What Is More Important In Life? Money, Fame, Time Or Health?

What Is More Important In Life? Money, Fame, Time Or Health?

In the world that runs after money,  in which 24 hours a day is not enough to run after fame and name. But, how many of us would agree to this fact that we are least concerned about our own health and it’s worse consequences if ignored?

For sure money plays a key role in our healthy lifestyle and so does time followed with fame to the name but up to what extent?? And at the cost of what??

A study, conducted by Harvard University has stated that, when asked which is more important in their life, eighty percent of the people have opted for money and fifty percent of them has chosen fame along with another given options.


Among money, time, fame and health many would choose one for sure with the life lessons taught out of which someone wouldn’t even think of choosing health as they would prioritize money, fame or time accordingly of their priorities.

How Important Is Money?

How Important Is Money?

“Our philosophy is you need to give non-profit money for health, nutrition, education, culture, and sports” by Queen Raina of Jordan.

The word ‘buy’ has already bought us from every little joy of street foods to the expensive medical bills. For sure we need money to make this living affordable.

The generations that grew from the barter system of sharing cereals to deals that are happening with millions of money which have bought all of our sorrows and happiness and so eventually our health and its good and worse consequences.

There is a saying that “health is wealth,” but the world has gradually grown up with so much technology that our damaged organs are replaced in the name of transplantation instead of being healthy with our own organs. Worldwide there are many kinds of transplantations happening every passing day.

According to a survey, the life expectancy in richer countries is more than the poorer countries in the world. But, in developing countries, people who are rich are more likely to get diseases like diabetes and obesity.

This phenomenon shows that the quality of the food available in the market affects the health of the people residing in a country. Some people are so busy earning the money that they ignore to spend the calories they have consumed.

People are more likely to spend money on expensive food than a healthy one, people are more attracted to the ambiance, the price of food to show off their status. People who are not rich have no other option than to consume food in their budget constraint.

Another study mentioned in poor economics written by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo has stated that every individual should consume the required amount of calories to work and earn some money and the money earned will help the person to buy the food that is necessary to generate enough calories to let that person work the other day.

Without threshold consumption of calories the person will be stuck in the poverty trap and could only end-up without earning anything at the end of the cycle.

Financial planning isn’t about how to cover your EMI’s but learning to be sufficient with what we have and so is being healthy.

What is more important in life? money or happiness? From the above-mentioned studies, we can clearly see that health and money go hand in hand if a person is healthy, is more likely to earn more money as you know money is not important for happiness, by spending extra calories he could consume. In the same way, if a person is rich he can consume healthy food and take good care of his/her health.

How Important Is Fame?

How Important Is Fame?

“Fame and power are the objects of all men. Even their partial fruition gained by very few: and that too, at the expense of social pleasure, health, conscience, life” by Benjamin Disraeli

After money, fame is the most desired thing in the world by the human race.  Recognition and social acceptance are two things that drive the person to behave at social gatherings.

Social networking has boosted the insecure feeling among the people and make them thrive for social acceptance by the people whom they don’t even know or met personally.

Social networking and social media have become a simple source of getting popular just by using a smartphone and internet connection.

Many famous people once tasted the fame and popularity has broken down with bad influence by the people around them. For, example people like Freddie Mercury has been addicted to drugs and became alcoholic. Finally died due to AIDS.

Fame changes the perspective of people towards the world. hence many celebrities could not handle the sudden popularity and are broken down.

Nowadays people thriving for social acceptance are choosing social media platforms to promote themselves.  This phenomenon could be considered a bubble.

People who became famous on social media platforms are making a career out of it and this might affect them social when the social media bubble ends. this might create an economic imbalance if most of these people lose their careers.

How Important Is Time?

How Important Is Time?

Time, the second utmost reason for us to rush in the race of life. While the first is money. Be it a school going kid or the retired old employee. The most desired thing by humankind, money could not buy time.

Time is precious because time is the only limited resource we have to spend wisely. Health diminishes with time if not maintained properly. However, we measure our lifespan in the calculation of time.

“Time and health are to precious lie we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted” a saying by Danis Waitley an American writer by profession.

In the hustle and bustle of life, using the time efficiently, we tend to forget to survive a healthy life. As life is measured in the count of time then why should someone neglect his or her health and reduce the span of life.

How Important Is Health?

How Important Is Health?

while money is the most desired thing by humans, Health is the most needed one. without good health, we cannot earn money or do things we want.

Health may be defined as the ability to adapt and manage physical, mental and social challenges throughout life. Many experts and scientists are working on developing products that could make people healthy which further increases the lifespan of humans.

Many health issues could be prevented by eating healthy food and staying fit. Pharma and medical institutes try to cure the diseases and make people healthy.

As someone said Prevention is better than cure following a healthy lifestyle is essential. The four pillars that help humans to protect their health are as follows.

1. Food

2. Fitness

3. Pharma

4. Medical Institutes

1. Food


Nowadays healthy food had become more expensive leaving poor people with no option than consuming the food that they could afford. However, the exposure due to break through in information technology has enabled everyone to know and follow a healthy diet.

Lately, usage of pesticides and preservatives for vegetables and fruits to grow and preserve for more days has been an unhealthy practice which leads to the slow death of many people.

Food that we consume is responsible for our health. Many scholars have been researching on organic farming since last decade.

The breakthrough in organic farming helped farmers to grow without using any kind of pesticides and by following natural ways to fertilize the soil. But the goods grown by using organic means are expensive.

2. Fitness


The human race is enjoying no war period after the second world war which made staying fit an option. in this information age, many peoples jobs are limited to desks which makes their physical activity negligible when compared to the calories they consume.

However, people who like to stay fit have many options like Yoga, Gym, Zumba, Aerobics, etc. Working out daily not only helps people to stay fit but also to relive their day to day stress.

Studies have shown that high levels of stress can affect human health. not only the health but also the connections with the loved ones.

Some people have taken this fitness trend so serious that they are using unhealthy practices like fat burners and fat removal operations to look fit than using natural and conventional ways.

This affects their health in the long run, for example, many bodybuilders use silicon muscles which is an easy way than working out would cause serious health issues in their older age.

3. Pharma


Pharma companies are researching continuously to help people to stay healthy and to fight over the diseases.

In the last decade, there is a huge breakthrough in pharma industry called generic medicines where expired patents of medicines owned by renowned companies would be available free through which medium scale pharma industries could develop medicines in the same form of combination and supply the medicines for cheaper prices.

Pharma industries are very less in number because the chemical wastage from the industries is very dangerous and this to be disposed of far away from residential areas.

Hence the production of medicines should be limited considering the threat to the environment.

Pharma companies figure out the correct combinations to fight the viruses and bacteria that cause health issues. However, there are few diseases that are not curable and some medicines used to treat chronic diseases like cancers cause side effects.

4. Medical Institutes

Medical institutes train the students to become doctors. No matter how great a medicine is if it is not prescribed to the patient in need, it would be worthless.

The efficient doctor could identify the condition of the patient and suggests the appropriate tests to figure out the level of illness. The test reports will lead the doctor to prescribe appropriate treatment.

Medical institutes also keep researching better ways to treat people with diseases. Medical institutes keep on establishing new research centers and it also keeps on trying new instruments to provide better treatments to the people.

In that mental illness is popular. Mental illness is a growing threat to Humans. the stress at work, financial stress affects the relationships of a person which further leads to emotional breakdown and causes mental illness.

To overcome this we should treat people with compassion no matter who they are. by doing so we are allowing ourselves to stand in someone’s shoes and view another side of the issue.

To overcome this stress people should work out daily and share about their stress levels with the people whom they love. So that they could be treated with kindness and compassion while they are around.

From the above-discussed points about Time, Fame, Money we have come to a conclusion that Health is the most important factor in human life which enables a person to do as he/she wishes to do.

Money could buy anything but not health and time. Fame may earn money but not health. anyone irrespective of socio-economic barriers and gender and age has to follow a healthy diet and fitness programs to stay healthy. There is no shortcut to being healthy.

Food and fitness help with long-run issues while medical institutes and pharma industries help to cure the diseases faster than they are meant to be. It is important to protect the health at hand than spending money to cure the affected health.

Many developed nations have been investing more and more in medical sciences to help for the betterment of health and medical services, this increases the lifespan of the humans which further boosts the life expectancy of a nation.




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