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5 Practices To Lower The Chance Of Urinary Tract Infections In Women

Urinary tract infection is one of the very severe problems of women. Sometimes it causes multiple side-effects which you cannot even discuss with the others.

Most of the urinary tract infections cause Kidney problems in future. So, you need to be alert if there are any types of irritation or pain you feel for a long while inside the urinary tract.

See A Doctor Before Its Severe


A doctor’s suggestion is a must to treat the problems, but first of all, you must know how to prevent these unwanted issues.

Check the article and follow the guidelines to reduce the urinary tract infections.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Hygiene is somehow related to women in a very intact manner. Almost all the ladies all over the world maintain and look after their body intensely to stay away from the dirt, pollution, and germ attacks.


Women take care from tip to toe each and every day yet most of them somehow miss or neglect when it comes to clearance of private part daily and as a result, many diseases occur due to the infections.

So, hygiene is not only related to your open area of skin. Here below the tips are noted down how to take care of private parts:

  • Keep your vagina clean by washing with antiseptic solutions thrice a week.
  • Wash your vagina every time after urinating.
  • Wash your vagina properly after having sex.

Garments’ cleaning is one of the very essential parts of life to keep you hygienic which reduces the chances of multiple disease attack. Clean your inner garments same as your normal garments on a daily basis with the detergents or any other substitutes.

Many fungus, bacteria and viruses proliferate inside the dirty, sweaty undergarments which then invade your urinary tract by your vagina.

Do Proper Activities

Drink a huge amount of water or any other healthy drinks while doing intense workout or activity. Make sure your bladder is empty while doing the exercises.

Use a towel or tissue to clean your pubic zone frequently as many bacteria and virus attack happens while the pubic zone is sweaty enough. These microscopic germs then invade your urinary tract easily.

Fluid intake helps your bladder to clear it up by urinating frequently so the germs cannot stay active inside your body for a long while.

Follow Exact Medication 


Ask your doctor’s suggestion if you are taking any types of pills for a long while and then feel irritation inside the urinary tract.

Kidney Problem Due To Multiple Medicine Intake

Kidney problems sometimes cause due to the side-effects of multiple medicines. Women generally take various types of medicines for various diseases and health issues.

These medicine substances while reach to the kidney or urinary tract they cause harm in the wall of your kidney and urinary tract .

As a result, the intensity to prevent germs attack becomes weaker, so multiple urinary tract infections occur in women. So, follow the proper guideline of your doctor if any types of drugs you intake.

How To Prevent It

To prevent the urinary tract infection, you can use estrogen vaginal creams which prevent the bladder infections. Many women who are in the menopausal stage are suggested by the doctors to utilize the cream even after prescribing the oral consumption.

This estrogen vaginal cream helps in reducing the chances of germs attack by keeping the bladder tissues intact and healthy.

For some women, a minimum amount of antiseptic or antibiotic for daily dose work interestingly to clean the infection and also help in healing the bladder tissues faster but most of the women are suggested to consume the medicines while they get pain or irritation in the urinary tract.

Maintain A Balanced Diet

Add juicy fruits in your diet which supply sufficient amount of water your body needs. The acids of citric fruits maintain the proper acid-base balance your body.

This process is enough helpful to keep away the germs from your kidney. Green vegetables and fruits are other good sources which provide multiple nutrients that help in killing germs.

Avoid Junk Foods

Try to avoid the junk foods of roadside as many germs proliferate on them and can cause multiple diseases in your urinary tract. So, follow a proper diet which keeps your kidney, bladder and other urinary organs healthy.


Drink Loads Of Water

It is clearly known to all of us that many Kidney problems get reduced only by consuming a moderate amount of water.

Purified water contains many mineral substances that help in maintaining the proper acid-base balance in the kidney especially. Drink water at least 7 to 8 liter in an entire day.


Have Cranberry Daily

Cranberry is one of the very good sources of vitamin C which helps in maintaining the acid-base balance inside the kidney.

Although no studies still date confirm the news that cranberry is highly effective for kidney diseases but it gives soothing effects and reduces the irritation immensely. So, drink twice in a day a glass full of cranberry juice.


Wash Your Private Parts

Many types of research have shown that different Kidney problems occur due to different types of infections in the urinary tract. Many women do not wash the vagina after urinating what cause many harmful infections in the pubic zone.

Later as the germs extend in your pubic zone those penetrate the urinary tract easily and cause diseases along with irritation. So, wash carefully by flushing water in your pubic zone and the anal part after every urination.


What To Do After Copulation To Keep Away Kidney Infection

Cleaning of the private zone after copulation is very much essential. After having intercourse cleanse your vaginal part and free your bladder by urinating so that many germs cannot invade in your urinary tract.

Sperms sometimes cause many viruses and bacterial infection, as well as the penis also, causes many germ infections to the women. As you flush out the bladder by urinating, these germs cannot sustain inside your urinary tract.

So, to reduce the chances of serious kidney problems you suppose to take some initiatives. These above-mentioned tips would be helpful to you as these all keep you away from the multiple urinary tract infections.

Live a healthy life in the years to come by removing all the tensions of urinary tract infection.

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