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5 Natural Medicines to Increase Sperm Count

5 Natural Medicines to Increase Sperm Count

Are you among those couples who are trying to have a baby but have failed? In general, people tend to bother much about a woman’s physical health and think there must be some disabilities regarding conceiving a child in women. But various health studies show that many times the sperm count of a male is the real reason behind this problem. If you have checked your sperm count test with your physician and the result shows a lower sperm count then here are some of the best natural remedies that can boost the vinthu increase gradually and more efficiently.

How to increase sperm count with the best five foods:

First of all, it is important for you to know the fact that there cannot be anything better than natural remedies as the risk of side effects remains low or zero. It is essential to concentrate more on natural food than increasing the dependency on medicines for boosting the vinthu increase. Let’s check out the five super foods that will help in increase the sperm count naturally.


  1. Eggs are excellent: Indeed a superfood which can increase the sperm count naturally with its rich nutrients. The high amount of protein as well as the Vitamin E present in eggs not only increase the sperm count but as well develop the mobility of the sperms. Having eggs daily with the meals can help in protecting the sperm cells from the grasp of radicals that float freely and are highly responsible for decreasing the count of sperms. But the nutrients present in eggs help in forming active and absolutely healthy sperms which are required for better fertility. Hence, if you add eggs to your daily diet then you can see correct results within a short span of time.
  2. Vitality-&-Vigour_336x280Spinach is so good: Spinach contains folic acid which is essential for developing sperms that are healthy. Weak sperms do not contribute to enhancing fertility, and so intake of the vitamin through spinach and other green leafy vegetables can really make the difference. If your levels of folic acid are low, then there is a chance that you will produce sperm which is malformed and of no use. Such sperms are so weak that they can hardly reach the egg. Poor sperms cannot penetrate the outer barrier of the egg within a female body. Also, one should not neglect this fact as such a condition can lead to birth defects. Therefore getting adequate folic acid through spinach is extremely helpful for a healthy and normal baby.


  1. Bananas are healthy: In vinthu increase fruits, Banana is the best food for producing healthy sperms as well as for a better increase in the number of sperms. Bananas are stuffed with vitamin A, C, and B1, which support in forming healthy and strong sperms that can easily fertilize eggs. Bromelain is a kind of uncommon enzyme which can be found in this delicious tropical fruit. This enzyme in banana is considered as the most effective natural anti-inflammatory which works best for increasing sperm count. Hence, one can try bananas in various forms and with various other foods. Banana shakes or bananas in fruit salads, custards as well as in ice creams are some of the delightful ways of having this fruit to increase sperm count.


  1. Asparagus packed with vitamin: This is indeed another important food that can increase the sperm count. This green vegetable is rich in vitamin C and hence it has an array of positive effects which are better for the sperms. Apart from fighting the free radicals, this vegetable helps in protecting the testicle cells and thereby produces a large number of sperms which are healthy enough to fertilize the egg.


Green asparagus spears on white.
  1. Pomegranates taste so good: Among the various delicious vinthu increase fruits, pomegranates are those that besides increasing the sperm count, help in improving the quality of the semen. Pomegranates are readily available and can enrich the sperms for supporting a healthy birth. This fruit is packed with antioxidants and combats the free radicals out from the blood streams. But if pomegranates are unchecked and consumed without any limits, they can seriously affect the sperms and can thereby decrease their count. Hence, it is advisable to consult your dieticians as well as your physician before consuming the fruit. The juice of this fruit is the best medicine that can boost the fertility and is indeed a known fact for ages.


Now, these five foods are really advantageous towards the increase of the sperm count. But there are a lot more to know that can also help in boosting the sperm count. For example, walnuts have a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids which are good for increasing the sperm volume. On the other hand, studies have found that garlic is yet another natural way which boosts sperm count besides increasing the immunity within a human body. Foods that are rich in zinc can also be consumed for getting the same result. Beans, barley as well as read meat play an important part in the development of sperm and its count. Deficiency of zinc is often harmful and has been blamed several times for low sperm count. Carrots which are known for vitamin A are also helpful for sperm development. Tune contains selenium and can be consumed for the same purpose. There is a broad range of natural food like nuts, tomatoes, and oranges which can act for the better production of sperms. Pumpkin seeds have phytosterol which is known to increase the production of testosterone.

There are these natural foods that can increase the sperm count significantly. Hence before consuming any medicine or applying any sort of artificial methods, just try out these easily available foods and you can feel the difference. The sperm count test results will definitely show a positive sign and most importantly you will not have to face any adverse side effects that can be caused by an artificial process of developing sperm count. Natural ways are always efficient and are healthy. Try these natural methods in the form of the above-mentioned super foods to get best results and to enjoy the ultimate pleasure of parenthood.

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