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5 Dimensions of wellness

5 Dimensions of wellness
‘Being healthy’ – what does that mean to you? Perhaps there are only 2 answers found for this until now.
  • First – Being healthy indicates that a person doesn’t have any illness
  • Second – Being healthy means a person watches what he/she eats and follows regular exercise
It actually makes sense to most of the people that these are the criteria for individual health, as we have been just combined all our lives to associate health along with physical well-being. Being sick free and adhering to a diet as well as an exercise routine are extremely positive strides toward keeping up a healthy way of life. The five dimensions of well-being is a way to deal with a healthy as well as a balanced lifestyle by perceiving the impacts on our well-being. Every dimension recorded here is being considered separately yet act as the dimensions are not independent but they are interconnected. This implies the factors of influencing one dimension will frequently influence the others. Dimensions of wellness When you think about wellness, you might picture a two-dimensional diet and exercise model, a three-dimensional mind body spirit model, or a multi-dimensional model that includes other aspects of wellness which matter to you. However, when you picture it, it’s clear that there are numerous dimensions of wellness. flaxseed-oil_336x280-1 Let us now explore the ideas of wellness that can lead enlightenment in our life.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness When you are physically well, you will be able to make healthy decisions on a daily basis. Isn’t that right? This is because you consume healthy foods, have an adequate amount of sleep, a nutritionally balanced diet and visiting the doctor in a routine. In addition to that, when you have a habit of exercising 3 to 5 times in a week, you will automatically get the ability to identify your personal needs since you will be aware of your body limitations. Moreover, you can also maintain the interpersonal relationship in an appositive manner and make healthy decisions when it comes to any sexual decisions which are consistent with your personal values.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness This is absolutely according to your willingness to be aware and accept a wide range of feelings in others and yourself. If you are an emotionally well person, you can freely manage and express the feelings, behavior, and thoughts. Not only that, an emotionally well person does everything autonomously, yet he/she is aware of the personal limitations and they are capable of understanding the value of seeking assistance and support.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness This is your eagerness to take part in self-coordinated behavior, which incorporates constant learning, creative application, development and articulation of basic critical thinking as well as expressive/natural skills and capacities. Mentally well person fuses what is learned in the classroom with what is experienced outside the classroom keeping in mind the end goal to enhance their potential for living a more satisfying life.

Social wellness

Social wellness This relates to how you interact with others. Is it true that you are friendly and active, or isolative? It is safe to say that you are included in your community? If is a negative answer then it’s essential to bring up that someone with a lot of friends isn’t really more socially well than somebody with a few companions. Being socially well means, your expectations and cravings in regard to your interactions with others are being met.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness A spiritually well person has definitely distinguished a set of beliefs, which direct their basic leadership, as well as other religious attempts. While firm in their spiritual convictions, they understand others may have distinctly different beliefs. They perceive the relationship amongst deep sense of spirituality and also an identity of the people. Learning about all these, without a doubt will aid your wellness. That is why it is vital to consider all these facts while trying to imply changes in your life because it should be well balanced. The factor ‘being balanced’ plays a crucial role if you are trying to follow the path of success is it in your relationships or the loved ones around you. When you are aware of these 5 Dimensions of Wellness, you can start working on the process of change with an open mind. Remember, awareness is the first and foremost step that you can take towards wellness and in the process of growing.   inlife_-ad_728x90-1

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