Treat Your Premature Ejaculation With These Simple Home Remedies

Treat Your Premature Ejaculation With These Simple Home Remedies


Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

In men, some conditions can be very harsh sources of self-judgement. The fear of not being able to rise and perform is often associated with the loss of masculinity and failure. Did you get what are we talking about? Well, there is a famous saying as well- ‘Jumping to conclusions is similar to Premature Ejaculation, it only satisfies the guy doing it and he eventually stops getting chances of doing it again.’ Sexual drive, as well as sexual intercourse, are the basic instincts of the human being which have made possible his journey from primitive stone-age to modern-era of the technological sophistication.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation In simple words – uncontrollable ejaculation is the common sexual problem in men. It is the incapability in men to impediment ejaculation until he wishes. In other words, when ejaculation takes place too early in sex. The duration to reach the point of ejaculation is changes from a man to another. If these fluids rush out in a hurry and if you’re unable to control its output, then you might end up with unsatisfied sexual experience. At the same time, it’ll also be the cause self-embarrassment.Ever have you experience this part of sex? If so, here are the home remedies that you should know.

Green Onion Seed

Green Onion Seed These seeds are one of the perfect remedies to decrease premature ejaculation for all men. Green onion seeds own aphrodisiac qualities which can help you avoid this sexual problem. All you need to do is crush the seeds and mix it well with water. Take this medicinal water 3 times a day before you have food. You can consider using white onions as well as consuming onions which can also enhance your sexual control and stamina.

Carrots And Honey

Carrots And Honey Just take a half-boiled egg and mix that with grated carrots. Then take 3 teaspoons of honey and then mix it will with this. You can consume this mixture every day for about 3 months when you are looking for a great result. Once you feel that your issue has decreased, then you can slowly stop consuming egg.

Ginger And Honey

Ginger And Honey Ginger and Honey is the best way to stop from premature ejaculation. Ginger can help in increasing your blood flow to the penile area which helps in giving a great control when it comes to ejaculation. Honey is yet another aphrodisiac of strength that can enhance the potency of ginger. Here, the best way to consume this is taking just half a teaspoon of ginger as well as honey before your bedtime. Remember, you won’t be able to feel the results right away, but yes, in some time you’ll certainly notice the difference


Ashwagandha This is one of the effective medicinal Indian herbs for premature ejaculation home remedy and it is one of the most natural medicines that is perfect for treating men’s sexual problems. You can just consult an ayurvedic doctor to have this herbal medicine as directed by the physician. This amazing herb not only increases the strength of the organs but also increases the stamina as well as control. Ashwagandha can reduce the issue of premature ejaculation


Garlic Cloves This is another wonderful natural medicine. Garlic can help in increasing your blood flow to the penis and also it can also in heating up your body. This is a simple premature ejaculation home remedies. You can sort the garlic in the low flame using the cow’s ghee till it turns to a golden brown color. Simply take this every day, chew 3 to 4 cloves of garlic in order to decrease premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction.

Yoga And Exercises

Yoga And Exercises Yes, this also comes under the home remedies. Yoga is a very effective form of natural remedy for this condition. Exercise deals with both your mind as well as the body. The psychological factors play a huge part in causing premature ejaculation. So, practicing yoga may help you to relieve stress, anxiety while boosting both confidence and mental ability.

You can follow few of these tips:

  • Deep breathing
  • Squeeze method
  • Stop and start method
  • Kegel exercises
  • Shoulder Stand Pose
  • Applying strategic pressure
  • Reducing the anxiety
  • Changing positions
We can’t say premature ejaculation is not actually a life-threatening condition, but at times the consequences can be serious. However, it is important to discuss the same with your partner. Only then both of you can work together in order to get rid of the problem once in for all. By combining the various options of natural remedies for this condition would ease the issue quickly and permanently.

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    Gautam Kumar says:

    I am 50 years old. I am suffering from premature ejaculation. I will be obliged if you help for the above.


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      Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Gautam, At this age it can be due to many reasons like

      High prostrate levels
      High sugar levels,
      Low Vitamin D3 and B12 levels
      Low testosterone levels

      So I request you to send me complete details on the email along with blood reports so that after knowing the route cause of your problem I can help you with supplements and diet, please send email to

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