5 Effective Ways To Use Coconut For Weight Loss. Read More To Know-Blog

5 Effective Ways To Use Coconut For Weight Loss. Read More To Know

5 effective ways to use coconut for weightloss. Read more to know

In this era, many people are suffering from the problem of obesity and so they always find effective ways to reduce body weight. Many people go to several gyms for doing workouts and exercises and sometimes they also maintain diet charts for this weight loss purpose. But there are some home remedies also by which you can reduce a great amount of weight within a very minimum time. One of the most effective home remedy for this weight loss purpose is coconut. This coconut actually contains oil, which can be very much useful in this business. There are several benefits you will get from coconut oil, and those are mentioned below.

coconut and weight loss

  • Firstly, you can find different types of saturated fats in the coconut oil and these are very much useful for weight loss purpose. Again, this contains a medium-chain saturated fatty acid known as MCT lauric acid, which can reduce the extra weight of our body more effectively than the long chain fatty acids.
  • Again, if you consume these medium-chain triglycerides, then these can help you to increase metabolic rates. Thus a huge amount energy is produced by burning the extra calories of our body.
  • If you are overweight, then you may also suffer from Candida or yeast infection. The different symptoms of this disease are weight gain, extra hunger, fatigue, stress, etc. Here this MCT can help you a lot to get rid of this disease.
  • When it comes to weight loss, then you can do this by the process of detoxification of your body and in this case coconut oil can help you a lot.
  • Again coconut oil is known as a thermogenic material, and so it increases the energy consumption of our body by burning more amount of fat.
  • Coconut oil is very useful for balancing the hormones of our body, and if you have blood sugar, then also it can help you to stabilize that.

Different Ways Of Using Coconut Oil:

There are many processes by which you can add coconut oil to your diet plan and sometimes you can also consume it directly. In that case, you just have to take one tablespoon of coconut oil two times a day after your meal, and you can also use it for cooking purposes instead of olive oil. The different methods of consuming coconut oil are mentioned below.

Method 1- Coconut Oil With Hot Water

coconut oil and hot water

Here you just have to take one tablespoon of coconut oil and then add it to a cup of hot water. After stirring the mixture well, you have to drink it. If you want to lose your body weight, then you can drink this regularly.

Method 2- Coconut Oil With Lemon Juice

coconut oil and lime juice

One of the most effective ways to consume coconut oil is to drink it with lemon. Here, just take some amount of lemon juice in a glass and then add one spoon of fresh coconut oil to it and then fill the glass with warm and fresh water. After stirring the mixture properly drink it slowly. If you consume this every day in the morning, then you will surely find a positive result after some day.

Method 3- Coconut Oil With Green Tea

coconut oil and green tea

Green tea is very helpful for weight loss purpose. Here you have to add green tea leaves with two tablespoons of coconut oil in hot water and then boil it for a few minutes and after that strain the green tea leaves. If you drink this mixture couple of times a day, then it can be very much helpful for you.

Method 4- Coconut Smoothie

Coconut Smoothie

At first, you have to blend 400 grams of coconut milk, 200 grams of water and half a teaspoon of coconut oil in a blender and then add some cherries and blueberries on it. After proper blending you can add stevia for making is sweeter. If you want a positive result, then drink this regularly.

Method 5- Coconut Oil With Pineapple

Coconut Oil With Pineapple

Here you have to mix 1 cup of coconut water, one tablespoon of coconut oil and spirulina powder, half cup of pineapple and banana, some amount spinach and five ice cubes in a blender. Then add some stevia and after stirring properly drink it slowly. If you can continue this then surely you will find a positive result after some days.


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