The Dietetics Day, celebrated on 10th January nationwide by the Indian Dietetic Association(IDA) for a good cause, in order to promote the theme of a healthy foundation for a healthy tomorrow. The IDA is a group of like-minded nutritionists, dieticians, and beavers in the allied health fields.

Indian dietetics Day 2017

This was started to create the awareness among people to highlight the importance of dietetics and nutrition in the maintenance of health and in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Importance Of Dietitians

Dietitians play a very important role in the wellness of population, by fooducating the people in consuming healthy food, along with prevention and management of diseases. They guide you about the balanced diet and importance of exercise.They teach you how to include healthy alternatives in your meal plan without altering your taste and routine.They take a good care of your likings while making a meal plan and help you incorporate healthy veggies and fruits in your diet.

Importance of dietitian

The lecture programs at schools and institutes will be organized by IDA for the health awareness. Nutritionists, dieticians, and their staff members from research centers conduct a health check for students and the common man. The department of food science and nutrition organize an exhibition for students in order to fooducate and make them aware of healthiness importance.

Roles And Importance of Dietitian:

Roles And Importance of Dietitian

  • Identify the nutrition problems and assess the nutritional status of patients in a clinical setting.
    Develop a diet plan/diet chart and counsel patients on special diet modifications.
  • Evaluate, promote, protect, and enhance the health of the general public in a community setting and provide the strategies for prevention of nutrition-related diseases.
  • Help in managing a cost-effective food production operation, and monitoring the sanitation and safety standards in a food service setting.
  • Operate private consulting practices to provide expertise in nutrition, as well as promote health and prevent disease.
    Work with the individuals, groups, workplaces, and media to provide dietary advice for healthy living.
  • Work with food and pharmaceutical companies to research, develop products, educate consumers, and promote & market better food and nutritional products in a business setting.
  • Teach what is nutrition, food chemistry, or food service administration to students in any health profession and at all levels of education.

Are Dietitians only Dietitians?

India is the global capital for diabetes and other many diseases like cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, heart disease, cancers who needs both curative and preventive nutrition. As a part of Home Science, nutritional studies kicked off in the 1930s in India. Earlier, the attention was towards grooming courses such as cooking and textile management. But the nutrition education started gaining it’s visibility in the early 1960s. At present, with new areas of practice, the nutrition domain has taken tremendous strides.

Are Dietitians only Dietitians?

The designation, nutritionist or dietitian refers to a person who has a knowledge of biochemistry, psychology, cooking, and physiology. The term ‘nutrition’ is related to promotion of health wherein ‘dietetics’ is the study of food management. A nutritionist is also known as Nutritional counselor, an advocate of the science behind balanced diet based on various principles of nutrition and dietetics. Such professionals approach the concept of health with distinct skills. They evaluate psychologically, gender, age, sickness, growth, development and pregnancy factors (that influence choice of food) to suggest appropriate diet plans. For aspiring students there are many courses in nutrition and dietetics in India available these days, given there has been a significant surge in awareness of fitness and healthier lifestyle in India.

Importance Of A Nutritionist In Your Healthy Life

The requirement of a nutrition counselor came into the limelight when a huge inclination of the urban population went towards junk food and depriving promotion of health. Perhaps, an alarming situation leading morbidity. Many Health Organizations thus started emphasizing on health counseling while encouraging mass participation in healthy activities. Nowadays, campaigns are also being conducted to spread the awareness about health and nutritive requirements based on different factors. Nutritionist/Dietitian are significantly concerned with this segment.

Importance Of A Nutritionist In Your Healthy Life

To become a nutritionist, understanding the expanded nutrition counselor job description is necessary to evaluate and appropriately choose a specific area of work in health care industry. Designations in this fragment may differ as per health care settings. For instance, a nutritional counselor with the similar education background may be appointed as an associate, dietitian, consultant, assistant, promoter, and director depending on experience and skills.

Hence I conclude that dietitian. A nutritionist is equally required as you visit a doctor for your health condition, even before getting into a major health problem you can consult a nutritionist and get yourself become healthy by changing your lifestyle and can prevent all metabolic conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and baldness.