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5 Exercises For Pregnant Females To Remain Fit And Flexible

5 Exercises For Pregnant Females To Remain Fit And Flexible

Pregnancy is the best time for taking good care of oneself both emotionally and physically. When you are pregnant, make sure that you do not give your habit of regular exercise.

Exercising during pregnancy keeps you flexible, and it is who will be benefited during delivery. Exercising is good but remembers that you must not overdo it.

All the exercises during pregnancy are done unhurriedly. So stay fit like a pro during your pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy must be done under the supervision of prenatal fitness expert.

There are many exercises that are done during pregnancy. But this article will deal with only 5 exercises.

Keep moving

Keep MovingDoctors recommend pregnant ladies to keep moving. This is because the woman who exercise during pregnancy experience less back pain and has higher energy compared to other pregnant women.

Exercising during pregnancy has one more significant benefit that is post pregnancy the body returned to its pre-pregnancy shape early.



Plie is an exercise that strengths hamstrings, butt, and quadriceps and improves balance. It can be done by standing parallel to a sturdy chair holding its back. The hand must be close to the chair; feet should be parallel and hip quite distant apart.

With toes and knees turned out 45-degrees and pull belly button up and then in. Bend the knees, lowers the torso as much as possible but keep the back straight. Straighten the legs for returning to starting position.

Side-Lying Inner And Outer Thigh

Side-Lying Inner And Outer Thigh

This exercise renders strength to the core as well as to the inner thighs.  You need to lie on the right side, give support to your head by forearm bent your right leg at an angle of 45 degrees and the left leg will be straight. For stability, place the opposite arm on the floor.

Lift your left leg to your hip height and follow the same process while lifting the right leg.

Curl And Lift

Curl And Lift

The purpose of this exercise is for strengthening the biceps and the shoulders. For doing the exercise, you need to sit on a sturdy chair, to be precise on the edge with back straight. Keep the feet on floor and arms at sides.

In each hand, you need to hold 5-8 pound weights with elbows bend and arms forming an angle of 90-degrees.

Keep the elbows bent; lift the weights in your hand to shoulder height. After you are done, lower the arms and return to starting position.



Spread a mat on the floor before you begin this exercise. This strengthens the back and arms.

You need to get down on knees and hands with wrist under the shoulders. Lift the knees and straighten legs till your body forms a straight line.

While doing this exercise make sure that you do not arch back and never allow your belly to sag.

Hold the position for 1-2 breaths, working up is allowed till 5 breaths.

One-Arm Row

One-Arm Row

For strengthening the biceps, back, and triceps, this particular exercise is great during pregnancy.

While do this exercise make sure that you use a strong chair. Place the right knee on the chair seat and left feet on the floor. You need to need forward with your back parallel towards the floor. Your right hand must be placed on the chair seat.

Then hold 5-8 pound weights in the left hand with the arm extended downward. It should be in line with the shoulder with the palm facing inward.

You need to bend the left elbow upwards so that the arms form an angle of 90 degrees.  Hold the position for a while and then return to the starting position. Switch sides.

Benefit Of physical Exercise

There are several benefits of physical exercises during pregnancy. It makes you strong, keeps the muscle flexible which in turn helps you during labor.

So it is recommended for every pregnant woman that they must get them enroll in a fitness class and do regular exercise to stay fit.

Contact an experienced prenatal fitness expert for proper supervision who will guide you to do the exercise properly.

For hiring a fitness expert, you can browse through the cyberspace for getting the contact details of a fitness expert.  Make sure that you hire a reputed prenatal fitness expert.

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