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How To Increase Your Platelet Count Naturally?

Platelet is essential components of our blood. These plate-shaped, sticky, colorless, small cells which aids clot the blood whether your injury is small or life-threatening. This, in turn, avoids excessive blood loss and also even death. But sometimes, the blood platelet count may dip due to viral diseases, cancer, or genetic disorders. Apart from needing medical attention, you need to follow few home remedies that naturally stabilize the blood platelet count. Million number of platelets work to keep us healthy and fit.

Why Are Platelets Most Essential ?

Platelet Whenever there are impaired blood vessels in the human body, the platelets bind together so that the bleeding stops. Platelets aids in clotting the blood at the damaged site. Whenever you get any type of injury by few cuts and bruises, platelets start working to clot the blood at the site of the wound so that you may pause bleeding.

What Is The Normal Platelet Count?

Generally a platelet normal range or healthy platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood. When a person has slightly lesser than 150,000 platelets, then the condition is called as thrombocytopenia. And if the blood platelet count goes above 450,000 platelets then it is known as thrombocytosis. The platelet count of any individual person can be known through a laboratory blood test. Generally normal platelet count for male and female will be same.

What Causes Low Platelet Count?

There are mainly three reasons due to which platelet count decreases and goes below the normal count:
  • Enough blood platelets are not being made in the bone marrow
  • Blood platelets are getting demolish in the bloodstream of the patient
  • Platelets are getting destroyed in the spleen or the liver.
Now, why do these platelets get destroyed? The following reasons include:
  • Particular medicines
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Certain cancers like leukemia or lymphoma
  • Chemotherapy provided to treat cancer
  • Kidney problems including disorders and infections
  • Consuming too much alcohol.

Symptoms Of Low Blood Platelets Count

  • Extensive injury may be a sign and symptom of low blood platelets in the body.
  • Continuous bleeding from the injuries, wounds, nose.
  • Digestive tract may also be bled somewhere in the path.
  • Wounds may not be supported by clotting.

What Is The Low Platelet Count Treatment?

If you have a sensitive thrombocytopenia, you may not need any treatment but it is a good idea to approach your doctor. However, if you have a serious or chronic thrombocytopenia, you need treatment which should be based on the causes of your low platelet count. The exact treatment for this low blood platelet count usually includes the following:
  • Treating the underlying cause of low platelet count
  • Blood or platelet transfusion
  • Medicines to boost the count of platelets. Sometimes corticosteroid or even powerful medicines are prescribed when the condition is due to immune system issues.
  • Surgery (splenectomy). If the platelets are being demolish in the spleen and no treatment works, your doctor can suggest a surgery to remove the spleen.
  • Plasma exchange is done in cases of medical emergency

How To Increase Platelet Count In Blood Naturally?

When you want to naturally enhancement in your low platelet count, there are multiple home remedies- food and lifestyle!

Home Remedies To Increase Platelet Count

Include Wheat grass

Include Wheat grass You will easily get wheat grass easily at your home or your surroundings which is genuinely beneficial for enhancing the platelet count of blood. As everyone knows that this particular home remedy produces good increase of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Not only this, the wheat grass is really famous to get an increase in white blood cells. Since this powerful wheat grass is having strong amount of chlorophyll which is again having a structure of molecule quite similar to hemoglobin in blood. You need to drink a cup of juice of wheatgrass which is mixed with lemon daily to enhance your platelet count. For how to increase platelet count fast? Question wheat grass is an amazing remedy.


Spinach Spinach is having ultimate health benefits due to its good source of vitamin K. This vegetable also aids in enhancing the platelet count that is lower in individuals. In order to have a correct blood clot in the body, vitamin K will be really essential. To avail this natural home remedy you need to take 4-5 spinach leaves and boil the same in 2 cups of water. Allow it to cook for 5 – 10 minutes and drain it in a glass. Also add half glass of tomato juice with the same. This can be naturally treated as healthy soup must be drunk 3 times in a day.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry Another amazing organic home treatment which helps in enhancing the platelet count in an individual’s body is none other than Indian gooseberry. Traditionally known as Amla, the ingredient though sour in taste, it is rich in vitamin C and it is very good for boosting your immune system. You can prepare its juice with few drops of honey in it and drink it on daily basis. If you dont have any type of difficulty in getting the sour taste of gooseberry, you can slice it and have it with little pinch of salt.


Papaya Papaya is also one of the wonderful fruits that are very essential to enlarging the platelet count. Not only have the fruit equalize the leaves of papaya work well in increasing the low platelet count. Unlike other natural home remedies, you don’t have to wait long after availing papaya remedy. You can consume ripe papaya simply to have an enhancement in your blood platelet count. You can also make a papaya juice with adding a little amount of lemon and honey. This juice is very important to have an increase in blood platelet count.


Pumpkin You can now get another amazing vegetable in your local market that is not very costly yet have wonderful health benefit. Even if you belong to medium or lower financial status, buying a pumpkin from the market won’t make a budget constraint. Since pumpkin contains vitamin A, this will work well in the process of platelet development in the human body. The proteins which are produced in the cell can be easily controlled with the help of this natural home remedy. You need to blend a juice of half pumpkin and mix ½ teaspoon of honey in it. Stir it well and drink 2 times in a day to increase platelet count. For every individual question how to increase platelets instantly ? This is the best answer.

Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil It is simple and easy to get sesame oil at your home or in your local grocery or market. You will be surprised to learn that even this cold pressed oil is beneficial for increasing the platelet count of blood. The free radicals that are generally found in your body can be reduced with the help of sesame oil. You can take 2 tablespoon of sesame oil regularly in order to have an increase in blood platelet count. Else you can also rub this oil over the lymph node areas daily throughout the day to have an enhance in blood platelet count. These foods to increase platelets shows best results.


Exercise If you don’t have proper blood platelet number just because you are not fit. So in order to boost your blood circulation regular exercise is an important deal. As you all know that an individual having lower platelet count practicing exercise on a daily basis has got his blood platelet count normalized. You can go for cardio exercise, jogging, gentle stretching and also for daily morning or evening walk in order to get your blood platelet count normalized.Note: Avoid all types of exercises when your blood platelet count is less than 15,000 as it may develop the risk of bleeding.


Beetroot Another ultimate dietary method in order to increase your platelet count is none other than N amazing beetroot. This is generally rich in color beetroot and it’s juice is very well established as the natural remedy to enhance the blood platelet count. The beet root is truly high in antioxidant properties in the natural way which will takeout all oxidants from your overall body and purify your blood. You need to make juice out of a single beetroot and drink it 3 times daily. Alternatively if you don’t want to drink only beetroot juice alone, you can also add pure carrot juice with it to make it ideal to drink. This food to increase platelet count works very well.


Water Water is always considered as a life saving element not only with respect to quench third, rather drinking simple plain water properly will flush out all oxidants from your body and make your body and you can be free from all health issues. Even if you have a lower platelet count, water works well in replenishing the other remaining platelet that is important for your body. You should drink plenty amount of water throughout the day in order to stay healthy and fine. But do not try to drink cold water as this can effect your digestive system. Opt for the water in room temperature.

Additional Tips

  • Limit alcohol consuming because it may hamper production of platelets in your bone marrow.
  • Avoid tonic water because the quinine of it may contribute to reduced blood platelet counts.
  • Eat about 1 to 2 numbers of red guavas every day to improve your platelet count.
  • Avoid eating few raw vegetables as the platelet count is low as it can harm your intestinal lining. Foods that work as blood purifiers such as aloe vera must also be added in your regular diet.
  • Avoid to eat all types of dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, butter and cheese, for several days as these products may provide to the mucus formation and worsen several autoimmune diseases.
  • Avoid processed and canned foods which do not provide many nutrients.
  • Eat only brown rice, whole-grain cereals and whole-wheat products. Avoid consuming white rice, white flour and processed foods.
  • Decrease activities which may cause injuries.
  • Consult your doctor prior to using over-the-counter medications because some medicines can affect your platelet

Avoid This Foods for Low Platelet Count

Few foods are not good when you have low platelet count. These foods will cause low platelets. When you remove these problem foods from your diet, you may aid raise your platelet count. The most general offenders are foods which consume that generally contain quinine such as tonic water, bitter lemon, and bitter melon; aspartame which is present in diet soda, sugar-free and low-fat candy, cakes etc.; and alcohol meaning beer, wine, or hard liquor.

Avoid Foods Containing Quinine

Quinine is the bitter tasting powder which is derived from the bark of cinchona tree. You might have information and heard its name in reference with malaria treatment. Quinine is also used to cure nocturnal leg cramps. However, the most famous side effects of quinine are far more than its benefits. One of the main side effects of quinine is lower in platelets count. So, avoid consuming few types of drinks and foods that contain even small quantities of quinine.Tonic water (a bitter liquid which is used as a mix for alcoholic drinks) Bitter lemon and also lime (they are produced by many companies and contain tonic water)

Avoid Foods Containing Aspartame

Aspartame, as you all know, it is the most famous low-calorie sweetener. And to bust the myth, it is not calorie free as claimed by few types of diet foods that use aspartame as one of their ingredients. Apart from negatively affecting platelets, it also causes cancers. So avoid Low-calorie and sugar-free drinks as almost all of them contain aspartame.
  • Diet sodas
  • Energy drinks
  • Coffee flavorings
  • Protein shakes
  • Flavored milk and fruit juices as well as other flavored beverages
  • Low-fat yogurt, pudding, gelatin and fruit cups may consists aspartame
  • Aspartame may also be present in particular prescription and over-the-counter medications

Avoid Consuming Gluten when You Have Low Blood Platelet is due to Autoimmune Diseases

Celiac disease which is an autoimmune disease of the small bowel caused by a cross-reaction to the gluten in wheat, barley, rye, and other such grains, has been associated with low blood platelets count. Gluten sensitivity is also an autoimmune disorder which may lead to low blood platelet counts. So prevent consuming few foods which are containing gluten if you suffer from few autoimmune diseases.
  • Wheat
  • Semolina
  • Barley
  • Oats that are processed in plants that can produce gluten-containing grains (Oats themselves don’t consist gluten)
  • Rye
So, Now that you know how to enhance along with anti-inflammatory diet, you also need to have gluten-free diet if your low blood platelet count is due to autoimmune disease.Now that you know how to enhance the blood platelet count naturally, what are you waiting for? Remember, you should eat healthy, take your medicines on time, and go for regular checkups.With this knowledge of what to follow and what to eat to increase blood platelets and what are the natural foods and drinks to increase blood platelets, every individual can surely get through the hazard of the dangerous problem, fall of platelets. Natural foods can also improve your metabolism if followed a regular diet. 

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      Hi Indira, If you have symptoms low platelet count and there is no associated disease then it will be due to autoimmune disorder, As otherwise it is temporary fluctuation in platelets and comes back to normal with antibiotics.

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hello Giovanna, It is always better to consult your doctor who is treating you as he is the best one to know which allergies you are having at the present state of treatment, mostly it does suit but during chemotherapy, you have to avoid any raw food preparation. So please consult a qualified dietitian with your complete reports and she will design a diet chart for you. Or share your reports with us at

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      Hi Albert, Neither cooked nor raw vegetables will hurt your intestine we are here talking about the intestinal lining and yes you understood correct raw vegetables can put more pressure on intestinal lining and hence needs to be avoided for people who have low platelet count

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