What Are The Most Important Things In A Relationship?

Love is the most pleasant thing in the world to happen for anyone that has the potential to literally land oneself in another world filled with more love, happiness, and an abounding joy that can heal any wound and create a very beautiful person from within. However, our relationships should erase our tears, not our smile.

Though, many people say that “love hurts” and we tend to follow the crowd and even believe the same for ourselves, this isn’t true. In fact, true love doesn’t hurt, it heals. It brings happiness to one’s life and empowers them to become the best version of themselves.

No matter who says what, this is only one side to the story or to a love story for that matter. If there are no compatibility, financial, emotional or social issues to one’s love story then there must be something else that can break the hearts of two true lovers and make them lovelorn for life.

Can sickness of one of the couples affect their happiness and make them lovesick too? This is one of the issues that made much research in that direction and came out with a mixed bag of astounding results.

What Is True Love?

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What is true love all about? Everyone needs to know what true love is, and though many people think they can feel it when it happens, they may still be only infatuating or worse the case hallucinating.

Are they encountering true love when they need the most in their lives? Moreover, is true love something that is really possible, or is it just one more fanciful thought in our heads?

If love has a sense of physical security and the biology behind it then one can say that true love is the state wherein one can feel connected, happy, and attached to someone.

It is a place where one feels an everlasting sense of connection with someone else, irrespective of what happens. Besides, the meaning of true love goes far beyond what one’s body does and feels, or how one can view someone in a relationship.

True love can even be defined as how one acts in a relationship with someone, surpassing each other’s expectations for themselves and their partner. True love is about winning the other with trust, acceptance, and support.

It is about holding someone with the kind of respect that they deserve throughout their life.

True love is about the way one perceives the other without any worldly strings attached. If one can step outside of their ego and honor the value of the other person, then the merit in forming relationships with some give-and-take so that one can cultivate the mental attitude towards someone which results in a loving bond which can’t be broken.

If one is not sure if they are experiencing true love or not, then the following are 11 tokens of true love to watch for:

  • Nothing must be hidden,
  • One cannot play games (read: cheat on their partner),
  • There’s total respect for one another,
  • One should care about each other’s welfare,
  • One cannot focus on their flaws or their partner’s,
  • One is kind to their partner,
  • One is dedicated to enhancing the relationship always,
  • One shall keep to their promises,
  • One can see things from their perspective,
  • When the partner is happy, the other feels good
  • One is willing to stay during the tough times which also includes a partner’s health issues.

How Health Is Linked To True Love And What Hormones Are Released In True Love?

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Can lovey-dovey romantic relationships be a ticket to good health? But is the cupid’s bow a double-edged sword? If one takes a closer look at love from long-term relationships to casual encounters, marriage to heartbreak then it is easy to see the role love plays in truly affecting one’s health.

Love isn’t all about the butterflies only. There are chemical procedures in the brain that affects how one feels.

The body releases oxytocin and dopamine hormones with a significant other that signals feelings of trust, pleasure, and reward. And whatever happens in the brain can be good for the heart, literally.

In one study, researchers observed people’s blood pressure was lower when they were with a romantic partner than when they were socializing/interacting with anyone else.

Yet, even new relationships can have their advantages, researchers found fresh love may shield against stress with the joys of the “honeymoon” stage.

In many cases, love and wellness go hand-in-hand. But be cautious: People in unsupportive and harmful relationships are at a greater risk for growing depression, heart problems, and a vulnerable immune system.

And with any relationship there comes the risk of heartbreak, that really does hurt and sometimes even cause an exact heartbreak meaning cardiac arrest, as scientists let go of neurological states along with feelings of social rejection accompanied with physical pain.

And it may not be a good idea to get knotted too soon in one’s life. When researchers look steadily and intently at marriage with couples up to 26 years old, they found a connection between tying the knot and a higher BMI.

For gents, early marriage was also correlated with an increased depression rate in African American men. So these tips  will enable one to take advantage of the potential health benefits of Cupid’s arrow, giving us one another a reason to thank the loved one on this Valentine’s Day (and every day that follows):

There is enough evidence that people who participate in satisfying, long-term bonds fare better on a full variety of health measures.

Utmost research in this area centers on marriage, but it is believed that many of the perks spread to other close relationships as well like for instance, with a parent, partner, or friend.

The answer is to “feel related to other people, respected and appraised by other people, and know a sense of belonging,” he says. Here are 10 research-backed ways that show how love and health are linked:

1. Fewer Doctor’s Visits – The Health and Human Services Department researched a bounty of studies on marriage and health. One of the most obvious findings in the reports are that wedded people have fewer doctor visits and lesser hospital stays.

Nobody pretty knows why loving relationships are beneficial for health. The best reasoning for this is that individual beings have been crafted by evolution to live in closely-knit social groups. When that does not happen, the biological systems get conquered.

Another theory is that people in genuine relationships take ampler care of themselves. A spouse may make their partner stick to their oral hygiene. A best friend could motivate one to eat more whole grains or get fit. Over time, these good habits render to fewer illnesses.

2. Less Depression & Substance Abuse – According to the Health and Human Services report, getting married and staying married lowers depression in both men and women.

This finding is not surprising since social isolation is very much reduced to higher rates of depression. What’s interesting is that marriage also affords to a slump in forceful drinking and drug abuse, especially with young adults.

3. Lower Blood Pressure – A happy marriage is fine for your blood pressure. That’s the conclusion of a study in journals like Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Researchers studied happily married people had the best blood pressure, followed by singles whereas unhappily married participants fared the worst.

4. Less Anxiety – When it comes to anxiety, a loving and stable relationship is a much better higher-up than to a new sweeping romance or flings. The State University of New York’s researchers employed functional MRI (fMRI) scans to inspect the brains of people in love.

They juxtaposed passionate new couples with greatly connected long-term couples. Both groups confirmed activation in a part of the brain linked with intense love.

5. Natural Pain Control – The fMRI study reveals another big perk for long-term couples which is more activation of the brain parts that can keep pain under control.

A CDC report harmonizes with this finding where in a study of more than 1,27,000 adults, married people were less probable of complaining about headaches and back pain.

6. Better Stress Management – If love makes others cope with pain, what about other types of stress? There is proof of a link linking social support and stress management. If one is facing a stress factor and if they earned the support of someone who loves them, they can cope better.”

7. Fewer Colds – One has to take notice that loving relationships can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression which is a medical fact that can give the immune system a boost.

Researchers argue that people who show positive emotions are less likely to get sick even after getting infected by the cold or flu viruses. The study of Psychosomatic Medicine compared people who were happy and calm against those who appeared anxious, hostile, or depressed.

8. Faster Healing – The power of a positive relationship can make even flesh wounds heal faster. Researchers at Ohio State University’s Medical Center grant upon married couples blister wounds.

The wounds healed about twice as fast in spouses who interacted warmly compared with those who showed a lot of hostility towards each other.

9. Longer Life – A growing body of research indicates that married people live longer. One of the biggest studies in the 1990s examines the effect of marriage on mortality with an eight-year period.

Using the National Health Interview Survey, researchers discovered that people who had never been married were 58% more prone to die than married people. Marriage bestows longer life through “mutual support, financial assistance, and children who contribute to support.”

Marriage protects one against death by warding off isolation. Loneliness is correlated with an all-cause mortality in other words where married people live longer as they feel loved and connected.

10. Happier Life – It may seem an obvious thing that one of love’s biggest benefits is a joy. But recent research is starting to reveal how strong this link can be.

A subject in the Journal of Family Psychology shows happiness relies more on the strength of family relationships compared to the level of income.

And so one must have scientific evidence that, at least in some ways, the power of love triumphs over the power of money.

As per the small study issued in the Psychological Science, researchers subjected 16 married women to the threat of an electric shock and found that women who were holding their husband’s hand showed little response in the brain areas linked with stress.

So, the happier the marriage, the greater the effect!

11. Hug It Out – Don’t fail to remember the power of a good hug. Casual hugging among lovers is linked to high oxytocin levels (the love hormone!) and low blood pressure in some women.

Reasons For Health Problems For An Individual Who Are In True Love

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Humans are wired for a connection, be it emotional, personal, physical, social, or professional connection. When we cultivate good relationships, there are immense rewards that need not necessarily be centered on spine-tingling romance.

There’s no clear evidence that the passionate stage of a new romance is favorable to health, according to the Encyclopedia of Human Relationships. People who fall in love say that it feels wonderful and agonizing at the same time.

All those ups and downs in a love relationship can be a fount of stress. It takes a quieter, more stable form of love to yield distinct health benefits.

How To Overcome Health Issues While Still In Love?

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One major issue that chronically ill people face in dating is the revelation or disclosure. The question of how and when to share the illness with a prospective partner fills many online forums, videos, articles, blogs, discussions, and conferences that aim to find the middle path between true love versus disclosing an illness.

Down below are some of the issues that abound a person who are chronically ill and tries to overcome while being in true love:

  • Sharing too early in a relationship may scare the person off and too late may lead to a lack of trust.
  • Disclosure becomes even more nerve-wracking if the chronic illness is contagious like an HIV, for instance.
  • Chronic illness is undoubtedly a deal-breaker for plenty of people. There are statistics that report that 75 percent of marriages dealing with a chronic illness will end up in divorce though the origins of the facts can’t be traced enough.

Others nip the very idea of living with a chronically ill partner in the bud as they could not assume losing someone they love to a disease as 7 out of 10 deaths reported in the US are due to a chronic disease as detailed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The end question that arises in one’s mind is whether true love survives the meaning of “till death do us apart” for both the partners alike irrespective of each other’s health status.

Many studies show that it is possible to overcome health issues while still in love by taking care of one another or the partner who is ill and supporting him/her with true love which in many cases can even save someone from mortality or increase one’s lifespan because of getting quick-healed.

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