Imbibe these lifestyle changes for better productivity.

Is stress being a part of your life and hampering your productivity since years, Then it’s time to break the rules and come out of the herd. Yes, the productivity suffers from due to various reasons like illness, burnout, fatigue and has got thousands of names.  This, in turn, affect the quality of work and the  ability to perform as per the expected standards.

According to science, When you are  stressed out the sympathetic nervous system reacts and start  releasing some hormones into the body to defend itself, resulting in symptoms  increased heartbeat and sweating. When you are relieved from stress, the parasympathetic nervous system the return the body to a normal state by releasing necessary hormones.

When you overload yourself with work with  multi- tasking, tend to  work  longer hours and constantly hooked to technology often backfires resulting in stress and illness. The harder you work the more likely you will be frustrated and reduce your performance levels.  The solution is  to work smarter which involves impeccable planning and implementation.

It’s time to include these changes in your lifestyle to increase your productivity and enhance work-life balance.

Take time to exercise :

You should  take care of yourself physically or else you will not be able to work reach your performance levels. Include exercise as it has huge benefits which reduce your stress and gives you time to focus on the important task.

Exercise helps your mind to get rid of all the tensions which are more likely  to come up with solutions to your problems. Embrace a regular and healthy diet with a proper exercising schedule to increase productivity. Take time to exercise every day as it improves self-confidence and prepares you to handle stressful situations effectively.


Regular exercise reduces sleep disorders and helps to sleep better at night.

Don’t skip breakfast :

Never skip breakfast as it the most important meal of the day. When you miss the breakfast the body will be exhausted  as it misses out all  the vital nutrients and energy.

Missing breakfast will impact your day severely as you will tend to lose focus. You will have your maximum willpower when you eat your morning meal.

Smart  people understand the importance of the morning meal and plan their schedule accordingly.


Get enough sleep :

Most adults suffer from sleep disorder due to excessive stress at work,  Every individual has their own sleep clock. Most people at least need seven to eight hours of sleep, but some people  may need more according to their body type.

Signs of sleep disorders include the inability to concentrate, frequently illness such as a headache and nod off after lunch. Missing an hour or more  every night will be a bad practice and lead to many chronic diseases.Regular sleep will improve the  productivity and increases  focus and ability to get things done in shorter time.

Make time to unplug from the daily mad rush :

Many people lose themselves  in their hectic lives and losing in the chase. It is important to allot time for yourself for inner peace.

Spend few minutes daily and get disconnected from the gadget world. By following this practice you will be less addicted to gadgets. Apart from this , you can meditate for some time as it makes you calm and peaceful.

Spend concentrated time with friends and family :

Another best way to boost your productivity at the workplace  is to spend  time every  week and get connected  to your friends and family.  Through this practice, you will find motivation and continue to work. Spending quality time with family or  friends and sharing each other’s experiences  make you more productive .Take time every weekend  to turn off your phone for just  a few hours and simply  focus on enjoying the relationships with your loved ones, You will automatically increase your focus and strives for a better productivity.


 Finally,By imbibing the above-mentioned practices in your schedule you will automatically increase your productivity levels at your workplace. By exercising and having a healthy breakfast in the morning makes you feel good about yourselves and perform better at work. Practice meditation as it makes you calm and focused and also helps to solve sleep disorders.

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