How To Stop Hair Loss Before It Begins

Hair loss happens to the most of us, though we are very careful about our hair. In that case, stop worrying about hair loss and begin some precautionary measures to control the dangerous hair fall, As we believe in Prevention is better than cure.

We will be discussing ways to thwart the hair fall and successfully escape from hair loss.

There are many factors that boost hair fall like genetic disorders, overuse of chemicals which subsequently results in complete baldness.

It may also happen as part of aging, this is a natural phenomenon in human beings but can be controlled at initial levels by identifying the problem and undergoing the necessary treatment for that.

How To Notice Hair Fall Early And Prevent It?

An early indication of hair fall that most people miss is when the hair becomes fragile and breaks easily. You will be noticing a lot of hair in your brush or comb.

Another sign you may notice is gradual thinning of hair and hair turns dry and brittle. This tendency may ultimately result in hair loss and circular bald spots.

The hair loss factors and hair fall signs vary for men and women. Generally, for men, hair loss happens at the front line of the scalp and top of the crown. This tendency is far different for women, as they notice generalized thinning of hair all over the head.

 hair loss factors

Hereditary Hair Loss :

As discussed above, Though there are numerous factors that contribute to hair fall, Hereditary is a major cause. This natural condition may be a result of hormone levels, the combination of weak genes and also due to aging.

Though receding hairline, thinning in the crown can recognize in early ’20s, Most people neglect to start treatments and realize when they are completely bald. We suggest you some natural remedies to escape hair loss and turn your hair thick and bouncy.

Vitamins And Mineral Deficiency :

The major cause of this condition is a deficiency of vitamin B, zinc, iron and calcium which are important for maintaining the layers on the scalp. Recognize the problem at the initial level and consider a proper medication.

Excessive usage of medicines may deplete some important vitamins in our body. For example, extreme use of Birth control pills reduces the level of vitamin B.

Vitamins and Mineral

Here Are Some Natural Remedies To Prevent Hair Fall

Use Natural Oils

Regular massage with jojoba oil  on the scalp relieves tension and stimulates the growth of hair follicles. You can also consider other hair oils like emu, almond, and kali ya. These oils increase  the blood flow in the scalp and make it stronger and thicker.

Try Spearmint Tea

A research conducted in U.K  had proved that regular consumption of spearmint tea improves the balance between the hair follicles stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. These hormones play an important role in retaining hair and promote hair growth.

Other Potential Herbs

Try these natural herbs licorice, rosemary, arnica and safflower by mixing with any hair oil. Treat your fragile, broken and damaged hair with the mixture made by the above herbs and oil. Use it for at least 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Massage With Onion Juice

A recent experiment was done on males who used onion juice experience healthy  hair growth to other who have not used. After a regular massage with this juice for two months participants had grown their hair fully  in just weeks and also the broken hair follicles has turned healthy.

Massage with Onion Juice

Avoid Excessive Styling

Over washing with shampoos, Heating with hair appliances and undergoing chemical treatments weakens the hair which leads to washing out prematurely.

Trychemicalfreee shampoos and hair conditioners as they do not cause much damage to the hair. It is not recommended to try not more than two shades of normal color.

Hair loss is caused by genetic, factors, aging process and high chemical usage in the hair. Though there may be numerous reasons for hair fall, you can deal with all these problems by following a  proper diet and undergoing medication in extreme cases.

Recognize the problem at an initial stage and prevent it by following necessary guidelines as mentioned above. Follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly and consume super foods like berries, garlic, and dark green vegetables.

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