5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Consuming Karela

benefits of Karela

What Is Karela?


Most of them call it “bitter melon”, “bitter gourd”, or “balsam pear”. The scientific community refers to it as Momordica Charantia.

Karela is its name of Sanskrit language. As you might have guessed by its shape, it’s a kind of cucumber that generally grows on a long, tendriled vine.

Karela is also consumed unripe typically. It is mostly used as an ingredient in number of types of ethnic cuisines – from stir fry to curry to soups. Karela is very bitter in taste. The bitter taste is the most likely reason why the fruit hasn’t become a supermarket staple.

How Does Karela Look Like?

Karela is a long in size, green colored fruit that looks a little like it’s covered with dried candle wax drippings. Few varieties are pointier or knobbier than others, but they are always eaten when they are green.

Like it’s popular cucumber cousins, generally, raw karela consistency is seemed to be crunchy and wet, but as far as flavor is concerned, that’s where the family resemblance ends!

How Does Karela Taste Like?

The karela is one of the variety-tasting fruits in the whole world! People who tend to incorporate it into their cooking often stir-fry it aggressively to curtail its overwhelming bitterness. You’d never know it was an amazing super food if you were to pick it off the vine and take a bite.

Right now, you might be questioning yourself why we would know an information about all about karela if it’s so unappealing.

True, this fruit makes an unfortunate first impression. But like a prickly friend with a heart of gold, there is more to karela than meets the eye.

Is Karela Safe For Consumption?

As you all know that as a wonderful green vegetable, karela seems to be a fairly safe substance, but do not consume in overly large quantities, as it can cause stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Particular diabetes medications don’t mix well with karela either, and if you want to try using this green fruit to maintain your blood sugar, consult with your doctor.

Finally, there’s a lot of potential for karela as a major medical food of the future. Few researchers continue to discover its incredible powers still.

Who would have generally thought that such a little karela vegetable could be loaded with such a large range array of health and beauty benefits? Yes without facing it’s bitter taste INLIFE has introduced an amazing supplement called as INLIFE Karela Bitter Gourd Extract.

Are you Aware Of The Benefits Of INLIFE™ Karela Bitter Gourd Extract Supplement?

Read on to know about it!

How Does bitter gourd benefits Your Digestive System Healthy?

Makes Your Digestive System Healthy

Consuming bitter gourd (Bitter melon) regularly is good for our stomach and aids in keeping your digestive system healthy because of the presence of the dietary fibres in it.

These important dietary fibers enhances your digestion and also helps in providing relief from digestive problems like dyspepsia and constipation. Bitter gourd vegetable also contains anthelmintic compounds that possess the power of killing infectious worms in our stomach and thus keep digestive problems at bay.

How Can Karela Boost Your Immune System?

Boost Your Immune System

Eating bitter gourd (bitter melon) aids in enhancing the immune system of human body and make it stronger because it contains vitamin C in it.

A stronger immune system is more effective in fighting with the disease which is causing bacteria and pathogens and keeps us more healthy.

Other than this, bitter gourd also demonstrates antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which also plays an essential role in maintaining your good health.

Is Karela Supplement Beneficial For Diabetics?

Beneficial For Diabetics

Bitter gourd (bitter melon) is very useful for few people who are suffering with diabetes because it contains the presence of certain phytonutrients like Polypeptide-P properties in it. Consuming bitter gourd juice for diabetes helps.

This phytonutrient mimics of Karela and the action of insulin lowers blood sugar level in diabetic patients. Other than this, bitter melon is also rich in many other phytochemicals properties like triterpene, proteid, steroid, alkaloid, lipid and certain phenolic.

All these properties combined make bitter gourd a very effective anti-diabetic greenery food. The good way to use bitter melon for diabetic patients benefit is to enjoy it as juice.

It may not be so tasty, if you can’t consume due to its bitterness you can take or consume in the form of capsules, but it is a magical gourd for our health.

Can Karela Supplement Help In Managing Weight?

It Helps In Managing Weight

Bitter gourd (bitter melon) is generally very low in calorie, and a 100 gram serving of bitter gourd contains only about 17 calories. This low calorific value of bitter gourd makes it very beneficial for weight management and for shedding those extra pounds. You can opt for karela juice for weight loss.

The good way to use bitter gourd for weight loss is to drink it in the form of juice on an empty stomach or you can take in the form of capsules or supplements.

Karela Is Good For Eyes & Prevents Vision Related Disorders! Is It True?

Karela Is Good For Eyes & Prevents Vision Related Disorders

Our eyes are an essential organ of our body as they allow us to experience the beauty of this wonderful planet. It is, therefore, essential for us to take good care of our eyes and bitter melon can help us in doing the same. Bitter gourd is good for our eyes because it contains essential nutrients like vitamin A and beta carotene in it. So it is included that bitter gourd nutritional values gives you perfect eye health.

The presence of vitamin A and beta-carotene helps in preventing age-related macular degeneration and other visionary problems like cataract. Other than this, bitter gourd is also a good source of vitamin C which is an antioxidant and prevents our eyes from oxidative damage.

How Karela Works As A Powerful Antioxidant?


Bitter gourd (bitter melon) is called as a powerful antioxidant because it consists vitamin C in it. Every cup of bitter gourd consists around 26 mg of vitamin C which is an active antioxidant that generally fights with the free radicals of our body to stabilize them and prevents them from damaging our body.

Vitamin C also aids in the creation of collagen and the presence of zinc in bitter gourd makes it very useful for keeping your hormones healthy.

How Karela Helps In Decreasing Stress?

Helps In Decreasing Stress

Stress is a curse that we have got from this modern lifestyle and fast-paced life. Stress is known as very bad for your health and many times stress can open the door for many other types of health complications. It is, therefore, essential for us to make sure that we minimize our stress level as much as possible.

Bitter gourd (bitter melon) is very useful in providing relief from stress and in making us feel relaxed again.

This stress relieving benefit of bitter gourd is because of the anti-bilious and sedative properties of bitter gourd which promotes good internal health and thus reduces stress.

How Karela Benefits Helps In Reducing Blood Pressure?

Helps In Reducing Blood Pressure

Consuming bitter gourd juice on a daily basis is very beneficial in providing relief from hypertension or high blood pressure level.

It is the reason, people who are suffering from high blood pressure are advised to consume bitter gourd juice on a daily basis.

High blood pressure can be a reason to rise the many other health problems, and by controlling blood pressure level, bitter gourd in turn protect us from many more health problems.

How Karela Can Be Effective In Treating Cholera?

Effective In Treating Cholera

Cholera is a deadly disease which can be spread like an epidemic and will affect few people of different age group. Taking bitter gourd (bitter melon) juice or in the form of supplements is a simple method of treating cholera.

Consuming this gourd vegetable on a regular basis can provide relief from cholera as it contains large number of antioxidants. Apart from eating raw you can also opt for karela supplements and as well as you can follow karela juice recipes regularly.

In What Way Karela Acts As An Energy Booster?

Acts As An Energy Booster

We need energy for every single activity of our day and this, therefore, important for us to make sure that we stay energetic all the time.

Consuming bitter gourd juice on a regular basis can help us in doing the same because of the ability of bitter gourd to boost our energy level and increase our stamina and prevents us from feeling tired and lethargic all the time.

Can Karela Solve Hangover Problems?

It Also Solves Hangover Problem

Consuming too much alcohol is not only bad for our health but can also lead to a problem like a hangover. Bitter gourd is very effective in providing relief from hangover problem because of the intoxicating property of bitter gourd which helps in washing alcohol out of our liver.

How Karela Is Used As A Natural Remedy For Piles?

It Is Used As A Natural Remedy For Piles

Bitter gourd juice benefits are very effective in providing relief from piles. For this, mix three teaspoons of bitter gourd juice with a glass of buttermilk and consume it regularly on an empty stomach for about one month.

Other than this, the paste of bitter gourd can also be applied over the piles’ infected area to get relief from the problem of piles.

How Karela Provides Relief from Toxemia?

Karela Provides Relief from Toxemia

Bitter gourd (bitter melon) is very effective in providing relief from toxemia ( which is poisoning of blood by bacterial infection) because of the ability of bitter gourd to purify our blood.

Consuming bitter gourd on a regular basis on an empty stomach helps in cleaning liver and can also provide relief from jaundice.

How Karela Helps In Treating Psoriasis?

It Helps In Treating Psoriasis

Bitter gourd is a very effective remedy for treating Psoriasis and other repeated problem of fungal infections on our skin layer. Due to it’s antioxidant properties it is very useful in treating psoriasis.

How Karela Provides Relief From Gout?

It Also Provides Relief From Gouts

Consuming bitter gourd (bitter melon) juice on a regular basis can provide relief from gouts which can otherwise be very painful. Gouts are caused by the presence of toxins in blood and blood purifying nature of bitter gourd makes it very effective in vanishing gout pain.

How does Karela Help Prevent Cancer?

Helps In Preventing Cancer

In a study performed at the University of Colorado proved that taking bitter gourd (bitter melon) juice on a daily basis that has been found to be very effective in decreasing the risk of development of several various types of cancer because of the antioxidants and other important properties present in bitter gourd.

These antioxidants generally fight with the free radicals of our body and stabilize them, and thus avoids them from damaging our skin cells. Bitter gourd also helps in triggering leukemia cancer cells.

Can Karela Supplement Treat Respiratory Disorders?

Helps In Treating Respiratory Disorders

Consumption of bitter gourd (bitter melon ) is very beneficial for people who have asthma and it also helps in curing chronic cough and breathing problems by removing mucus out of the lungs and respiratory tract.

Daily consuming two ounces of fresh bitter gourd juice mixed with a cup of honey diluted with water can give relief from asthma, bronchitis, and also pharyngitis. If you are unable to consume juice you can take in the form of tablets.

Karela For Curing Blood Disorders

Karela For Curing Blood Disorders

Daily consumption of bitter gourd juice is very effective in providing relief from several blood disorders like blood boils, itching due to toxemia, etc.

For this, mix two ounces of fresh bitter gourd juice with lime juice and take this on an empty stomach on a regular basis for four to six months or you can opt for pure karela supplements which are easy to consume.

How Karela Proves To Be A Wonderful Liver Tonic?

Wonderful Liver Tonic

One study, which resembled in the January 2009 edition of the ‘International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research’ showed that utilizing bitter gourd (bitter melon) juice or capsules on an empty stomach on a daily basis can give a relief from many liver problems and helps in flushing toxins out of our system.

This benefit of bitter gourd makes it a wonderful tonic for the liver as it is rich in many number of properties.

Uses Of Bitter Gourd For Kidney And Bladder Problems

It Helps For Kidney And Bladder Problems

Bitter gourd (bitter melon) is very effective in keeping your kidneys and also your bladder healthy because of an amazing property of bitter gourd to purifies blood and withdraw all the toxins out of our system. Because of this blood purifying and intoxicating nature of bitter gourd, the burden of kidneys and bladder for removal of toxins get reduced, and this improves their overall health. Bitter gourd also shows good results in curing kidney stones.

Can Karela Prevent Heart Disease?

Heart Disease

Taking bitter gourd (bitter melon )on a daily basis can decrease the bad cholesterol level in our body which can otherwise give rise to heart problems by clogging arterial walls of our heart.

Bitter gourd is also beneficial in regulating blood pressure level of our body and these two benefits combined makes bitter gourd very beneficial for keeping heart diseases at bay and for keeping our cardiovascular system healthy.

Above all are bitter gourd health benefits, so now that you are aware of the miraculous health benefits of Karela, what are you waiting for? Fill your bag with this healthy INLIFE Karela Bitter Gourd Extract Supplement today. This product according to Health Research Journal has been proved to be very effective. Get it to become a healthy you!


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