Exercise Techniques For Penis Enlargement

Exercise Techniques For Penis Enlargement

Do you want a larger penis forever? Guess what!! You are not alone! Although all heard the saying, “Size doesn’t matter,” if you are insecure about your penis size, it will negatively affect multiple aspects of your entire life.

If you are worried about the size of your penis, it can make you not only insecure in the bedroom, but in your professional life, as well as other personal relationships.

It is not a surprise millions of men turn to penis exercise, to enlarge their favorite body part. Following are the top exercise methods which are used to enlarge their penis.

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The Ultimate Stretcher

This exercise means exactly what it says. You simply have to stretch your body downwards.  Here is how to do it effectively:

  • Firmly firstly grab the head of your penis, but make sure, you are gentle enough not to cut off the blood circulation completely. You should not be feeling any discomfort.
  • Stretch it out by pulling it outwards gently. You should apply enough force to feel the stretch but don’t cause any discomfort to yourself.
  • When you have your buddy stretched out, hold it in that position for a while (roughly 20-30 seconds).
  • Let your phallus rest, and then repeat it.
  • Do this exercise for 10 to 20 minutes every day.

Exercise Techniques For Penis Enlargement

By instinct, you should only stretch your phallus towards straight ahead, which is only one of the different variations you can try.

Stretches with your Thumb

This is also one of the kinds of exercise which involve stretching your penis, but with an extra touch.

  • This is similar to the previous method; grasp the head of your penis with one hand.
  • Again, make sure you have held your buddy firmly enough, but at the same time gently enough so that some amount of blood still flows through it.
  • The “extra touch” mentioned that the thumb of your other hand placed at the base of your penis. Place your thumb there without applying any pressure.
  • As before, pull and stretch it out until you can feel a painless stretch.
  • Release after you have held the position for around 10 seconds.
  • Rest a while and repeat the same process all over again.

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You would be wise to perform this exercise for about 5 minutes in one session. You can even have more than one session in a day.

Stretching Backwards

This method is slightly tricky tough and it involves a little more carefulness. If you are an absolute beginner, then you might want to get comfortable with the other techniques before trying your hand on this one.

  • Use your thumbs to pull the skin of your cock towards your body. You should be stretching your “manhood” backward towards your body now.
  • Use rest of your hands to support the whole package under the head.
  • Keep a hold on this position for about 10-20 seconds and let it rest. Again, hold it firm, but not too firm.
  • After a brief rest, repeat the whole procedure.
  • 5-10 minutes every day should be enough for this one.

Holding this position for any longer than advised might result in cutting off blood circulation, which obviously, is not what you want.

The Opposite Pull

Like the previous exercises, this also means exactly what it says.

  • Firstly use your right hand to grasp the head of your flaccid penis.
  • Place your other hand on the base of the penis.
  • Then, as scary as it might sound, you need to pull both hands in the opposite directions. Do this very gently but with a firm grip or you should end up damaging the soft tissues inside your penis.
  • Hold the pull for about 10 seconds at a time.
  • You should be feeling a painless stretch inside your phallus. If it’s not comfortable, or even painful, know that you shouldn’t be pulling any further.

Take a short break and repeat the process for about 5 minutes. Five minutes of opposite pull should be enough.


Rotation is similar to the “ultimate stretcher”, the second technique mentioned in this list. The difference is that while the first exercise method required stretching to each side,  this method requires you to rotate your phallus completely in a circular motion. Follow these steps.

  • Use your one hand to grab your dick and slightly stretch it outwards.
  • Make sure your grip is firm but gentle.
  • Then, while stretching your dick, simultaneously rotate it in a circular motion.
  • First, try the clockwise direction for 30 seconds.
  • Then try the other direction (anti-clockwise direction) for another 30 seconds. You can also switch hands if you want to.
  • The total minute of rotation counts as one session. You can do multiple sessions a day.

This is one of the methods to offer the fastest improvement.

Do not ignore the safety measures before performing any of these exercises. And the ones mentioned as dangerous are really harmful though they might appear to be easy and harmless.  You should apply a lot of lubricant on your penis before performing any of these above exercises.

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