Physical Inactivity Can Be one of The Welcome Sign For Chronic Diseases

Physical Inactivity Can Be The Welcome Sign For Chronic Diseases – How?

Physical Inactivity Can Be The Welcome Sign For Chronic Diseases - How?

How many of us will agree with the fact that our lifestyle choices are the root cause of our disease? Some of us might. In spite of the awareness, still, plenty of us are in a phase either called laziness or no time. If you are one among the persons trying to lose weight, there is no doubt about it, opt for exercise and diet. The prominent myth buster for the chronic diseases – our physical inactivity! But does that mean you should skip your diet altogether? Absolutely not… Diet also reduces chronic disease and it sometimes can even replace your medication.

Regular physical activity, fitness, and exercise are vital for your health as well as wellbeing, and this is applicable for people of all ages. Numerous researchers had demonstrated that virtually all people can benefit from their regular physical activity, no matter if they participate in vigorous exercise or some type of moderate physical activity that enhances your health. Even among very old adults and frail, functioning and mobility can be improved through your physical activity. Thus, physical fitness should be the priority for people of all ages.

Who Is At Risk?

Adults and young people are at greater risk for health problems when they are inactive. It has been found that physical activity declines dramatically amid adolescence. Approximately, half of the young people in the age between 12 to 21 do not regularly engage in any physical activity.

Who Is At Risk?

The participation in all sorts of physical activity declines strikingly as we age. Just about one-third of adults are meeting the current public health recommendations for moderate regular physical activity which is five times a week for at least half an hour, and about a quarter – they report no leisure-time for any physical activity.

Can The Chronic Diseases Be Prevented?

Yes, of course! Physical activity, as well as a healthy diet, can enhance your health and prevent the chronic diseases. In this case, both adults and children ought to find ways to increase the amount of weight-bearing.

Can The Chronic Diseases Be Prevented?

For instance, walking, running, and the aerobic exercises such as swimming and biking. They also need to give greater attention to their diets high in fiber, low in fat, calcium, and fruits and veggies in order 1to promote better health.

What Are The Health Risks Associated With Physical Inactivity?

Without any doubt, lack of physical activity has been shown to be the major risk factor for cardiovascular disease as well as the other conditions such as:

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases will include stroke and coronary heart disease and they are the leading causes of death globally. There are plenty of causes for cardiovascular disease such as unhealthy diets, tobacco use, and physical inactivity. Physical activity can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by improving your glucose metabolism, lowering blood pressure and reducing body fat.


This is an abnormal accumulation of fat in our body that may impair the health as well as unlike other diseases, environmental and social factors play a significant role in defining the disease called as obesity. The incidence of obesity is one of the growing concerns internationally with an estimated 500 million obese people in 2014.  The worldwide rise in the incidence of obesity is related to the shift in diet as well as decreased physical activity levels.


Plenty of us knows what diabetes is… This is a disease which occurs when in our body that does not properly use insulin or produce and that may result in Type I or Type II diabetes.


Diabetes might be prevented, or at least delayed, a healthy lifestyle, by weight loss, to be specific, through your regular physical activity. Medications, diet, as well as physical activity, are the major components of the diabetes treatment.


As we all know, cancer is not just a single disease with a single treatment. In fact, there are over 200 types of cancer that involve abnormal growth of cells in the different parts of our body. There is an estimation that says, 40% of the cancers may be prevented just by a healthy diet, and physical activity.

Mental health

Mental health

1 in 4 patients is visiting a health service with at least one mental, behavioral or neurological disorder like anxiety, depression, or mood disorders which may not be diagnosed or wise treated. There are the good amount of evidence to suggest that physical activity will be able to reduce the symptoms of depression and also it can be a great help to ameliorate mental well-being via improved mood as well as self-perception.

Facts About The Inactive Lifestyle:

There are thousands and thousands of deaths resulting each and every year because of lack of regular physical activity, including:

  • Women are more likely to lead inactive lifestyles than men.
  • Inactivity tends to increase with age
  • Adults are more likely to un-engaged in physical activity due to technology

It is absolutely amazing that at a time when so many devices, gadgets, medications and drugs are available, but one of the best ways to reduce the risk of chronic diseases is completely all-natural, available and free to most of us. Remember, Never miss out on your very own ‘miracle cure.’ Just get out there and start exercising. When you are feeling uninspired, don’t forget this – Exercise reduces chronic diseases. This is the best way to help you live a healthier, longer, happier life!

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