Irrespective of the situations health should be given the first priority.  Exercise regularly  and follow a good diet in spite of a jam-packed schedule . Regular exercise raises your energy levels and improves the stamina which gives you a tunneled vision at work with fewer distractions.

Following healthy habits transforms you into a more productive person. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs which relieve your stress temporarily but damages your health in the long run.

Take Care of Your Health

3. Work Smarter Not Harder

Developing the habit of working smartly  as it allows you to perform strenuous and tedious tasks in a short time.  It’s all about adopting the right practices which cut down your time and this skill must be developed by everyone tending to develop a balanced lifestyle. These may  include the  smarter use of technology to become more organized, grouping emails and voice messages. Learn to avoid procrastination and to say “no.” to unnecessary tasks.

Work Smarter Not Harder

4. Leave Work at Work

Develop a mental on-off system and exercise your mind to switch between the tasks and home. It helps to establish a smooth connection between the two realms.  It is not good to carry off work tensions to home as they spoil the atmosphere at home. Scheduling your activities at a workplace and home increases your productivity and also thwarts you from spending  that extra twenty minutes at the office which then turns into several hours.

5. Set Specific Goals

Act according to your list of  priorities and make sure your goals are measurable. Block time into your jam-packed schedule for the specific activities where you would go for a meeting or to a doctor to cure your illness.

Set Specific Goals

This is an essential attribute which the hiring managers are looking for is “Folks who can handle pressure and create a perfect work life balance atmosphere. This has gained more importance in these days  because people having a better balance between work and life tend to work 21% harder than the employees who over work.

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