Could The Epidemic Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Be Prevented In India?

Could The Epidemic Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Be Prevented In India?

Ebola is considered as one of the most concerning epidemic diseases as it causes plenty of casualties in the year of 2014. This particular disease spread very widely during the year of 2014, and it has especially affected the different African countries. And those countries are like Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and different western African countries.

The wide spread of this disease is really concerning many people, doctors, and scientists, as it caused over 5000 deaths and near about 10,000 people, was infected by this disease. Though the source of the disease is different West African countries, it is still breaking out in different western countries like the US. The UK, Canada, and India.

ebola virus

So if Ebola spreads out in the countries with higher populations, it is going to cause some serious problems, so many people are probably wondering if Ebola spreads out in India, the can it be prevented or not. Well, we shall have a discussion about it now. And the discussion which is written below can provide you a proper guide about it.

Steps To Prevent Ebola:

India is one of the most important sub-continent countries, and at the same time, it has the second highest population in the world. So Ebola is spread out in India, then it can cause plenty of unwanted destruction.

So The Following Steps Are Followed Then It Can Help To Prevent Ebola:

Maintain Proper Hygiene:

Maintain Proper Hygiene

This step is really important to prevent disease like Ebola. IT can be considered as a basic step, but still, it is most important. Before you go to eat the food, you must wash your hand with some quality soap which will wash all the germs present in your hand. If you take care of the preventive measures about this step, then Ebola can be prevented.

Could The Epidemic Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Be Prevented In India?

Use Fresh Medical Equipment:

Use Fresh Medical Equipment

Ebola can spread with blood. So if you are willing to donate blood or if you are taking some kind of medicines via injections, then it is always advised that you use fresh needles.

Avoid The Funeral Of The Infected Person:

It may sound a little bit awkward but always try to avoid the funeral of an infected person, especially where you have to touch the body of the infected person. This is just to prevent yourself from infections.

Avoid The Contacts Of Bats:

Ebola is spread from the bats. So it is really important that you avoid the contact with the bats. Don’t eat bad recipes for as a dinner or lunch and at the same make sure that you don’t get beaten up by bats. And if that happens then there is a higher possibility that you may get infected by the ebola.

Avoid The Infected Places:

If you are visiting the West African countries, then it is really important for you to avoid the infected places in that country. And that can keep you safe from the Ebola.

Avoid Sexual Relationship With The Infected Person:

Avoid Sexual Relationship With The Infected Person

Ebola can be considered as sexually transmitted disease. So if your partner is infected with the Ebola, then always try to avoid sexual interactions with you, partner. And if you still want to have a sexual relationship, then it is always advised that you take proper precautions. And if you are not able to do it, then you may face trouble, and at the same time, you may get infected by the Ebola.

Monitor Your Health:

Monitor Your Health

If you have a recent western African tour, then it is always advised that you keep yourself under the monitor for at least 48 hours. So if there is symptoms are noticed then, it can be treated quite promptly, and at the same time, it will prevent the spreading of the disease.

Some Other Things Can Be Done To Prevent Ebola, And Those Steps Are Like:

  1. Try to avoid direct body contact with the infected person, as it increases the chance of getting infected by the disease.
  2. Try to keep the infected patients in a separate place.
  • When you are taking care of an Ebola-infected patient, it is always advised that you wear protective garments.

So if these steps are properly followed, then Ebola can be prevented in India.

Could The Epidemic Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Be Prevented In India?

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