Decoding aamir khan's body transformation secrets in the movie Dangal

Decoding aamir khan’s body transformation secrets in the movie Dangal

Decoding aamir khan's body tramsformation secrets in the movie Dangal

You certainly might have come across the latest ‘Talk of the town today!’ The Flab to Fab avatar? The body transformation? Yes, millions and millions of fans and crazy followers, just one movie release in a year with unprecedented anticipation among masses and that is Aamir Khan for you! In Dangal, Aamir is playing the role of a well-known wrestler of India- Mahavir Singh Phogat. This movie showcases the wrestler’s journey of a young wrestler to an aging and pot-bellied yet strong-built father to his teen girls. Obviously, it was very scared of serious medical implications as this transformation is such radical and extremely physical. But with the help of a great healthy diet and physical workout, Aamir managed to create magic yet again!

You absolutely will be baffled by the ounces of weight he put on, in order to suit the character that he’s playing in Dangal and how he lost all the weight.

How did it start?

In the first schedule of Dangal, the actor was asked to bulk up as the character ought to be a burly man. The actor revealed that he was actually 95 kilograms for the same! Aamir gained 22 kilograms weight for his role in the film as an aging wrestler. Wow, that’s a lot of weight!But then he lost all those 22 kgs by strict diet and regular exercise.He kicks starts his day at early morning 6 AM and he followed a strict weight loss program while in the US.

The Diet Routine

According to Aamir a fit body means

  • 50 % of diet
  • 25% of exercise
  • 25% of sleep and rest

In order to get maximum results, an individual must sleep for 8 hours!

How did the body transformation work?

Losing 22kgs in a short spam is a big deal! And the actor did it in the best way! The actor stuck with the time-tested method – count of calorie intake. He explains “in this method of weight loss, when you consistently intake lesser calories than what you usually burn, then you are bound to lose weight” Well, for instance, or instance, if you are losing 500 calories per day, That means you intake 2000 calories and burn 2500!

Fat to Fab journey

When you maintain this you will typically lose around 3500 calories in a week which is equivalent to losing half a kilogram!

Decoding aamir khan's body tramsformation secrets in the movie dangal

Importance of Diet

Diet plays a pivotal role here, if a person needs to take a balanced diet to achieve the results that he had shown to the world then here is what the diet consists of

Here are some of the healthy foods you can take:

Protein: Oatmeal, Steamed Idli, Omelette, Beans or Legumes, Dates, Sweet Corn, Coconut (Water and pulp), Almonds and Whole Wheat Bread

Healthy Fats: Avocados, Dark Chocolate, Whole Eggs, Fatty Fish, Chia Seeds, Peanut Butter with wheat bread, Olive Oil, Flaxseed, Salmon

Carbs: Shellfish, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Sprouts, Cauliflower, Eggplant, Cucumber, Mushrooms, Strawberries,   Grapefruit, Apricots, Oranges, Lemons and so on!

This is the most effective as well as the correct approach to losing weight, there is no shortcut to attaining a healthy body!

Aamir Khan’s Diet for Three Major Meals:

  • For Breakfast – He would eat 25 gms of Upma with 100 gms papaya. This was followed by a protein shake as well as a tuna sandwich of just a slice of bread.
  • For Lunch – Rotis made of 30 gms of whole grains along with some fresh vegetables.
  • For Dinner – Any food option that includes natural protein sources, such as fish a rich source of omega 3

The Exercise Routine of Aamir:

In order to lose 22 kilograms in a span of 5 months, the actor adopted for a healthy exercise plan as well along with 10 to 12 hours of sleep.

Exercise schedule

  • 6.30 to 8 AM – Walking
  • 7 to 8.30 AM – Jogging
  • 8.30 AM – Breakfast
  • 10 AM – Tennis
  • 12 PM – Lunch
  • 2 PM – Weights
  • 3 PM – Exercise
  • 4 PM – tennis again
  • 5 PM – Swimming
  • 7 PM – Dinner
  • 8 PM – Sleep

The workouts:

The workout varied day to day. This workout is for the shoulder. Here we mention one among those exercise routines

4 sets of 

  • cable seated row of 12-15 reps
  • T-bar row of 10-15 reps
  • lateral pull down of 12-15 reps

lateral pull down

  • lateral concentration curls of 12-15 reps
  • wrist curls of 12-15 reps
  • one arm dumbbell row of 10-12 reps

one arm dumbbell

  • barbell curls of 12-15 reps
  • preacher curls of 12-15 reps
  • lateral dumbbell curls of 12-15 reps

This story is no less than an inspiration! This is a great example of commitment as well as dedication. It certainly will inspire his millions of fans in order to overcome their limits and boundaries to achieve their goals. It if is possible for a 51 yr old man who is weighing 95 kgs to play a young wrestler in his 20s, and losing and gaining 22 kgs in a span of just 5 months, then why can’t we? But the actor mentioned going through the training only with expertise guidance!  It is not necessary to exercise and diet 24*7… 45 minutes of proper physical activity is good enough to get rid of 2kgs in a month… One cheat day on diet is absolutely fine! Well, don’t forget to add extra 15 minutes on your exercise schedule that very day… You certainly can contribute an hour to attain a healthy life! Isn’t it?

Decoding aamir khan's body tramsformation secrets in the movie dangal

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