A Nutritious And Tasty Diet Plan To Follow For Mommies During Second Trimester

The phase of pregnancy is the most important phase of a woman’s life. It may as well be a bit painful for her to pass these days. a mother goes through not only some physical changes but also some emotional changes during this span of time. It also becomes important for her to keep healthy. As a life is growing inside her, it is very important for her to take a proper diet. Her diet not only supports her but also provides all the necessary nutrition to the baby. It must be made very clear and should always be kept in mind that the baby is receiving all the nutrition through the mother. While in the womb of the mother, the baby grows its primary immunity power. A proper diet of the mother would help the baby to get a proper nutrition, which would otherwise be hampered.

The second trimester is such phase when the mother has already commenced gaining weight. The baby inside her body has grown up. Now it is very much evident in the physical state of the mother. Thus, this is an essential phase. The mother should always be fed with healthy foods. She may at times feel hungry, as the life inside her takes the nutrition through her body. Nutritional supplements should also be provided in most cases. Now take a look at the diet chart that the mother should follow during her second trimester.

Follow this Nutritious Diet to be Healthy :

A simple Pre-Breakfast :

A simple Pre-Breakfast

It’s better to start your day with a glass of milk, as this cools down the acid rush in the gut. It is always recommended  to start the day with milk as empty power has more ability to absorb the nutrients. Add two pieces of Wheat risks, as the dry carbs help in relieving morning sickness.

A Nutritious and tasty diet plan to follow for mommies during second trimester

You can also include Soaked Almonds, Dates in the diet plan as they are to digest and they are a good source  of Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins. Dry fruits help to maintain the pH in the blood.

Now have a Super  Breakfast :

A nutritious meal

Make sure you having a nutritious meal which  develops the resistance power in your body to fight against all odds for you baby.

You van eat Two Carrot Stuffed Paratha along with a bowl of curd.  This is highly recommended because carrot’s health benefits due to high fiber content and also  cuts on the risk of a baby developing jaundice at birth.


I know what’s going through your mind, you get bored eating the same meal every day. You can have an Egg Omelette with 2 slices of  Brown Bread.

This is easy to make and  also high in nutrients. Other healthy options include Vegetable oats upma which a good source of Multi-nutrients and  fiber.

 Have a Great Lunch : 

Don't skip your lunch

 You have some options for lunch, we are gone  tell you healthy and nutritious lunch plan :

You can have 2 pieces of  Chapati or Pulka  with a curry like  Dal tadka or Fish Curry depending upon your choice. Fish is a great dish to have especially for pregnant women as it has folic acid, amino acids and more.

You can add Palak Paneer as spinach is rich in iron and folic acid. Adda cup of Lemon rice to your meal as C vitamin prevents the production fo metabolic wastes.

A Balanced Dinner :

Don't skip dinner

Add some easy to digest options  to your diet, It better to eat Jowar or Bajra roti.

It better to eat Jowar or Bajra roti with Mung dal and Methi sabzi which is a good combination of protein and iron.Consume salads like Beetroot and  carrot which increases hemoglobin content in the blood and also rich in Vitamin A and other essential nutrients which promote the growth of the baby.

Finally, it is suggested to have a cup of warm milk before you sleep. In between the day, you can consume  coconut water or a health drink as per your choice.

The diet mentioned above is nutritious and healthy not just for you alone, but also for your baby. The food you consume should  be fibrous and  full of proteins. Make sure the food you consume is easily digestible and should contain  less fat content in it.

A Nutritious and tasty diet plan to follow for mommies during second trimester

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