How Important Is L- Arginine For Muscle Gain?

How Important Is L- Arginine For Muscle Gain?


There is a connection between L- Arginine and bodybuilding, over the past 10 years or so, L- Arginine has remained one of the most successful muscle building supplement ingredients out there.

It is the primary composite found in most pre-workout “nitric oxide supporters”, with the primary forms being l arginine AKG, L- Arginine HCl and regular L- Arginine.

The thought is that since L- Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, and since nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator (meaning it widens the blood vessels), L- Arginine supplementation will promote blood flow to the working muscles for enhanced power, endurance, and recovery.

Body Building

But beyond the hyped up marketing and anecdotal reports, what does the basic science say regarding L- Arginine supplementation? Are there any existing L- Arginine advantages for bodybuilders?


l arginine powder is able to increase blood flow to muscles. By decreasing the “water” under the skin, and in turn increasing vascularity, a bodybuilder can create a “ripped look” that others strive for, yet find it somewhat exciting to achieve.

Are you, as a bodybuilder, hitting yourself in the gym to obtain that ripped look? Or possibly you’re seeing for a supplement that can assist you to approach that goal.  If so, L- Arginine or Arginine as it’s known in most circles, should be part of your regular regimen.

This supplement is a semi-essential amino acid that the body is proficient of producing under particular situations.

Many foods include L- Arginines such as soy, whole wheat, nuts, and also raisins. Two functions of this amino acid are muscle extension and fat decline. This alone makes it an excellent addition to a bodybuilder’s arsenal of nutritional supplements.

With the ease of this supplement to transform into nitric oxide, once distributed into the blood; the blood vessels widen which allow your vessels and veins to show through.

Enhanced strength through building muscle mass is not the only benefit of L- Arginine for bodybuilding. By serving as a precursor for the vasodilator, nitric oxide, L- Arginine supports endurance and muscle conditioning.

When nitric oxide is released, it increases the blood vessels by relaxing the muscles of their walls. This decreases blood pressure and improves blood flow to the muscles throughout workouts.

The increased blood flow means that oxygen and nutrients are sufficiently supplied to your muscles and for more extended amounts of time. This can support lessen muscle damage, promote healing and give peak performance.

There is no standard L arginine dosage for bodybuilding, but a scale of 2 to 30 g daily is allowed. After the first week, you double the dosage to a point where the benefits are maximized and the side effects are reduced.

L arginine powder should also be taken in cycles by discontinuing the regimen after two months and resuming it after another two months.

L- Arginine For Exercise Performance

Exercise Performance

It makes logical sense, then, that L- Arginine supplementation might also enhance exercise performance.

The efficient flow of blood to working muscles during exercise is crucial to performance, so conceptually, a supplement that incites vasodilation should be able to boost the delivery of nutrients to muscles while buffering away waste products.

There is, in fact, some indication that this is the case, particularly in individuals who may have encountered narrowing of the veins and also arteries.

For instance, in the year 2002 study published in the Journal of the Indian College of Cardiology noticed that those suffering chronic, stable angina saw an improvement in exercise capacity and quality of life when they consumed an L- Arginine-rich medical food as an adjunct to traditional therapy.

In other words, the amino acid supplement made submaximal exercise feel more convenient and more sustainable.

Likewise, in 2010 an article published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that a mixed L- Arginine and antioxidant supplement provided to elderly male cyclists developed the cyclists’ anaerobic threshold, making it feasible for them to work harder before experiencing the buildup of lactic acid in working muscles.

Role Of L- Arginine In Muscle Building

 Muscle Building

Bodybuilders use L- Arginine as a pre-workout supplement for enhanced energy, strength and muscle building.

Taking L- Arginine for bodybuilding and weightlifting can help the growth of muscles by delivering growth hormones.

It is used to support fat metabolism as well, working to produce lean well-toned muscles.

L- Arginine also increases resistance during athletic performances by increasing blood flow and reducing exhaustion through the production of creatine. The improved circulation lets more oxygen get to functioning muscles to boost performance and enhance muscle growth.

L- Arginine is an amino acid and can be sourced in the regular diet by consuming whole wheat, chickpeas, dairy, fish, lupins, nuts, oats, poultry, red meat, seeds and also soya.

This supplement is utilized to manage high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and congestive heart failure. The body offers less L- Arginine as people age.

Using this supplement for injured muscles eases bodybuilders and weightlifters to heal faster after a heavy workout. It also helps decreases the healing time for bone injuries.

This supplement is used to support the immune system. L- Arginine supplements are available as a capsule, liquid, powder or tablet.

L- Arginine For Fatigue


L- Arginine can support energy levels by boosting NO, or nitric oxide, in the body, according to “Everything You Need to NO.” Nitric oxide is essential to the endothelial system, regulating blood pressure by opening blood vessels.

In this way, supplementing with L- Arginine provides more blood flow to working muscles. This also means that more nutrients and oxygen are transported to fuel intense bouts of exercise.

L- Arginine will also help increase blood flow. This raises the number of nutrients that can be delivered to the muscles to help the healing of the muscle tissue. Arginine also helps the process of protein synthesis, which is when muscle tissue is repaired.

Muscle tissue requires to be repaired immediately and efficiently to grow back bigger and stronger for the next training session. L- arginine capsules can also support replacement by counteracting the catabolic effect and muscle breakdown associated with a long bout of intense exercise.

Creatine is a dietary supplement that’s well recognized for its ability to enhance muscle size, but it’s also efficient at decreasing fatigue and promoting efficient energy usage.

It works primarily by building a large store of creatine phosphate in the body, which provides ATP—a molecule that stores and gives energy to the body.

By increasing the use of creatine phosphate, the body’s cells can properly preserve glucose for later use, essentially staving off fatigue.

While creatine’s protection has been the subject of some controversy, for the most part, it’s considered safe for long-term use by those without pre-existing health ailments.

What Is The Correct Time To Consume L- Arginine For Bodybuilding?

It is essential to be mindful of the time you should take the recommended L- Arginine dosage.

Timing is important before experiencing the benefits of L- Arginine supplement. And, it is pre-workout, ideally half an hour or one hour before starting the exercise.

It will then raise the nitric oxide levels in the body, paving for more muscle pumping, enhanced endurance, and also better workout performance thus.

It will also aid in muscle recovery since the improved oxygen delivery, and nutrients supply to the muscles continues working, to decrease fatigue and muscle soreness.

Another great time to take the supplement is post-workout. This can be your next dose of L- Arginine to improve muscle recovery, reduce soreness and effectively get rid of the muscle fatigue, almost immediately. It will also begin the muscle growth process.

In the end, you should remind that it is necessary to make the best use of a versatile supplement like L-arginine. It increases the effectiveness of your workout in many ways together.

The best thing is that L- Arginine is easy to accommodate in your gym schedule. You don’t have to make any more or less of your supplements in use, since L- Arginine dosage will only increase the effects of your other gym products like protein or carbohydrate supplements, for example.

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