What is sports massage and is it good or bad

Sport Massages

You must have heard about the body messages quite often and I am sure at least one point of time in your life you must have experience the same.They do relax your body and make your mind calm

But sports message is a little different then your ordinary body message.It works deep into your tissue level and helps open your blood vessels and blood clots.

Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward participants in athletics. It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries.

On the off chance that you are not getting a normal sports massage then you are passing up a major opportunity for an incredible chance to enhance your running. Sports massage ought to have an imperative influence in the life of any runner whether you are harmed or not.

Massage has various advantages including keeping up the body by and large in better condition, avoiding wounds and loss of portability, reestablishing versatility to harmed muscle tissue. It might likewise broaden the general existence of your donning vocation and lift execution. It works through physical, physiological and psychological procedures.

Physical Effects

  • Pumping the lymphatic fluids and blood around the body. Stroking movements in the massage will suck fluid through lymph vessels and blood vessels. If you increase pressure in front of the stroke, a vacuum can be created behind. It is specifically essential in damaged or tight muscle tissues. As the tight muscle will squeeze out the blood like a sponge, depriving the tissues of other vital nutrients and energy to repair.
  • Increasing the permeability of tissue. The deep massage can cause the pores in tissue membranes to open and enable the fluids and nutrients to pass through. This will help in removing the waste products like lactic acid and it will encourage the muscles to take the nutrients and oxygen up which is aid recovery.
  • Effects of stretching. Massage will stretch tissues which could not be stretched by usual methods. The bunch of muscle fibres known as fasciculi is stretched longitudinally as well as sideways. It can also stretch the fascia or sheath which surrounds muscles. It will help in releasing the tensions or pressures build up within.
  • Breakdown of scar tissue. The scar tissue will be the result of earlier injuries or trauma and it can affect the muscle, ligaments, tendons. It can lead to tissues inflexibility which is prone to pain and injury. The massage may not remove it but it should make it more flexible and supple which will allow the normal function.
  • Improvement of tissue elasticity. Training will make tissues inelastic and hard. Which is one reason hard training will not result in any improvements. Massage can help reverse this just by stretching tissues and nutrients and circulation of blood.
  • An opening of microcirculation. The massage will increase the blood flow to tissues, and it also does exercise. The massage also opens or dilate the blood vessels by stretching them. It enables the nutrients to pass through in a more effective and easy way.

Physiological Effects

  • Decreasing of agony. Tension and waste items in muscles can regularly bring about agony. Massage diminishes this from various perspectives including discharging endorphins, the body’s characteristic painkillers.
  • Unwinding both muscles and the whole body. Muscles unwind through warmth produced, dissemination and extending. Mechanoreceptors in the muscle sense, touch, weight, tissue length, and warmth. When they are animated there is a reflex unwinding of the muscles.

Psychological Effects

  • Anxiety lessening – through the effects specified above unwinding is instigated thus diminishes anxiety levels.
  • Stimulating – if massage is finished with energetic developments, for example, what might be done before an occasion then this can produce a strengthening feeling.

Sports massage can be helpful for supporting recuperation after an occasion, for example, a marathon – promptly after, a day or two. Best outcomes are gotten when the massage is performed consistently i.e. week by week. Be watchful however not to have a profound massage the day preceding a major race. This may make you drained and dormant or if the massage was firm you may have soreness that could obstruct execution.


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