What Is L-Arginine ? And It's Amazing Health Benefits

What Is L- Arginine ? And It’s Amazing Health Benefits

What Is L-Arginine ? And It's Amazing Health Benefits

Consuming few supplements has become a rather usual practice today.

With enhancing awareness and work hours, This generation has no other option but to take herbal and nutritional supplements to keep optimal health.

There’s a wonderful supplement for everything—heart health, brain development and what not. But what if I tell you that there is a magic supplement for weight loss too?

Curious? Read on to know more about this miracle supplement L-Arginine benefits!

What Is Arginine?

Arginine is one of the important amino acids that is used to serve a variety number of functions within the body. It is considered conditionally essential because healthy individuals can acquire enough of it from diet and from synthesizing it within the body via the kidneys.

Nearly all protein foods contain this arginine in them, with the only exception being gelatin. Particularly foods which are rich sources of arginine include fish and walnuts, with as much of 15% of the amino acids being comprised of arginine in the latter Arginine can also be made from citrulline via the proximal tubule cells in the kidneys.

The majority of arginine in the human body is used to process ammonia into the less toxic urea, as well to synthesize creatine and ornithine.

A small segment is then used as a precursor to nitric oxide (NO), a compound that dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, and helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Supplemental arginine is therefore used to increase the conversion of arginine into nitric oxide.

Amino acids are building blocks of protein. Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that is in healthy individuals body which produces adequate amounts of it. However, infants or those with impaired health require it as a nutrient.

What Is L- Arginine?


L-arginine is the most common one (the prefix L is to denote a specific structure). L-arginine is widely consumed by athletes for building muscle mass. L- arginine elevates nitric oxide activity in the body.

Nitric oxide is a gas that carries out various biological functions such as improving blood flow, supports in the functioning of the nervous system and serving as a neurotransmitter.

L-arginine generally found in eggs, fish, and red meat. In addition to building protein, L-arginine releases nitric oxide in the blood. Nitric oxide acts to widen blood vessels in the bloodstream, which may help aid certain circulatory conditions.

A person’s body naturally produces L-arginine under normal circumstances. People also get extra L-arginine as part of their regular diet.

Red meats, fish, dairy, and eggs all contain low amounts of L-arginine that help the body to replenish its necessary resources.

Sometimes, a person’s need for L-arginine may become greater the body’s ability to produce or consume it naturally. This is often true for older adults or people with certain medical conditions.

Several potential health conditions may get the advantage by consuming L-arginine. Some people consume L-arginine as a supplement. As with any supplement, a person should use it with an awareness.

How L- Arginine Works?

While an essential amino acid that cannot produce by the human body on its own way and therefore, must get from outside sources — L-arginine is considered somewhat essential because it’s highly important for many functions still usually present in low quantities, especially as someone gets older.

One of the biggest advantages of L-arginine is its ability to improve blood flow and blood circulation. In the body, L-arginine is transformed into nitric oxide, which causes blood vessels to open wider.

This has multiple numbers of benefits, including improving immune function, fertility, detoxification, and brain power.

Apart from these, another significant attribute of L-arginine is that it stimulates the production of certain hormones, especially useful for growth hormones and insulin that help usher glucose into cells to be used for growth and energy output.

This is one of the best reasons it’s believed to enhance physical performance, stamina and strength.

Causes Of L- Arginine Deficiency

  • Drug Addictions and Alcoholism
  • Poor Diet – Lack of Protein in the body.

Symptoms Of L-Arginine Deficiency

When someone has L- arginine deficiency, their body may produce symptoms as below.

  • Skin Rashes
  • Hair loss frequently
  • Poor wound healing – ( Burns and Infections)
  • Fatty liver disease.

Top 10 Deficiencies That Low L-Arginine Levels Produce

  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Low sperm count
  • Diminished insulin production
  • Poor wound healing
  • Loss of hair
  • Skin rash
  • Constipation
  • Fatty liver (inability of the liver to process fats)
  • Alkalosis.

To cure all the problems which are associated with L-arginine deficiency, Inlife introduced a miracle solution in the form of capsules which cures all the health problems easily.

Below Are The Health Benefits Of INLIFE L- Arginine Supplement

1. Improves Your Heart Health

1. Improves Your Heart Health

Consuming L-arginine regularly is beneficial for lowering inflammation and improving the health of the blood vessels and cardiovascular system, this is one of the most popular supplements for cardiovascular health.

For people who are with high-risk factors for coronary heart disease, L-arginine supplements can show effective results by preventing a heart attack or stroke.

Here are some of the ways that L-arginine improves cardiovascular health include

  • It can prevent high blood pressure
  • Helps in improving blood flow in people with clogged arteries (coronary artery disease)
  • Helps in lowering high cholesterol
  • It helps to relieve congestive heart failure
  • It can improve stamina and reduces few symptoms that are associated with cut-off blood flow from the heart to the limbs (called claudication).

Day by day it also constantly used for relieving few chest pains (angina pectoris) because of amazing effects of nitric oxide by preventing blood clots (thrombosis) that cut off blood supply. Sufficient amount of  L- Arginine supplementation has been shown to rectify nitrate intolerance in most people with angina.

And ultimately, L- Arginine is well organized in safely improving exercise performance in people with low stamina, circulation problems and a history of heart disease.

2. Lowers Inflammation

Lowers Inflammation and Fights the Effects of Aging

Beyond heart health, one of the main advantages of L-arginine is it can combat the disease that causes inflammation and helps in immune function.

This ultimate L-arginine amino acid has been discovered to have many numbers of free radical-collection capabilities due to its effects on the enzyme called superoxide dismutase (SOD) as well as other antioxidant mechanisms.

L-arginine also shows good effects on both the immune system function and central nervous system function since in the brain it acts as a neurotransmitter and also protective agent against outside threats.

L- Arginine supports in detoxifying the body, it can also reduce the presence of ammonia in the blood, which is why it’s sometimes used to treat patients who are with metabolic problems. and damage to the urethra where ammonia is excreted from the body.

3. Boosts Your Exercise Performance

Boosts Your Exercise Performance

L-arginine is very famous for blood flow that effectively improves your blood flow, which means it helps bring both nutrients and oxygen to muscle and joint tissues. This means with L-arginine help you can enjoy many advantages of exercise but with less pain.

It is even used in few situations to increase heat and circulation to injured or damaged joints or cold hands and feet, particularly in some people who are with difficulties from other health conditions like poor blood flow, arthritis or diabetes.

For instance, who are suffering from painful intermittent claudication (narrowing of blood vessels in their legs and feet caused by fatty deposits), for those people L-arginine supplementation has been shown to improve walking distance and lower muscle aches and pains.

Also significantly, L-arginine is already been used by the human body to expand the building of human growth hormone, prolactin and several amino acids — including creatine, L-proline, and L-glutamate. It even improves sensitivity to insulin, likewise how exercise does, by allowing more glucose to enter cells.

As you all know that growth of hormone levels can significantly increase with L-arginine supplementation which you should consume regularly. In a number of cases, L-arginine expands resting growth hormone levels at least 100%.

4. L-arginine For Preventing Infections, Improving Immunity and Also Speeds Up Healing

4. Improves Your Immunity, Helps Prevent Infections and Speeds Up Healing

Low L-arginine has been discovered in few patients who are suffering from illnesses, trauma, and cancer. It’s concluded that certain immune system suppressor cells (called MSCs) might cause arginine deficiency or low levels circulating in the blood.

This is difficult because the immune system’s protective lymphocytes and T-cells depend on arginine for defending the body.

L-arginine is used for decreasing the risk for few infections which are especially associated with respiratory infections or problems with the lungs; it is also used in improving wound healing; and shortening recovery time following cancer, illness or surgery. It’s sometimes added to topical ointments used to treat wounds for several reasons.

It’s also used to improve protein function which helps to heal burns and also even help fights against cavities and tooth problems.

5. Helps Treat Erectile Dysfunction and Infertility

Erectile Dysfunction and Infertility

As you all know that L-arginine is generally involved in the process of proper cell replication in addition to enhancing blood circulation, so it can help improve both sperm production and motility.

Men who are suffering from heart problems are generally tied to low levels of Nitric Oxide in the blood are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and fertility issues, since an erection requires the relaxation of smooth muscles triggered by nitric oxide.

While not effective for every individual person, a particular percentage of male infertility cases ( generally up to 92 percent, according to some studies) can be treated with L-arginine supplements combined with other dilators, antioxidants or anti-inflammatories.

Generally, peak stress levels can decrease the existence of L-arginine in the sperm production pathway, so overly stressed men can especially benefit from supplementing.

A mixture of L-arginine, L-glutamate and yohimbine hydrochloride are commonly used to treat ED and seem to work better than L-arginine alone.

Even women can experience better reproductive function by consuming L-arginine, doctors also sometimes prescribe topical creams that contain this amino acid to heal sexual problems and naturally treat infertility in both genders since it improves circulation to genital tissue.

Moreover, treatment with N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and L-arginine jointly can help you in balancing the hormones naturally and restore normal sexual function in women with polycystic ovary syndrome and estrogen imbalances.

How To Prevent Cancer By L- Arginine?

L-Arginine also referred to only as arginine, it is a semi-essential amino acid that triggers your body to produce protein. L-Arginine also causes blood vessels to widen.

While L-Arginine supplements are used to treat various forms of cancers, the amino acid is suppressed when treating prostate cancer.

An L- Arginine deficiency is a known condition among people battling cancer.

Latest research shows that some immune system suppressor cells (MSCs) are the main culprits behind this deficiency. And this is important because your immune system is mostly dependent on arginine for the production and working of lymphocytes and T-cells.

This is the main reason why arginine supplements are prescribed to those undergoing chemotherapy.

How L-Arginine Provides Relief From A Migraine?

L-Arginine is a chemical precursor to nitric oxide (a blood vessel-widening agent known as a vasodilator).

Early evidence recommends that L-Arginine may help treat medical conditions that improve with increased vasodilation. In this one of the requirements include a migraine or vascular headaches.  

L-Arginine is transformed in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open more full for improved blood flow.

L- Arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and also other substances in the body.

Many patients have found almost immediate relief to their migraines when they take L-Arginine supplement. Depending on the cause of a migraine or a headache, L-Arginine can increase nitric oxide which will improve blood flow to the brain and provide almost instant relief.

In What Way L-Arginine Acts As Anti-Aging Property And Essential In Healing Wounds?

It is a known fact that the biggest organ in the human body is skin which easily tends to lose its elasticity and suppleness with age. Intake of this amino acid either through daily diet or supplements is known to sustain the beauty and vitality of the skin.

But How?

L- Arginine is said to be an HGH enhancer. It stimulates your body to release anti-aging HGH (human growth hormone), which helps to slow down the aging process.

Protein is important for the healing process of wounds and L- Arginine aids in the production of this compound thereby speeding up the healing process.

L- Arginine helps form L-proline, a mixture essential for the formation of collagen, thus helping speedy recovery of wounds.

Can L-Arginine Curbs Your Hair Fall?

L-Arginine also benefits your hair in some ways. Have a look what are the best L-Arginine benefits for hair:

This amino acid produced by your body relaxes the blood vessels and enhances the flow of blood to the scalp and the base of hair follicles.

Hair care products contain L-Arginine in them are known to curb factors which cause poor development of hair follicles or weaken the hair shaft, thereby encouraging hair growth.

How L- Arginine Reduces Your Weight?

Now comes the most fantastic use of L- arginine supplement. Weight loss! Regular intake of L-Arginine supplements reduces body fat and enhances the mass of lean muscles.

Several latest studies have shown that L-arginine supplementation improves the plasma insulin in the system, leading to a good muscle build-up even when you are taking rest.

These hormonal generally changes help create a stronger metabolism, an essential part of weight loss. What can be better than that? A weight loss regime without actually working out! So L-Arginine plays a critical role for complete weight loss in a safe way.

How L-Arginine Strengthens Immune System?

L-Arginine is very efficient in fighting disease-causing inflammation and protecting our body from any foreign body invasion.

This L-Arginine contains high anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties, helping in the scavenging of the free radicals. When used in combination with vitamin C and omega-3 supplements, L-Arginine is useful in preventing some chronic diseases.

L- Arginine also positively affects the Central Nervous System as the Nitrogen Oxide in the brain acts as a neurotransmitter and helps protect your body from foreign threats as it contains antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Hope you liked my article on L-Arginine benefits. So for what you are waiting, speak to your family physician and start using it today! Do tell us your experience.

Stay fit, stay healthy!



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