Are you a fan of corn flakes? Feel interested to know the facts about corn flakes.

You are used to starting your day with a bowl of crispy crunchy cornflakes. The breakfast idea is easy to prepare. Moreover, you know that you are getting the full quota of nutrition, that which you need, early in the day. An ideal breakfast should be in a position to provide 1/3rd of the total calorie. It is here that a bowl of cornflakes added to milk does the trick. The milled flakes are not only cholesterol-free but also are a rich source of healthy nutrients including vitamin, minerals and complex carbohydrate. Take a look at the following facts about the crunchy flakes.

Milled corns are good for health :
Cornflakes, one of the most common breakfasts cereals are made of milled corn products. The use of milled corn facilitates easy absorption of nutrients including vitamins and minerals. The cereal also includes fructose, the different types of vitamins, minerals, corn syrup, iron and sugar.

Contains folate sufficiently

The facts about corn flakes
The breakfast cereal (corn flakes) is enriched by folate. It is necessary that you are aware of the health benefits of folate. The latter prevents colon cancer and is also useful for your heart’s health. New cells are formed with the help of folate, and it also prevents congenital disabilities.

You can activate carbohydrate metabolism
With a bowlful of corn flakes added to milk, you not only get a complete meal, but you can also activate carbohydrate metabolism. Thiamine content of the specially milled cereal helps the process of activation. Plus, thiamine is also useful for producing energy and boosting cognitive functions.

You can enhance the fiber level of your meal
Think of adding berries, fresh fruits, and nuts to corn flakes, and you will instantly, boost its fiber level. You already are aware of the health benefits of fiber. From keeping colon cancer, at the bay to clearing constipation and reducing cholesterol; fiber has a crucial role to play.

enhance the fiber level of your meal

You can avoid the harmfulness of cholesterol and saturated fat
That’s because the cereal doesn’t contain either of these. But at the same time, you can keep yourself full and satiated, over a long time span. You can keep having corn flakes, on a regular basis, without the fear of developing issues and ailments. You know that it is free from saturated fat and the level of cholesterol is very low. So, you don’t stand the risk of developing heart or cardiovascular diseases.

High iron level proves to be beneficial
Iron is necessary for keeping the brain active and alert. The mineral also boosts the production of hemoglobin. For this particular reason, children taking corn flakes are found to be more attentive and alert than those who don’t take the same. Iron content helps maintain the energy, and they don’t tire out easily.

Are you a fan of corn flakes? Feel interested to know the facts about corn flakes.

It is a rich source of the following nutrients
In addition to iron, corn flakes contain niacin and riboflavin. The food item is also a rich source of Vitamin B and Vitamin B12, besides that of the Vitamin A. All these nutrients are necessary for your health and well-being.

The combination is just what you need
You already know that milk and cornflakes serve as a complete meal. You get a helping that is rich in protein and that which is necessary for the sustenance of your body. You can keep your hormone system stable and well-regulated, and safeguard yourself from infections, as well.

Usefulness of carotenoids
You may not know, so long, but it is the time that you learn about the health benefits of carotenoids. Cornflakes contain a special form of carotenoids, known as the beta-cryptoxanthin.  It is good for your lungs and prevents the chances of malignancy.

Assists lutein production
The human body cannot produce lutein, but corn makes up for this deficiency. You can expect the supply of 325mcg of this nutrient from a cupful of flakes. Lutein boosts eye health.

The fact that you can add to the diversity of your breakfast by choosing a special variety of corn flakes also proves to be advantageous. Children love the frosted variety. Then, you can also make your pick from amongst the honey, almond, and nut-based corn flakes.

Are you a fan of corn flakes? Feel interested to know the facts about corn flakes.

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