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5 Reasons Why College Students Should Never Skip Sleep before Exams

5 Reasons Why College Students Should Never Skip Sleep before Exams

Study for an exam,  Examinations are a time of intense pressure and once you leave school and enter college the pressure doubles up. University examinations require not only rigorous studies but careful thinking and analysis as there are no direct questions instead you will get questions where you need to derive conclusions from whatever you have learnt.

What will you need to ace the examinations?

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Due to the complicated nature of college examinations, what you will most need is a clear thought process and a fresh mind to think and analyze. This is only possible when you have a brain that is well rested. Depriving your brain of sleep would cloud it up leading you to a confused state of mind where you cannot think adequately.

Why do students tend to skip sleep?

Most students tend to skip sleep for the primary reason of studying. You may have a chunk of syllabus left to cover and may use the whole night before to learn new stuff or to revise the old. Some students face anxiety and nervousness and in spite of finishing the whole syllabus way before, find it difficult to sleep or maybe sleep does not come to them naturally.

What is the importance of sleep before the exam?


No matter what the reason for not sleeping the night before your examination may be here are some of the reasons why you should sleep before exams.

  • Sleeping before exams rests your brain to help it to perform adequately.
  • It improves your memory, and the chances are good that you will remember everything better.
  • It also calms down the nervous making you more confident.
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Reasons why you should not skip sleep before exams

Not sleeping before exams have an adverse effect on both your physical and mental health. Let us see how it is harmful and what you can do to balance out your sleep and wake up time in the examination season.

You may experience blackouts


Blacking out is a serious condition which most sleep deprived students are affected by. It is when your brain gives up on you and goes into sleep mode while you are wide awake. During a blackout, you will forget almost everything that was in your memory with chances of no recovery.

You may faint

Sleep deprivation also causes weakness and weakens the immune system. Therefore due to deficiency of oxygen, you might faint before or during your examinations thereby ruining all the effort that you put in.

You will never get a high grade

Research shows that pulling all-nighters’ will keep you in the average section with no hope of rising to meritocracy. Average grades are all you can expect out of a sleepless night. While those who sleep performs better.

It is harmful in the long run


College exams mean semesters and the chances are good that you will have many examinations back to back and in intervals. Subjecting your brain to sleepless nights may not show adverse effects right away but in the long run, it will damage your brain’s ability to think or learn.

It damages the power of memory

If you find yourself getting slower day by day as in you could learn and remember things really fast before, but the same things take a lot of time for your brain to capture then be assured that it is the damage caused by those sleepless nights you subjected your brain to.

Ways to restore back sleep


The simple way to restore back sleep is by planning out your life and getting serious about your examinations, not a day before but a month before. Plan your time in such a way that you finish your syllabus a week before the exam so that in the last week you can simply revise and on the last day you can rest. Taking help from a tutor or studying with a friend also will help you learn faster.

Tip for a sound sleep

If you cannot sleep due to nervousness then simply take a hot shower which will calm down your nerves, turn on dim lights and eliminate any kind of sound into your room. Lie down straight and utter sleep as a mantra. You should drift off soon.

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