The time has come for women to standup and defend ourselves

The time has come for women to standup and defend ourselves

In India, the cases of gender violence are increasing day by day and most of them go unreported or unregistered because of the thought of “what people will say”. Before we talk about teaching women the safety measures of preventing a rape, we should teach our sons and brothers about the same. In fact, every mother should give the first lesson to her son about the safety of women in the society.

The most common forms of attacks on women are kidnapping, rape, murders, molestations, and acid attacks. In recent times, acid attacks have become very common where these predators throw acid on women’s face to take revenge of something. It doesn’t only burn the face of the victim but also destroys it for lifelong, and it can also get worse than this. Apart from all these major attacks on women, the eve-teasing is also increasing every day which can be an initial step leading to other major attacks.

Few Things To Keep in Mind When You Think About “Rape”

Keep This in Mind “It’s Not Your Fault”

Before you even think about preventing a rape, the safety measures, or anything related to such, you need to understand and keep this in mind that rape is always the rapist’s fault and that nothing has encouraged it by what you said, did or wore.

The Best Thing To Prevent Rapes Is To Prevent People From Doing It

Prevention of rapes starts with the way women are perceived in the society. If we work together as a society to raise men who are more aware of how to respect the women, their status in the society and equality, while stop contributing the orthodox culture that objectifies and underestimates the women’s rights constantly.

Let It Not Affect Your Life:

While reading out the rape incidents in newspapers or on online blogs, you might start thinking that there’s no place where you’re safe. Let it be the grocery shop in the street, parking lot, the restroom at a bar, your car or even your own home. While fighting all these thoughts you cannot be afraid of leaving your home at all, to do night outs, or even going to your favorite places. You should enjoy your life and feel secure about your surroundings without the mild paranoia that you may feel after thinking of rapes.

While you don’t have to completely restrict yourself from not even taking a single step outside, these are some of the very common physical and psychological prevention guides which can help you being safe.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

The two most often targeted areas by attempted rapists are parking garages and parking lots. If you’re in a parking lot and sense that someone is following you then start making some noises like talking to someone or talking on your phone, try to sound confident with the voice and pretend like you’re explaining where you’re to the other person on the phone which will aware the rapist that someone has information about where you are.

the time has come for women to standup and defend ourselves

Don’t Leave Your Drink

Treat your drink as a $100 sip, and don’t let anyone has a hold of it for even a while, avoid anything that somebody gives you to try. Keep your hand on the top of your drink like you’re being posing around so that no one will be able to distract you for a while and drop something in your drink. And not to forget don’t drink too much that you don’t have the mental stability to get back home on your own foot.

Women, shut out the dilemma of taking care of yourself and your family

Always Keep Your Phone Charged

Always try to keep your phone charged as if some emergency comes you will be able to make quick calls to your friends or the emergency services.

The time has come for women to standup and defend ourselves

Trust Your Guts

Let’s say you’re in a situation where you are alone and suddenly someone comes in the picture or in the empty street you feel like someone is following you, or it just makes you feel unsafe then quickly shift to a new place where you are likely to find more people and it is also important to stay calm and move swiftly at the moment.

Some Basic Techniques For Self-defense:

Pepper Spray: One of the useful tools among self-defence aids is pepper spray. At the same time, it is very important to understand that there can be drawbacks if it isn’t used properly. And make sure that you’re proactive to make the decision that when is the best time to use it, and keep it safe and handy so that is any circumstances comes around it should be easier to take out your pepper spray and defend yourself rather than sitting and searching for it.

Women, shut out the dilemma of taking care of yourself and your family

Hit The Most Effective Body Parts: When you’re in a face-off with such situation, you have only a few seconds and even few moves to try to defend yourself. Before the predator has gained full control over you, you must try to do everything you can do, pull out as much energy as possible to deal out with the situation and run away. Try to aim for the body parts which can be damaged easily like eyes, ears, nose, neck, knee etc which will be easier to hit and give more pain easily.

Women, shut out the dilemma of taking care of yourself and your family

Make Use Of Usual Objects: You can use your daily objects you carry around or the things available around the environment to use them as weapons for self-defense. Use the keys or a pen, keep it in the middle of your fingers when you’re walking through the empty or dark street while going home so you can be quick in attacking the predator. Or you can toss some sand into the predator’s eyes.

Leverage Your Weight: Irrespective of your weight, size, or strength compared to your opponent, you can strategically use your body weight to defend yourself by the simple law of physics. The principles of the martial arts system are in such a way that the smaller person is able to defeat the larger on. Basically, target the gentle parts but put all your weight on it to cause more damage.

The best thing is to take some safety measure classes where they will teach you the small skills on how to protect yourself, this article is important for women and their safety but it is also important for men to take stand against this and teach other men about the women’s safety. We all together can prevent and stop the ruthless attacks on the women.


The time has come for women to standup and defend ourselves


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