Is it real? The foods to reduce thigh and hip fats?

Is it real? The foods to reduce thigh and hip fats?

All of us dream about a perfect body! And most of us have even been through some difficult and frustrating process of weight loss. It is really maddening when in spite of all your efforts, you won’t be able to lose weight from the problem areas. Yes, it is absolutely our hips and thighs!  They are the most difficult areas to lose weight from. Now, you may ask, how to lose fat from your hips and thighs? This is no less than a big challenge. But, who doesn’t wish to have well-shaped thighs and the lovely hips and legs?

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Forget almost everything you have ever heard about eggs. If you are trimming your thighs, then eggs are really great! You can’t overindulge, but you occasionally can have eggs amid your breakfast, lunch, or else dinner. If you follow this, it means you be doing a fantastic service to your body. Eggs are the powerhouse of protein and they will help your body improve your muscles and to burn plenty of fat.



Nuts such as almonds are fantastic fat burning foods for your thighs. It is the best if you eat them with the skins, though, and again don’t overdo it. Balance in all things, so, eating nuts as a snack can be a great idea! Not to mention, nuts are the much healthier alternative to a plenty of traditional snack foods.

What can they do for you?

They will reduce your cravings for snacks. In addition to that, they will also help you build up muscle, which is vital for burning fat.



Grapefruit is one of the great fat burning foods for your thighs. It benefits your body in so many ways, it’s easy to see why so many people eat it for breakfast or drink grapefruit juice. Grapefruit can help you lower your insulin, improve and balance your metabolism, regulate your blood sugar levels, and much more!

Again, as long as you are not going overboard, peanut butter is one of the great foods to incorporate into your diet. It is filling, it has tons and tons of protein and it can replace your desire for sweets. Because of that, it is essential for building your muscle tone. Additionally, it will also help your body burn fat, and can actually increase your testosterone levels.

Whole Grains:

Whole Grains

You ought to eat whole grains in moderation, of course, but they are great for you when you do eat them. It is not necessary to eat whole grain bread, instead, you can always look for cereals with whole grains and you can choose brown rice over the regular ones. If you don’t eat too much of any whole grain food, then it will automatically keep your body from storing a lot of fat.



You might not believe! But specifically, fatty fish are the good fat burning food for your thighs. Just Focus on fresh salmon, tuna, and other good fat fish. These lean proteins will make your stomach feel full for a longer time, so you won’t feel like constantly grazing or snacking. They will also jump start your body’s ability to burn fat.



Last but not least are the legumes! They are vital to any diet, and they absolutely help with trimming your thighs.

What can they do?

They can burn your fat, they can make your digestion run smoothly as well as regularly, and they can increase your muscle.

Here Exercises to lose hip and thigh fat

  • Walking is one of the best exercises for your hips as well as thighs. Walk at least 4 km per day will make your goal closer.
  • If you do not find the results, then you will have to increase the distance by another km. Make sure that you are following the diet.
  • Squats and Lunges will help you to check your posture while doing these exercises.
  • Jogging and running, hiking and trekking will help you to decrease fat at your thighs and hips.

When you are working out with the intent to tone your thighs, all these attributes are enormously beneficial. If you are looking for fat burning foods for thighs as well as your legs and hips, you don’t have to eat the things you hate. On the contrary, these are really delicious foods! Remember, you just can’t lose weight without even combining a healthy diet and a regular exercise program. Ensure that you are not inactive and eat these fat burning foods for your thighs, and you will be in great shape!

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4 thoughts on “Is it real? The foods to reduce thigh and hip fats?

  1. Aish says:

    Hello madam, I’m aish..I’m 15 years old.5’6″ft with 77kg. ? My hip is 48inches ..that’s the only problem I have..can I reduce that in 15 days?

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Hi Aish no I am sorry it does not get reduce so soon, as long it has taken for your hip size to increase it will take double the time to come down, but that does not mean you cant reduce , with regular intake of good foods and exercise you can achive your goal

  2. Rashmi says:

    Hai madam,
    I ‘m Rashmi 39yrs weight is 94kg & my height is 5ft.i have low back pain due which both my legs are also painful. I want to get an ideal weight.please suggest me what kind of diet should I follow.right now I m using inlife’s calcium & flaxseed tablets.

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