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5 Home Remedies for Migraine Headache

Irregular lifestyles along with late night working and bad food habits are leading to the increase of migraines and headaches in the present generation. Headaches can be very painful. It disrupts our whole day, and we cannot work through it. Though a painkiller can make a headache go away in a jiffy yet, it is not a good idea to pop a pill on an ongoing basis. There are quite a few home remedies for migraine headache which can help you not only to get rid of a migraine attack but also prevent future attacks. These remedies are quick and easy to do.

Five of the home remedies for migraine headache are as follows:

  1. Applying peppermint oil or lavender oil to the temples and the back of your neck

Peppermint oil helps to open up the clogged and closed blood vessels which are the main reason for these headaches. Migraine attacks are generally terrible headaches followed by weakness. Applying lavender oil on the temple and the back of your neck helps to relieve the pain. The sweet smell of the lavender oil is very soothing. The peppermint and lavender oil are both wonderful home remedies for migraine. Applying them to the temple will relieve you from excruciating pain.

Home remedies for migraine

  1. Trying ‘do it yourself’ head massages

A migraine headache can become so bad at times that it is not even possible to get up. One of the best methods to alleviate the pain is by giving yourself a head massage. It can extend from the roots of your hair and scalp to you temples and the back of your neck. This helps in circulation of blood. The higher the circulation will be the lower will be the pain. You can use some oil or even do a dry massage with just the tip of your fingers.

Migraine headache

  1. Making changes to your diet

Irregular diet is one of the main reasons for having frequent migraine pains. There are a few food items which have caused a high frequency of pain. Too much meat in a diet can cause the rise of fatty acids causing headaches. It is best to keep a track of the food consumed right before a migraine attack so that you can avoid large quantities of a particular food. There are some vegetables and other items of consumption that have a history of increasing migraine attacks. Avoiding such food is the best option for those suffering from an acute migraine.

  1. Doing daily basic stretches

This is one of best and most fun among the migraine headache home remedies. Performing basic stretches can help you reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. It also helps you become more active. Doing stretches can be fun. There are no specific stretches that you need to perform. Basically stretching helps to increase the flow of blood all over the body. This decreases the chances of pores getting clogged up. Since clogged pores are one of the basic reasons for migraines, it helps to lower the rate of headaches.

Home remedies for migraine headaches

  1. Adding spices like ginger, thyme, rosemary and cinnamon into your meals

Spices like thyme, rosemary, ginger, cinnamon and cloves are the easiest and best methods of migraine headache treatment at home.  They are generally present in each household. Adding ginger to your diet can help alleviate migraine attacks. It can be had raw as well as cooked in a dish or added to some drink. Cinnamon is best used by grinding it to make a paste with water and applying that to the temple. Thyme and rosemary can both be cooked in food. The essence is what is most important. So essential oil of thyme and rosemary can be massaged on the temple as well. Cloves can be added to food or just eaten raw on its own. This helps to open the nasal and blood vessels in the temple.

These 5 remedies can help you fight with the very painful headaches caused by a migraine. But since prevention is better than cure it is always advisable to do a lot of stretches and have proper meals. This will reduce the frequency of the migraine headaches. This also helps you to lead a life without disruption and carry on with your daily work without a pause.

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