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5 Best Nail Polish Brands You Can Use Without Worries

Who would deny looking beautiful? Most of the women would love to groom themselves. Nail polish is one of the essential makeover along with the cosmetics that can show a girl confident and beautiful inside and out. If you splash the colors which you love, in fact, this is the best way to do it, to match your outfit, it is definitely fun. Nail polish can give you the fine finishing for your makeup down to the fingernails. Apart from all these, everyone can express their own and unique style by choosing the color which can boost their mood and by looking always fresh. i1 It has its very own health advantages as well. You will do your manicure regularly that can keep your nails gorgeous and healthy. Because you will get a nail massage as a part of any manicure where they use the cuticle oil and apply it directly to your cuticles and your nails. Nowadays they follow this custom in most of the beauty parlours to give the full benefits of manicure, rather than soaking your hand in some soapy liquid. This nail massage not only takes part in distributing the moisture provided by the cuticle oil, but also it takes part in stimulating the nail growth. Neem-Face-Wash_336x280 (9) The new craze among girls is the gel nail polish. The super fine glossy finish given by the gel paint is outstanding and looks immensely beautiful. It can last longer than a regular nail polish and again it will not cause damage to your nails like a regular one. If you are looking to get the best nails without spending your time and money in the parlour, this the the perfect one you should grab. Let us go check out the best brands for the colors you love, and you can pick your favorite brand.

1. Gelish

i2 There are hundreds of options in such wonderful colors, that will definitely make you look confused and to run among your choices. And the best part is that every girl wishes the nail color should be long lasting. For everyone’s surprise, yes! This brands lasts up to 3 weeks! In addition to that you will not face any issues with this, such as smudging and chipping. It is certain that anyone wish to try all the possible colors in this brand. In this way, Gelish nail polishes are reducing your frequent trips to the salon to do pedicure and manicure.

2. OPI Gelcolor

gelcolorworkshop Don’t be disappointed if you find only limited color in this brand, you will undoubtedly pick your favorite one. It is in the list of traditional nail polish and comes with good quality. You can find it easily in salons and also it is mostly available in the stores which supply nail paints. You don’t have to worry for at least a week about any additional maintenance for your nails if you use Gel color. This is one of the best nail paints that certainly will make you feel great after wearing it in your hands and toes. This brand has an unique name for each of the colors it sells such as pinking of you, A rose at dawn, Dress to empress and so on! This definitely plays with our curiosity!

3. Sally Hansen

i4 Needless to say, this is one of the famous nail paint brands in the world. The silky smooth finish of this nail polish will leave you astonished with its wide range of nail paints. This pro gel can give you a flawless finish as well as you will be able to do 10 manicures with the pro gel nail system. It is the best choice for all who loves to polish their nails and it is available in 24 beautiful colors. The consistency of this nail polish is really good which is neither too thick nor too thin, so applying this on your nails will be an easy task. Moreover, it can last for days and similar to other brands it suits all your occasions. This will give you smudge-free, perfect and glossy look for your hands.

4. CND Shellac

i5 You have to be a professional beautician if you want to buy gel nail polishes from CND. You can’t just walk to stores or order in online to buy this Shellac nail paints. This nail paint comes in 70 different colors, Wow, that’s a lot, right! And it will not chip up to 2 weeks. This is one among the popular brands of gel nail paints that give you a shiny finish.

5. IBD Just Gel Polish

The best thing about this nail paint is, it is made of 100% gel. You will love it for sure. It is long lasting as well, lasts upto 21 days and gives your nails a glossy finish. So this will not smudge or crack!! The best part is IBD is available in 90 different colours. Cute! What are you waiting for? Pick your favourite brand among them and unleash the beauty and go colours! Neem-Face-Wash_728x90 (7)

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